The Better Half

Roseline Bailey has been best friends with Harry and Jason Styles ever since they were born. Her eyes have been set on Harry ever since she can remember but now that he's back from tour this summer is going to change everything. Jason and Harry may be identical twin brothers but are different in so many ways, and she never thought she would have to choose between both. Which will she choose?


8. Wear Something Sexy


After explaining to the boys how Jason and I got into a little argument we all decided it would probably be a good idea to go home and show. Harry invited me to go out tonight with the boys to some event that I had no idea about, Harry was trying to keep it a surprise. I decided to ride with Jason while Harry and the boys took some nice car that they had brought to the school and now we were on our way to the Styles residents. Jason and I had stayed pretty silent after the whole almost kissing situation and someone need to break the ice.


“Uh Jason about earlier in the treehouse…” I began trying really hard not to be awkward about it. “That was my fault I just…I don’t know” he said taking his hand off the wheel to run it through his hair. “It’s okay we can pretend it didn’t happen. I mean if we had actually kissed that would have been so weird cause we are like brother and sister” I said feeling weird as the words escaped my mouth. I felt guilty for some reason almost as if I was lying. He was silent for a moment and then nodded his head frantically. “Yea of course! Brother and sister. Yea that’s all it will ever be. It won’t happen again” he said in a rush. I noticed the speed of his car pick up and his knuckles whiten around the steering wheel. What the hell was his problem?


For some reason I noticed these mood swings he had been having had really only started since Harry was back. I wanted to bring it up but with Jason you had to let him have his time alone when he was being moody so that’s what I did. Once we arrived at his house I hugged him goodbye and ran over the car Zayn was driving. I hopped on the front of the car and started making faces at the boys who only laughed in response. I watched them talk to each other for a bit stealing glances at me, and since I was outside the car could not hear one word. I wonder if they were talking about me? They quickly jumped out of the car and Harry bolted towards me pulling me off the car and flipping me over onto his shoulder.


“PUT ME DOWN CURLY!” I shouted slapping his back in frustration but I noticed he was heading towards my house instead of his own. “I swear harry you will never grow up! You’ve been doing this shit since you were like 10!” I groaned slapping his butt and then laughing. “Oh hush! MR. AND MRS.BAILEY!” Harry screamed at the top of his lungs once I noticed we were standing outside the door of my home. It only took 2 seconds for them to bust out of the door at the sound of Harry’s voice. “You would think this would stop eventually” my dad laughed as he waved at me which only caused me to glare. “You’re supposed to say ‘put our daughter down this instant’” I said mimicking my dad’s voice.


“Put our daughter down this instant” he said winking to Harry who just laughed loudly and dropped me on my ass onto the patted grassy ground. “You suck. Both of you” I said rubbing my butt and standing up. “It is so good to have you home Harold. Oh and who are your friends?” she asked motioning behind him. “These are the rest of the boys from the band. Niall, Zayn, Liam, and Louis” he introduced as they all politely leaned in to kiss my mom on her cheek and shake my dad’s hand. “I just wanted to ask if we could kidnap Rosy tonight. She can stay at my house again too because the boys are staying over as well” Harry said wrapping his arm around my shoulder. Harry and Jason were the only boys my parents let me have sleepovers with plus they trusted the boys with my life. “Sure that’s fine as long as she’s at school tomorrow” my father said sternly to me as I rolled my eyes. “Now that that’s settled come on in boys and Ill bake some cupcakes” my mom said sweetly as she opened the front door for all of us to enter.


“I’ll be back just let me charge my phone” I said over my shoulder as I grabbed my bag and ran upstairs towards my room. I pulled my iphone out and plugged it in watching the phone light up and turn on. After typing in my password I had about 10 missed messages from a few of my friends and I noticed 2 from Jason. I instantly opened Jason’s first.

From Jason <3:

I promised I would tell you were I went the next time I ran off so just wanted to let you know I’m home.

I’m still sorry about earlier today btw. Forgive me? :/


I smiled at his texts and instantly texted back.


To Jason <3:

Of course I forgive you love! As long as tomorrow we get to have a whole day to ourselves. No Harry and No One Direction ;)


After I sent the message I waited patiently for a few minutes until he texted back.


From Jason <3:

I don’t think I will be able too. I have a date tomorrow…




To Jason <3:

A date? Omg with who?


After I sent the message I felt as if I wanted to punch a wall. Who the fuck was he going on a date with? When did he even talk to girls other than me!? Okay I need to calm down. But Jason would have told me if he was crushing on someone. I mean I told him I had a huge crush on Harry so I’m offended that he didn’t tell me. The sound of my phone dinging pulled me out of my angry thoughts.


From Jason <3:

Rebecca Johansen…


The second I read the name I couldn’t control myself and a loud scream of frustration flew out of my mouth. WHY HER!? Rebecca was queen bee of the school, and honestly she was perfect in every way possible. She wasn’t a bitch, or a whore, she was a genuinely good person. “Rose! Are you okay?” Harry shouted rushing up the steps and into my room followed by the boys looking as if prepared to fight someone who had broke into my room.  I was too busy staring at my phone to even respond.


“Lil red what happened? Why did you scream?” Harry said in a rush sitting beside me on my bed. If I actually told Harry why I had freaked out he would probably think I liked Jason or something, which I don’t. I mean I should be happy cause now I won’t have any more awkward moments with Jason if he’s dating someone. “Uh nothing just heard some really surprising news is all…” I said immediately clicking my phone off and running my fingers through my hair trying to shake my thoughts.


“Don’t scream like that! It made us thing something really bad was happening” Harry said pulling me into his side and hugging me. “Sorry curly! Anyways where are we going tonight can you tell me now?” I asked trying to change the subject. “I’ll give you a hint. You have to wear something sexy” he said winking at me causing me to blush madly and the boys to laugh. Someone’s phone started blasting a Jay Z song and Liam pulled out his phone quickly. “Hello Simon…We are at Harry’s best friends house. Yes we will stay out of trouble tonight and will be up bright and early for the interview tomorrow” Liam said rolling his eyes as he spoke.


After talking for a few more minutes he hung up the phone and checked the time. “Boys we better go get ready!” Zayn said standing up and smiling at me, god he was hot. “Yea your right, Rose be ready by 9 okay?” Harry said leaning in and kissing my forehead. “I’ll be ready I promise” I smiled standing up and hugging the boys goodbye as the made there way out of my room.


Time flew by partially because I was still in shock about Jason and Rebecca. But the biggest part of me was annoyed because I felt…jealous? Why I felt this way I have no idea. I only had about 45 minutes until Harry and the boys were coming to pick me up and I had yet to even think about what I was going to wear. I sighed and walked over to my idock pushing shuffle and enjoying the music that flowed through the speakers. I walked over to my closet trying to figure out what I wanted to wear…if Harry wanted sexy than that’s exactly what he would get. This is my chance to really make Harry want me! My hand landed upon a tight dark red dress with black lace covering the top. I smirked as I saw it imagining what Harry and the boys were going to think when they saw it. (Outfit:


Since I had already taken a shower I stripped my clothes off leaving me in my black lacey bra and thong and slipped the dress over my head. The dress was so tight it was basically like a second layer of skin but it really showed off my figure. I rushed into the bathroom pulling out my curling iron and my make up box. The rest of the time I spent curling my hair and doing my makeup and the ding of the doorbell shocked me because I swore I had at least 15 minutes left. I shook my hair out enjoying my full wild curls, my full red lips and shadowy eye make up. I really hoped this worked! I grabbed my clutch and threw in some necessities, grabbed my phone and black lacy heels and rushed down the steps being able to take a glance at the clock. They were early by 10 minutes.


I swung the door open with ease with a bright smile on my face awaiting to see Harry’s jaw drop by how good I looked. Excepted I was faced with those icy blue eyes…Jason. “What are you doing here?” I asked completely confused. This was the first time I had ever seen Jason completely frozen with his jaw dropped and lust completely evident in his eyes. “Wh-wha-what are you wearing?” he stuttered as his eyes continued to travel up and down my body and finally after a minute or two meet my eyes. “I’m going out with Harry and his friends” I said brushing some lose hair out of my face. All of a sudden his face changed from lust to anger and honestly both emotions looked incredibly sexy on him.


“You are not going out looking like that” he said angrily grabbing my hand and pulling me back into the house. “You do not tell me what I can and can’t do. You aren’t my dad” I said rolling my eyes at how he was acting. “Every guy is going to be raping you with their eyes! Is that what you want?” he said glaring at me. “Maybe I do! Why do you care anyway” I said feeling my temper rise. I can’t believe we were fighting AGAIN! “If this is for you to show off to Harry you are being insanely stupid. This is not you!” he said pointing to my outfit causing me to frown. “Are you saying I’m not sexy?” I said directly placing my hands on my hips.


He sighed and bit his bottom lip while blushing lightly. “No that’s not what I’m saying. I’m just saying it’s not like you to go all out of your way to impress some guy. Don’t you want a guy to like you for who you are not your body” he said seriously. “Oh come on! Your acting like I’m naked or something! And maybe I should go out of my way because I’ve never had a boyfriend and it’s about time I got one. Apparently I’ve got to do something different and I can’t be ordinary if I want to win Harry over. He’s been with super models, actresses, and singers! I have to get on their level!” I admitted instantly covering my mouth at my honest outburst.


“Rosaline…you are perfect just the way you are” Jason whispered softly causing my heart to literally stop.  I stared at him not sure of what to say but thankfully the sound of knocking on the door interrupted the insane tension between us. “Um, I gotta go. Have a great time on your date tomorrow” I said sourly as I turned on my heel to open the door again. Ahh there is the reaction I wanted and from not just one boy, all 5. “Holy SHIT! Lil red you took sexy to a whole nother level” Harry said allowing his eyes to take in every single part of my body, causing shivers to erupt all over. “Thanks” I smiled feeling brave and wrapping my arms around his neck slowly. “You ready to go PARTAYYY?” Niall shouted fist bumping the air.


“Oh hey Jason” Harry said nodding to Jason who I dared not to look at. “Come on guys lets go have fun” I said blushing as Harry laced his fingers with mine and led me out of my house. I felt a little bad leaving Jason just standing in my house alone but I didn’t know what the hell his problem was. This summer is supposed to be perfect and hopefully Harry will become my perfect boyfriend. Harry is the one I want not Jason.

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