The Better Half

Roseline Bailey has been best friends with Harry and Jason Styles ever since they were born. Her eyes have been set on Harry ever since she can remember but now that he's back from tour this summer is going to change everything. Jason and Harry may be identical twin brothers but are different in so many ways, and she never thought she would have to choose between both. Which will she choose?


13. From Good to Bad


I couldn't believe this was happening...Harry Styles was kissing me!!! As much as I wanted to freak out and fall on the ground into mush I knew that this may be my last time kissing him so I really wanted to enjoy it. Harry's hands wandered over my sides and once they reached up to the bottom of my bra his fingers began teasing me by brushing them underneath the elastic. Both of our lips were fighting for dominance, but eventually I settled with giving him the lead which I didn't mind at all. My hands crept their way into his wild curls and I tugged at them gently enjoying the deep moan that vibrated from his mouth and onto my lips.


At this moment we were pressed up against the wall, hidden from the other guests with my legs wrapped around his waist tightly. He pulled back for a second to catch his breath and looked down at my now red lips from our aggressive kissing and slid his finger over it gently as I caught the tip between my teeth and smirked. "Fuck..." he whispered before he pressed his hips closer to me so that I could feel how much he wanted me. I moaned at the contact and rolled my head to the side revealing a new place for Harry to place his lips. Although I was barely wearing clothes I felt like my skin was on fire because of how heated things were getting with Harry. "Aye boys what did I-" Niall's happy voice said as he busted through the front door and slowly took in the scene in front of him. "Whooo go HARRY!" he shouted with a fist pump into the air causing me to laugh and Harry to roll his eyes and secure my waist again before he lead me up the stairs.


I played with Harry's hair while he kicked the door open with his foot and quickly laid me down on the bed. I can't believe after 18 years I had finally caused Harry to see me as more than just a best friend, it felt fucking great. He watched me with lustful eyes from the edge of the bed as I scooted myself up towards the headboard. I watched his eyes, easily seeing every emotion that was crossing his face. He wanted me, that was the main one, but at the same time I saw hesitation and confusion. I wonder what he was thinking about. I gave him a small smile and realized he was probably thinking about if he wanted to cross that bridge with me, because if we actually slept together everything would change. I knew the longer the silence the longer we would think too much into it so I made the first move...I bit my lip as I reached behind me and unclasped my bra.


I kept my eyes locked to Harry's trying to hold my smile as I watched those green eyes turn black with ecstasy as I fully removed it and tossed it to the ground. The moment I realized what I had done I wanted to cover myself because I was so self conscious, had i forgotten about the many girls Harry had been with? What if my boobs were tiny? What if I was fat compared to them? My thoughts were cut off at the feeling of Harry hovering above me and his finger tracing my lips once again. "Lil Red..." he said softly as I opened my eyes to look up at him still seeing the hesitation clearly through his eyes. "It's okay Harry" I said as I leaned up to capture his lips with mine. The kiss deepened and his tongue forced its way into my mouth with ease slowly massaging and awakening my senses.


I was too busy focusing on how amazing of a kisser he was that I hadn't noticed his hands roaming and venturing their way up to my new exposed area. I gasped into his mouth as his thumb gently brushed over my now perked nipple. I arched my back up indicating that I wanted more of his touch and he quickly gave me what I wanted as his smooth massive hand cupped me fully. "Harry..." I whimpered as his lips left mine to tend to my aching body. I had always fantasized about this but it happening in real life was much more than I could ever imagined. I observed that Harry was an aggressive one in bed, he loved to leave love bites and even left some on my breasts. My hands found their way to the hem of his shirt and pulled it up and over his head with ease and traced my hands over his toned chest and abs I could feel his eyes watching me as I stared at the black ink that covered his chest and arms.


I paid close attention to Harry's many tattoos, I had known he had gotten a few and seen them in pictures but in person they were fascinating. Although the tattoos looked great decorating his skin I could only think about how they fit Jason more than him, Jason would look hot with tattoos. I was pulled out of my thoughts as Harry rolled over which caused me to be straddling him and looking down into his gorgeous face. Since I am not experienced in anyway in this sexual stuff, I mean yea I had my few shares of oral and stuff but I was no expert. Once that thought crossed my mind I felt so dumb, I probably led Harry on like I was so experienced porn star and now when we actually become intimate I have no idea what to do. He is going to think I am so stupid. But, I can turn back now can I?


I placed my hands on Harry's chest to steady myself and slowly grinded my hips against him letting a soft moan escape my lips at the contact of our hips colliding. Harry rolled his head back onto the pillows and sighed while his hands gripped my hips taking control and leading me. I actually felt powerful being on top like this and watching him bit his lip to contain his moans. I dipped my head to connect our lips again and smiled as Harry's hands weaved into my hair pulling me closer. I left his lips and began trailing kisses down his body until I reached the top of his jeans. I peaked up at him to see a smirk on is face, which I returned instantly, and slowly undid his belt buckle, sliding it from the loops and tossing it onto the floor. I could already see his huge bulge through his jeans and I was pretty nervous about giving him a blowjob because I didn't exactly know what the hell I was doing.


I snapped the button of his jeans open and zipped down the zipper finally revealing his black briefs. He helped me pull of the rest of his clothing until he was completely bare in front of me. I could feel my eyes widen when I finally took in his this moment I could run away like a little bitch, or I could accept the challenge. Because of the adrenaline running through me I decided to take the challenge, but with caution. I slowly placed my hand on the bottom half of his penis securing it in my hand and allowed my tongue to escape from my lips and leave a trail of wetness along his shaft. A loud moan erupted from Harry as he rolled his hips up into my palm causing my eyes to connect with his. I placed the tip into my mouth and sucked gently to see his reaction. He shut his eyes tightly and groaned in satisfaction giving me more courage to continue with the task I had been given.


I grabbed his hand and guided it into my hair taking the easy road and letting him lead me to what he wanted to do. I wasn't surprised at all how rough Harry with me because he is used to this, he was with girls who knew what they were doing, but since I was clueless the experience was more painful than I could have thought.  I suppressed the tears in my eyes because I didn't want to look like a baby, but God was I happy when he finally came into my mouth and it was over. I straddled his lower stomach when I was finished and kissed his nose as he let out a chuckle. "What's so funny?" I asked as I looked at his dazzling mint green eyes. "You were pretty good...I was surprised" he said with a smirk popping his dimple. I gasped playfully and slapped his chest. "Shut up Curly! It's not like your the first guy I've given a blowjob to" I said with a smile as his face dropped and got serious.


"What have you been doing while I have been on tour missy!" he said flipping us over so he was on top of me and tickling me. "Hazza stop!!!" I laughed trying to squirm from underneath him. "Nope! Never!" he said as his continued to tickle me. I guess I was so focused on how cute of a moment this was for Harry and I that I didn't noticed his hand disappear. I felt his fingers glide along the lacey material of my underwear and apply pressure right over the area where my clit was, causing a loud moan to escape my lips. His lips connected with mine easily and I swear I melted every time our tongues glided together. All of a sudden my phone began blasting and I instantly recognized the ringtone. Jason was calling. "Just ignore it" Harry said lowly as his hands began to slide the lacey material down over my hips.


I was about to listen to him because I was so excited about being this intimate with Harry but the ringing only continued. Jason needed me. "Hold on I need to answer it" I said gently as I pushed Harry away and found my phone sitting on the bedside where I had left it earlier this morning after Harry apologized about the club. I pressed the answer button and an instant smile appeared on my face, I loved talking to Jason. "Hey Jase" I said a little out of breath from the activities I was doing before hand. I was surprised when some man's voice I didn't recognized replied "Um hello ma'am. Is this Jason's mother?" He asked slowly.


"No. I'm his best friend...where is Jason?" I asked getting a bad feeling from this man. "Oh well you were the first one on his speed dial so we just assumed but what is his mother's name we need to call her" he said ignoring my question. "His mother's name is Anne, now can you please give the phone to Jason" I said hearing the irritation in my words. "Jason has been in an accident, he is being transported to Cheshire Medical Hospital, we prefer only family members go but you seem pretty important to him so I'm sure you should be there" the man said.





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