The Better Half

Roseline Bailey has been best friends with Harry and Jason Styles ever since they were born. Her eyes have been set on Harry ever since she can remember but now that he's back from tour this summer is going to change everything. Jason and Harry may be identical twin brothers but are different in so many ways, and she never thought she would have to choose between both. Which will she choose?


3. School

I awoke to the feeling of someone’s arms wrapped gently around my waist, and at the moment they were tracing random shapes into my hip that was exposed from the crop top I wore to sleep. Oh my gosh, it’s so freaking good to have Harry back! This is the best way to wake up! I was about to open my eyes to admire Harry’s sleep hair until voices broke out around me. “It seems like you and Rose have gotten extremely close since I left. Your arms are wrapped pretty tight around her” an amused voice said that I recognized as Harry’s. Wait a second….Harry wasn’t holding me? Than who the hell was?!


“Shut the hell up Harry. She just looked…lonely” Jason said softly almost as if not to wake me up. “Ya know if you want to win the girl I could give you pointers. I’m an expert with woman” Harry said cockily, I could imagine Jason rolling his eyes at his womanizer brother. “Chill out I was just kidding Jason. Now you better wake her up or you two are going to be late for school” Harry said sounding distant. At his comment my eyes shot open “Oh gosh! Jase what time is it?” I said looking around frantically but stopping when my eyes landed upon Jason’s bright blue eyes and messy bed hair. It was funny because Harry’s bed hair made him look like a sex god, but Jason’s bed hair just made him look 10 times more adorable than what he already was.


“Your cute” I said out loud instantly witnessing Jason’s face turn red, “Umm we’ve got school in like 30 minutes” he said slowly. My eyes shot out of their sockets, 30 freaking minutes!? It usually took me an hour to get ready but with my ninja powers I may be able to pull it off. “FUCK!” I shouted loudly, I jumped off of the guest bedroom turning around quickly to kiss Jason on his cheek and proceed to run out of the room. “Meet me at my house in 20!” I shouted over my shoulder as I bolted down the steps and out of the Styles house. Thank god I only lived a few houses down from the boys and made it to my house quickly. I found my mom and dad sitting at the kitchen table with amused smirks on their faces “Why it’s our daughter! She looks winded, but I don’t know why. She’s always on time and ready for school” my dad said sarcastically. I rolled my eyes at him and stuck my tongue out before I made my way up the steps and into my room.


I stripped down immediately throwing my pajamas into the bin in the corner of my room, and then raced to my closet enjoying the breeze that hit my naked body. That’s one thing good ol Harold and I had in common, we loved being naked. It was a serious problem when we were kids because we would end up stripping down every time we had a play date. Jason would avert his eyes and run and tell his parents that we were running around naked. But eventually I realized I have to be modest and a lady, although Harry still to this day doesn’t give a shit about people seeing him naked. I glanced outside to see the sun shining brightly and remember the warm air outside. I grabbed a blue silky skirt and a Aztec bandeau top and then quickly placed it down in the bathroom.


As I took a quick shower I had turned on my flat iron so that when I was finished I could quickly straighten out my hair. Once I felt like I had gotten all the dirt off of me I turned the warm water off and dried off. Grabbing my black lace panties I slipped them on with ease and then threw on my other clothes. I brushed on my red wavy hair and quickly pulled the iron threw the more noticeable waves. After 5 minutes or so I was completely done, only having to put on some pink lip gloss and mascara. “Rosaline! Jason is here so hurry your butt up!” I heard my mom scream. I checked in the mirror once more and then walked to my closet slipping on my crochet crème colored toms and my red bookbag. I threw in my phone, wallet, and my ipod and rushed out of the room. “Did I make it! Did I do it in 20 minutes!” I said in a rush as I stopped at the bottom of the steps. I looked to Jason who just sort of stared at me and since he seemed occupied looking at me I looked to my mom who just laughed and nodded.


“Hell yes! I was blessed with them ninja skills momma. I’ll see you after school I’ll prob go to Harry and Jason’s house so I promise I’ll call this time” I smiled to her as I walked to the kitchen table to find a piece of toast covered in nuetella and sliced strawberries. Ah my favorite! “Alright, bye love” she smiled at me, kissing my cheek as I walked to the door. I noticed Jason’s presence was not near me, so I turned around to STILL see him staring at me. “Helloooo! Earth to Jason! We must be at school in 10 minutes so snap out of it!” I said snapping my fingers in his face. He seemed to snap out of his gaze and before he could turn into a tomato he rushed passed me and out of the door towards his sleek black Camaro; a present from his dear brother. I ran after him and smiled as I saw him smiling widely as he held my door open.


“ah such a gentleman my lovely Jason, that Anne has taught you well” I smiled broadly at him as I hoped into the car. Once we were both seated I enjoyed the rumbling of the car as it shot to life, then we were off towards school.  In what should have been only 3 minutes, it took us like 8 because of Jason’s safe driving to get to school. I remember asking him why he always drove so slow, in which he answered “Because I don’t want you to get hurt”. He was to sweet beyond words and was seriously the nicest guy I had ever known. I wonder why he didn’t have a girlfriend? I’d make a mental note to ask him later. When we pulled up to the school I screamed at the top of my lungs “FINALLY!” causing Jason to roll his eyes and laugh at me as we got out. I instantly spotted my huge group of friends, which were the ones who weren’t rushing into school as the bell rang but lingering around until last minute.


“Bye Jase, I’ll see you in 2nd block” I said opening my arms for a hug in which he happily collected me into his chest. “Gosh that’s not even fair, she gets Jason and Harry. That girl is such a slut” I heard someone say loudly as I pulled away from Jason. I glared at the blonde bimbo as she smiled sickly at me and waited so see if I would say something. Since she was so loud my group of friends walked over and glared at the girl, “What the fuck did you just say?” Jason said in a cold voice beside me. I wasn’t in any way surprised by his defensiveness because Jason had always been super protective of me. She seemed frozen as Jason glared her down, but I tugged on is hand calmly which caused his now icy blue eyes to soften as they landed upon me.


“Sticks and Stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me BITCH!” I said proudly as I stuck my middle finger up at the girl and walked away with my friends with a laugh. “You are such a child! I would have punched her in the face” my friend grace said poking my cheek. “I’m used to the comments by now, it’s been a year. But it’s whatever let’s get to class” I said giving Jason another side hug and thanking him as my friends and I walked into the school.

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