The Better Half

Roseline Bailey has been best friends with Harry and Jason Styles ever since they were born. Her eyes have been set on Harry ever since she can remember but now that he's back from tour this summer is going to change everything. Jason and Harry may be identical twin brothers but are different in so many ways, and she never thought she would have to choose between both. Which will she choose?


4. Surprise Visit

I wouldn’t say we were popular like the blonde bimbo, her real name is Janet but that’s what we liked to call her. My crew consist of one person from every clique; the jock, nerd, cheerleader, emo, prep, etc. We all had the pleasure of meeting in class so we all basically had the same classes. Math speed by quickly just because we didn’t do anything, all of our exams were last week so this week was pointless. “So what are you plans for the summer Rose?” Natalie, our Japanese foreign exchange student asked me.


“Um  I have no idea! Harry is home for the summer, and with him comes lots of surprises!” I smiled as my mind wandered to him. “Have you started Mission Win Harry Over?” Luke, the jock, laughed at me. “Hey it is a lot harder than you think! He’s probably been with a girl in every place he’s toured. Why would he want me?” I groaned thinking about all the exotic models he’s probably had in his hotel. “Well you are not going to get him with that attitude! Boys like girls with confidence and spunk! Right guys?” Jazmine, the cheerleader said happily. The guys just shrugged their shoulders which caused her to pout, “I don’t even know why you think such stupid things. You are like the hottest girl in school, I know he would want you just like every other guy here” Cody, the emo, said nonchalantly.


My eyebrows hitched up as I leaned on my elbows and moved my face close to his “Do you want me?” I said in a low voice causing his eyes to shoot open and him to turn pink. All the girls and I started busting out laughing from the look on his face. We were interrupted from our laughing session with the bell ringing. I grabbed my stuff and we walked out of the room. The guys waved us goodbye as they walked down the opposite side of the hallway while the girls and I continued towards History which I had with Jason. We had to make a quick stop at my locker and as I grabbed a notebook out I heard some girls squealing.


I glanced to the noise and saw a few girls eying Jason from a distance, who was also standing at his locker alone. “Jason is one fine specimen Rose. Why don’t you want him?” Grace, the prep, asked as we all glanced at him, I felt creepy in a way just staring at him from a distance. “Cause he’s my best friend, almost like a brother!” I defended as I closed my locker and leaned against it as we kept watching girls longing look at him as they walked past. Jason was a complete loner at school. But, he was the guy every girl wanted but could never get close to, the guy that everyone wanted to talk to but he was too shy to converse. Why was he so different with me? He seemed to notice people staring at him so he looked over his shoulder and his eyes found mine.


A faint smile appeared on his face which gave all the girls a glimpse of his cute dimples, he raised his hand in a wave and then disappeared down the hallway where our history class was. I smiled at his locker, as much as I loved Harry’s outgoing, spontaneous, fun personality…Jason’s was refreshing and rare. He may look like the famous Harry styles but he looked so gentle looking compared to Harry who was covered in tattoos and had a killer smile. He also had no reason to be shy, he could be the most popular boy in school if he wanted but he chose to stay in his room and draw or read poetry. He was just different, and I loved his uniqueness. I heard the warning bell ring and turned to my friends busting out laughing as they stared off in the direction Jason went with their mouths opened.


“Guys close your mouths! Your drooling!” I said laughing as I walked away from them and towards class. The girls regained themselves and ran after me. “If you don’t want him I will certainly have him!” Jazmine said with a smirk as we walked into class. For some reason her comment bothered me, which it shouldn’t have. Who cares who he dates… I took my seat beside Jason and looped my arm with his as the teacher told us we would be watching a movie today. I pulled out a piece of loose leaf paper and began to write on it.


 All of my friends think you are dazzling J ;)


I slowly pushed it in front of him as the lights dimmed and the movie started. I watched a smile appear on his face and then his perfect hand writing appear on the paper.


Like a vampire? haha


I laughed once I read what he wrote over his shoulder and grabbed my pen to write.


 Haha I have made you watch Twilight way to many times my friend! I must say you would make one gorgeous vampire. You would be exactly like Edward…Harry would be James :D


I watched as he read what I wrote, a laugh escaping his lips at my comment about Harry.


He dies. Sounds good to me! JK!


I gasped playfully at his comment and slapped his shoulder scowling at him. He poked my nose causing me to wiggle it under his touch. He stared at me and then said “I love when you do that”. “You are weird it makes me look like a bunny!” I objected. “Well bunny’s are cute” he said shrugging his shoulders and looking back at the page. I giggled…had he just called me cute?  I grabbed my pen again:


Why do you despise him so much. He’s your brother, he can’t help it that he’s famous.


I wrote seriously. He looked at the page for a moment and then once he began writing all hell seemed to break loose as the intercom turned on and Harry’s lovely voice along with 4 others I had never heard filled the school. “Hello everyone! As you know, I’m Harry” he said. The screams and shouts from all the girls that were in the room pierced my ears and it was so loud I had to cover them. You could barely hear the other boys introduce themselves over the shouts. “As you know one of my best friends in the whole world, Rose, attends this school.  Also my brother Jason goes here as well. I’m sure you all know them. I thought it would be fun if the boys and I did a little meet and greet. Would you guys like that?” he said into the speaker causing more screams plus glares from girls.


“Rosey and Jason meet us in the principles office” a boy with a higher voice said into the mic while the other boys ooo’ed like we were in trouble. Once the intercom went off all of the girls were in hysterics, some crying and hyperventilating, while others were just screaming “We get to meet 1D! AHHHH!”. I was so excited Harry had come to see me and that he was being so kind as to letting the school meet them. I began to walk away from my desk only for Jason to grab my hand and help me through the crowd of now angry girls.


It was crazy because some clawed at me and screamed bad things at me. I was very grateful Jason was there to keep me safe. Once we appeared in the hallway I was sort of tense from all the hate I had just gotten but was happy the hallways were cleared even though it sounded like girls were trying to bust through them. “That’s why I despise him so much” Jason said.

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