The Better Half

Roseline Bailey has been best friends with Harry and Jason Styles ever since they were born. Her eyes have been set on Harry ever since she can remember but now that he's back from tour this summer is going to change everything. Jason and Harry may be identical twin brothers but are different in so many ways, and she never thought she would have to choose between both. Which will she choose?


6. Meet and Greet

It only took like 2 minutes to reach our auditorium which was not that fantastic, I mean the boys had been performing in some of the biggest arenas in the world for goodness sake! “Being back in school feels weird” Zayn commented as we approached the table that was being set up in the middle of the auditorium by some of the custodians. I couldn’t hold in my laugh as some of the woman custodians casually walked up to the boys and asked for autographs.


“I can’t believe you boys have grown ass woman fantasizing about you” I said to Louis as he wiggled his eyebrows at me and shouted “What can we say? We can’t help it that we are mature adults and woman fancy us.” “Mature? More like immature!” Zayn said punching Louis in the shoulder only for him to fall to the ground dramatically. I knew that Louis was definitely the crazy one out of the boys and I knew we could get along just fine. “Alright, so you boys will be sitting here and Rosy and Jason you can basically be anywhere you want” a woman I recognized as one of the lower classman teachers said to us.


I nodded my head and was about to walk towards the stage with Jason until I heard Harry call out for me. “Wait I want Rosy to sit beside me” he said with a smile on his face. OH GOD HE WANTS ME BY HIS SIDE! *inwardly faints* I could feel the blush creep up on my cheeks and slowly walked over to the chair Harry had pulled out for me. “Are you sure?” I asked him still kind of shocked that he would want me with the boys. “Of course we have been apart way to long” he smiled leaning in to plant a kiss to my cheek. I was so happy that the boys were now preoccupied listening to someone give them instructions because I’m pretty sure if they would have seen me freaking out and silently screaming and grabbing my cheek I would have definitely been tagged as a crazy person.


“Your hair reminds me of the little mermaid” Niall said from beside me causing me to snap out of my thoughts and look over at the cute blonde boy. “You and everyone else! I was a mermaid in my past life” I joked as his joyful laugh rang out. “Apparently they are bringing out classes by teacher name?” Liam said from beside Niall. “That’s good they are bringing them out one at a time or else today may have been you boys last meet and greet” I said seriously. I knew how girls here were, half of them had One Direction stickers all over their lockers and notebooks…like come on we were in high school!


But then again if I had actually listened to the boys music and everything I have no doubt in my mind I’d be one of the biggest fan girls ever. “Alright boys are you ready?” a tall buff man said who was covered in black clothing. “Security guard?” I asked no one in particular only to have Zayn reply yes and begin to pull out a bunch of photos of each of the guys. I could hear the screaming girls before I saw them but once they were in the auditorium I thought I might go crazy. They were crying and some fainted when they held the boys hands and it was just overwhelming. The glares I had been used to but some people said nasty comments and I wished Jason was there to defend me because Harry was more of a guy who would say it shouldn’t bother me because it’s not true.


Oh SHIT! JASON!? I can’t believe forgot about him. I’m pretty sure we had been sitting there for a good 3 hours. “Harry where is Jason?” I asked becoming a little uneasy as my eyes wandered around the auditorium. “I have no idea” he said nonchalantly. “Harry! Will you stop acting like Jason doesn’t exist! He’s your brother” I said angrily as I pushed away from the table and quickly walked away and out of the auditorium. How can Harry not care? Why can’t they both just fucking get along!

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