The Better Half

Roseline Bailey has been best friends with Harry and Jason Styles ever since they were born. Her eyes have been set on Harry ever since she can remember but now that he's back from tour this summer is going to change everything. Jason and Harry may be identical twin brothers but are different in so many ways, and she never thought she would have to choose between both. Which will she choose?


1. Welcome Home Harry

“Jason hurry up! Harry is on his way here as we speak!” I shouted up the stairs. I raced around the Styles residence making sure everything was in place for my best friends arrival. I was greeted by Harry’s mum Anne who was in the process of finishing Harry’s cake in the kitchen. Harry was finally coming home after a year of being on tour. I had missed him so much! Harry and his brother Jason and I been inseparable since birth, and it was so hard on me when Harry left to pursue his dreams. But, I still had his twin brother Jason to keep me company.


“Did you put the sign up Gemma?” I asked as I entered the living room which revealed a shit ton of balloons and some of Harry’s childhood friends lounging around waiting for his arrival. “Yup, everything is set! I’m so freaking excited!” she said with a huge smile as she pointed to the big ‘Welcome Home Curly’ sign. Anne appeared a few seconds later and placed the delicious red velvet cake, Harry’s favorite, on the center of the living room table. “Ugh, Rose will you please go get Jason?” she asked as she fell onto an unoccupied couch out of exhaustion from planning Harry’s welcome home party. I nodded and swiftly raced up the stairs towards Jason’s room.


I rolled my eyes as I ignored his black ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on the door and busted in to find him lying on his bed with his sketch book in his hands. My eyes landed upon his white v neck shirt, black skinny jeans and black converse. I had to admit that moments like these made my breath get caught in my throat because of his beauty, unlike Harry, Jason held mystery. He was shy and quiet and mostly stayed locked away in his room. But, of course since I had known him so long I saw that he held so much inside of him that he only showed to me. I watched as his eyes left his page and connected with mine. One of the main differences between Harry and Jason was the fact that while Harry had emerald green eyes, Jason had bright blue ones.


They both had those same deep dimples when they smiled and wild curly chocolate brown hair that just begged to have someone run their fingers through it. “What are you drawing?” I asked softly feeling as if I would ruin his peaceful atmosphere. He scooted over on his bed to give me room as I lay down beside him, enjoying the feeling of his soft comforter on my stomach. “Just doodling” he said in his deep voice that I had always loved. I leaned my head over his shoulder to see what was drawn on the page and gasped at what I saw. It was a picture of an eye. It was so detailed and intricate; you could see every freckle in the eye and it was almost as if you could identify the emotion that was held behind the eye. Sadness. I groaned in frustration and fell back onto his bed with a thud eying his red painted ceiling, “What’s wrong? Is it bad?” he asked revealing the worry in his voice.


“Are you joking? It’s so beautiful! It’s not fair how talented you are. You’re the next Leonardo da Vinci and Harry is a super star and then it’s just little ol’ me. The only thing I’m good at is not being good at anything!” I huffed, watching my bright red hair blow out of my face. A deep chuckle filled my ears and soon those blue eyes appeared above me, I was tempted to poke Jason’s dimples as he smiled at me. “That is not true Rosy and you know that. You’re good at lots of things” he said softly. “Oh yea? like what?” I asked skeptically trying to rake my brain of things I was good at. He looked as if he was deep in thought, stroking his hands over his mouth as if he had a mustache. After a minute or two of me waiting he shrugged his shoulders “Guess you’re right, I’ve got nothing” he said seriously. I gasped dramatically and slapped his shoulder playfully as we both began laughing “You’re the worst best friend ever!” I said sticking my tongue out at him.


He rolled his eyes at me and poked my nose until his eyes drifted over my face and landed on my lips. He opened his mouth to say something until screams and cheers where heard from downstairs. OH MY GOSH HARRY IS HERE! I quickly pushed myself off of Jason’s bed and bolted out of the room telling him to get his butt downstairs. Because I was so excited my feet were moving too fast for me down the steps which caused me to slip and tumble. I gracefully landed on my ass and closed my eyes as I let the pain from the fall settle around me. “It’s good to know you haven’t changed one bit Rose” a deep familiar voice said to me. My eyes shot open to find those emerald stones staring back at me with an amused expression.


“HAZZA YOUR HOME!” I screamed holding my arms out for a hug even though I was at the moment lying on the ground. Harry laughed and pulled me up instantly crushing me into his chest, “I missed you rosy” he whispered into my ear causing goose bumps to appear all over my skin. Ever since I was little I had liked Harry, he was just amazing…and being away from him for a year made me realize how much I liked him. “Tell me all about tour! What are your band mates like! What was America like!?” I said in a rush causing him to laugh at my anxiousness. “Slow down love, spend the night like old times and I promise I will tell you all about it” he said with a wink causing me to inwardly swoon. Harry had always been smooth with the ladies and I wish I could say he didn’t have any effect on me, but he did. He wrapped an arm around my shoulder and led me around the house to greet his friends and family and share a few quick stories about the tour.


We were all huddled around the living room table eating cake until I noticed Jason was still nowhere, and the fact that Harry hadn’t said anything bothered me a little. They had never really been that close because of their different personalities. “Where’s Ja-“ I began but was stopped when my eyes landed upon his frame standing in the doorway of the room with his hands laced together in front of him. Harry stopped mid sentence and turned to look in Jason's direction as well as everyone else. I noticed the blush appear on his cheeks from all the attention and knew I had to save him. “Have some cake!” I smiled at him and reached for a piece of cake to give to him. “Thanks” he whispered shyly to me. “It’s good of you to finally join us” Anne said with a hint of irritation, I sat in between Harry and Jason feeling the tension between them. I nudged Harry’s knee, which caused him to look at me, and nodded towards Jason who seemed very focused on his cake.


“How are you bro?” Harry said hesitantly, Jason kept his eyes focused on his cake but spoke back softly, “I’m doing good, just same ol same ol” he answered. Harry just nodded his head and seemed to be thinking about what to say next. “So have you and Rose been missing me?” he said with a big cocky grin on his face. Jason let out annoyed sound and scoffed “Just cause your famous now doesn’t mean you are missed. We were just fine with you gone” Jason said harshly getting up abruptly and walking out of the room. Anne sighed and placed her head in her hands “How did I get two sons that don’t like each other?” she mumbled. Gemma went to her side and mumbled something into her ear to soothe her. I felt bad for Anne because all she wanted was for her two sons to get along but it was hard, especially for Jason. He was always hidden behind Harry’s shadow.


“Well I tried” Harry said with a shrug of his shoulders, I shoved him lightly and looked off in the direction where Jason left.  I knew I should have followed him, but at the moment I was too happy for Harry to be back home and I wanted to spend time with him. I knew that this summer was my chance to win Harry over. I was determined to make Harry think of me as more than just a best friend! Although my heart tugged thinking about not being able to comfort Jason, the second Harry's dazzling eyes met mine I completely forgot all about the other Styles boy.

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