The Better Half

Roseline Bailey has been best friends with Harry and Jason Styles ever since they were born. Her eyes have been set on Harry ever since she can remember but now that he's back from tour this summer is going to change everything. Jason and Harry may be identical twin brothers but are different in so many ways, and she never thought she would have to choose between both. Which will she choose?


5. Meeting the boys

We approached the principal’s office and before we rounded the corner we could hear the boys chatting and goofing off. “You go first I have to make a grand entrance!” I said dramatically as Jason just chuckled and rolled his eyes at me. I could tell he was not looking forward to meeting this group or seeing his brother but there was no way he could escape. He stepped out from the corner we were hiding behind and I heard the boys freak out. “OH MY GOD! It’s a clone of Harry!” an irish voice shouted. “I really hope he doesn’t act the same as Harry because I don’t think we could handle it” another voice said with a laugh.


“Trust me I’m not” Jason said, to the boys he sounded as if he was making a joke, but since I knew him I knew he was saying it in a mean way. “Okay so Jason you have blue eyes and Harry has green. So we won’t mix you too up” another boy said. “Where is Rose? Didn’t she come with you?” Harry asked eagerly. That’s my cue! I was beginning to round the corner until I was lifted off of my feet as someone spun me around. What the hell!? I looked down to see Luke holding me tightly “I must protect you from all the crazy girls” he said simply as if it was no big of a deal. “Oh shit I feel so important I have my own personal body guard” I smiled at him. I noticed he still hadn’t put me down and his arms were still tight around waist.


A loud cough broke us apart as I turned to face the boys of One Direction. All of them were smiling brightly at me except for both Jason and Harry who held frowns on their faces. “Oh! Hi guys, I’m Rose” I said instantly blushing because I was STILL being held by Luke. While the boys still stared at me I slapped Luke on the top of his head “Let be down Shrek!” I laughed causing him to set me down on my feet. “Who are you? Her boyfriend?” Harry said kind of harshly. I was taken aback by his tone and it seemed the other boys picked up on it because they looked over to peer at Harry. Luke only took this as an opportunity to be the idiot he was and wrapped an arm around my waist and placed a kiss to my forehead.


“Yup, today’s our 6 month anniversary. Best Girlfriend Ever” he said seriously looking down at me with a hidden smile on his lips. “Oh yea, Luke’s the best and he’s captain of the football team!” I squealed like a girl trying to hold in my laugh as I watched Harry and Jason’s faces get redder with anger. “What do ya say boys? I hit a touchdown with this babe right?” Luke said winking at me, but once he did that I couldn’t hold in my laughter any more as we both busted out into tears. Realization crossed everyone’s faces and they began to laugh as well. Jason still had a pissed look on his face while Harry took a deep breath and ran his fingers through his styled locks. “I was just fucking with you guys. Luke’s just my friend who should be in class right now” I said turning my attention to him.


“Ugh I don’t want to be in chem” he pouted and crossed his arms like a child. “Get to class or no more oreos!” I said seriously causing him to gasp and race down the hallway. “Oreos?” the blonde one asked. I chuckled at his confused look and walked in front of him, watching a blush appear on his cheeks. “Yea, before all of Luke’s games I would bring him a box of oreos which are his favorite. It’s kinda like his good luck charm” I explained. “Will you bring me oreos before our concerts!” he said with a laugh. “Leave the girl be Niall! I’m Liam by the way” Liam said reaching out his hand for me to shake. I pushed it aside and pulled him in for a hug “Any friend of Harold’s is a friend of mine” I said as I pulled away. “I like her” Liam said to Harry as he smirked and pulled me into his chest.


I always loved the way Harry would wrap his arms around my shoulders and how mine would easily slide around his waist. “I almost kicked that boys ass little red” Harry whispered in my ear causing goose bumps to rise on my skin. “That would not look good on the news Mr. Styles” I laughed as I pulled away and stood between Jason and Harry. “That’s Zayn, Niall, you met Liam, and Louis” he said introducing them all. “It’s so nice to finally meet you boys. Although I don’t really keep up with entertainment Harry has told me so much about you all” I smiled. “Well Harry told us a lot about you to love but he did not tell us how insanely fit you are” Louis said while the boys nodded and playfully hit Harry. “So selfish keeping this beauty all to yourself haven’t you had enough beautiful woman!” Zayn said nudging Harry who just smiled as if he was the coolest guy in the world.


Damnit, I forgot about all of the girls he’s probably been with. “Oh hey Mrs. Jones is coming” Liam said pointing towards the main office where she was walking out of. “Oh shit!” I said jumping behind Jason as she approached. The boys looked at me like I was crazy but then were interrupted by Mrs.  Jones “Ahh boys it is such an honor for you to come to our school! Thank you so much for taking time out of your vacation and visiting” she said kindly.  Please don’t let her see me! I think I was in the clear because the boys were like trees surrounding me. “Oh no problem ma’am! We thought it would be a good idea since it’s their last week right Rose?” Harry asked causally. DAMNIT! “Rose Bailey?” she said excitedly as I poked my head out from behind Jason.


“Hi Mrs. Jones” I said calmly, this woman was like obsessed with me for some reason. “You look awfully pretty today but then again you always do. I am so sad you are graduating this year! You were literally the only girl with looks and smarts here. A woman after my own heart” she smiled flipping her long blonde hair over her shoulder. I had to admit Mrs. Jones was a very pretty woman but she was crazy! “Umm thanks” I said trying to stifle my laugh as I noticed the boys checking out the principle. “But we’ve got to get the boys set up so we must be going Mrs. Jones” I said quickly grabbing Jason and Harry’s arms and pulling them towards the gym.

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