The Better Half

Roseline Bailey has been best friends with Harry and Jason Styles ever since they were born. Her eyes have been set on Harry ever since she can remember but now that he's back from tour this summer is going to change everything. Jason and Harry may be identical twin brothers but are different in so many ways, and she never thought she would have to choose between both. Which will she choose?


2. Sleepover

After about an hour or so everyone had cleared from Harry’s house and now I was left lying with Harry on the couch. We lay horizontally; my back to his chest with his arm wrapped around my waist comfortably. I noticed the way his breath hit my neck as he breathed out softly as the movie played across the television screen. I couldn’t help the way my heart thumped in my chest as his free hand twirled in my hair. Although this was a friendly gesture that we had always done while watching movies, I couldn’t help but think about what it would be like if we actually dated. “Want me to answer all your questions now?” he asked with a smile on his face. “Hell yes! Tell me everything” I said as I focused my attention all on him instead of the movie.


“Well let me start by thanking you, you are the reason I am where I am today. You forced me to audition for the X Factor when I didn’t even think I was good enough” he said softly. “Once I got on the show everything changed completely! The boys in the group are like my brothers now, hopefully you will meet them soon. Louis is my partner n’ crime, Liam is the daddy of the group, Zayn is the bad boy, and Niall is the cute one that eats like a pig” he said causing me to laugh. “They sound lovely” I smiled at him. “It was weird though…” he trailed off, “What was weird?” I asked. “You not being there, ever since I was little you were the only person I sang for. And once I started actually performing in front of people you were always there in the front row cheering me on” he stated. I blushed looking away hoping the darkness of the room would hide my red cheeks. “Whenever I looked out into the crowd I would kind of search for you, but you weren’t there” he mumbled pressing his face into my neck.


“I-I’m always with you in spirit though” I said almost feeling as if I was going to have a heart attack because of how rapidly my heart was beating. “It’s not the same. But eventually I got over it. Whenever I am nervous I just image me singing to you in the bathtub when we were little kids” he laughed. “You remember that!?” I laughed back at him. “Yup just like it was yesterday! I used to think you were Ariel from the little mermaid with all that red hair of yours” he laughed tugging on a strand of my hair. “Traveling the world was life changing, there is so much more out there than little old Holmes Chapel Rose, it’s insane” he said. “How do you deal with all the screaming girls?” I brought up remembering the many videos I watched of girls fainting and crying over Harry. He smirked at me and said “We wear ear plugs, but they don’t really help either so I stopped worrying about it. It’s just them showing their love for us” he said simply.


I kind of wanted to bring up how many girls he had been with because I wasn’t stupid, I read all the magazines. But I big part of me didn’t want to know because I didn’t want to be hurt by the answer. “How is uh Jason doing?” he asked, I was a little shocked by his answer but proceeded to answer his question anyway. “He’s the same, he doesn’t really leave the house though because he fears people will mistake him for you and go crazy. He hates all the attention” I said honestly. I began to feel a bit guilty for not going to his aid when he and Harry got in their altercation earlier today. “I can’t help who I am. Sometimes I just wish he would be happy for me instead of angry at me all the time” he said. “He is happy for you! I know he is” I said in an unconvincing voice. I felt my phone vibrate in my butt pocket which caused a rumbling moan to erupt from Harry’s chest. A loud gasp escaped my lips as I jumped off the couch to look at him, “Why would you put your vibrating phone in your butt pocket that is right on my penis!” he groaned holding his area.


I blushed madly but then began busting out laughing at the angry look on his face. “I didn’t do it on purpose dumbass!” I said with a laugh. I flipped open my phone to answer it and was surprised when a pillow flew straight into my head. I glared at Harry as he smiled at me innocently as if he didn’t do anything, so I flipped him the bird which caused him to laugh harder. “Hello?” I spoke into the phone “Rose where are you!?” my mother shouted into the phone. Whoops, forgot to tell her I was staying with Harry tonight. “Shit mum I am so sorry! I’m staying the night at Harry’s” I said running my fingers through my hair. “Jesus you had us so worried! Next time call me!” she said relieved. I giggled as I listened to my mom continue to worry about me, you’d think since I was 17 she would have been starting to let me go…but nope she’s still as protective as ever.  “And tell Harry we are happy he’s back. Love you! And you better be at school tomorrow!” she said before hanging up the phone.



I put my phone back into my pocket but made sure it was in my front pocket this time “I’m gonna go put on some pj’s, I’ll be back” I smiled to him laughing as he pulled me in for a hug before he let me go. I quietly walked up the steps being careful not to trip over anything since the hallway was pitch black. The only thing that caught my attention was the light illuminating from under Jason’s bedroom door. I stepped in front of it and knocked gently curious to see if he had finally cooled off from earlier. After a second or so he appeared in front of me in only pajama pants that rested low on his hips revealing his v-lines and toned 6 pack abs(pic ^^^). “If you are trying to seduce me…your doing one hell of a job” I smirked at him as I pushed passed him into his room. “Drawing again?” I asked as I noticed his sketch book open again, but this time Jason flew across the room and slammed the book closed before I could see it.


I looked at him weirdly and pouted “why can’t I see it?” I asked. “Uhhh it’s, uh not finished yet” he said looking away from me. I noticed the blush appear on his face and the way he bit his lower lip which meant he was embarrassed. “Okay I won’t pry. Are you doing okay?” I asked sitting cross legged on his bed, observing his every move. He paced back and forth slowly tossing his hair away from his eyes and seemed to be thinking about something. “Yea I’m fine, sorry about earlier” he mumbled still not looking directly at me. “it’s not me you should be apologizing to Jase. Whether you like it or not Harry is home for the summer and you two really need to get along. I don’t want my two best friends hating each other” I said honestly. “You just don’t understand” he sighed with frustration.


I reached out to grab his hand and pulled him over to me, now I was looking up into those dazzlingly mysterious eyes and trying hard to focus on what I was trying to say. “well help me understand” I tried gently squeezing his hand for encouragement, his eyes softened and he said “You’re an only child, you don’t have to live up to certain expectations”. He had a point…”Jason your amazing just the way you are, you can’t keep comparing yourself to Harry! You two are completely different” I said with a frown. “Yea well tell everyone else that!” he said loudly pulling his hand away from mine. I hated when Jason was angry and it only seemed to happen whenever Harry came around, when Harry was gone this past year he was the happiest I had ever seen him and now he was getting back to his old ways. He gazed out the window just staring out at nothing and I felt my heart flutter with sadness, sometimes I wish Jason would just let me in so I could help, but there was nothing I could do.


I got up and slipped my arms around his waist from behind, enjoying his warm skin under my fingertips and hugged him tightly. I smiled as I felt his tense body relax “You know if you ever want to talk I’m here for you okay?” I said softly against his back. “Yea I know” he whispered, I pulled away from the hug and began to walk towards the door “I’m still giving you a ride to school tomorrow right?” he asked hesitantly. “Yea of course!” I said almost as if it was an obvious thing, a slow smile crept onto his face which instantly caused me to smile. “Goodnight Jaybear” I said using his nickname causing him to smile even brighter “Night RoseyPie” he answered.


I closed the door behind me as I walked out and made my way into the guest room. For some reason I felt weird, after leaving Jason’s room I felt sort of dazed. His smile played in my mind, and his deep blue eyes. I shook the thought away because I knew it didn’t mean anything. I slowly stepped out of the dress I had wore for Harry’s party and slipped on a pair of purple boxers and a white tank top, followed by some purple polka dot fuzzy socks. Once I finished I passed Jason’s door again noticing the light was off now and made my way back downstairs. Harry was in the kitchen seated on the counter popping popcorn and I joined him feeling comfortable as we chatted and caught up. But, I couldn’t help but wish Jason was here as well so that I could be with both of the guys who meant the world to me.

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