The Better Half

Roseline Bailey has been best friends with Harry and Jason Styles ever since they were born. Her eyes have been set on Harry ever since she can remember but now that he's back from tour this summer is going to change everything. Jason and Harry may be identical twin brothers but are different in so many ways, and she never thought she would have to choose between both. Which will she choose?


10. Forgiven


“WHAT THE FUCK HARRY!” I heard Jason shout causing me to groan and sink further into his bed sheets. I remember coming home last night so drunk I could barely walk straight. I remember Jason freaking out, then carry me up to his room so I could sleep. As much as I appreciated him letting me sleep in heavenly bed, I did not appreciate his loud ass voice being an alarm clock and waking me up. “Calm down Jason jeez!” Harry shouted. “How am I supposed to calm down when Rose came home last night completely wasted with your friends, who I don’t know, carrying her and you know where to be found! Now she’s missing school and she’s all over fucking twitter!” Jason said back angrily, I really didn’t feel like hearing them shout but I knew better than to get in between their fight so I grabbed a pillow and placed it over my head.


“It’s her last week anyway who cares! And I didn’t tell her to flip off the paparazzi!” Harry argued causing my head to ache with pain. “God! You haven’t changed one fucking bit. Why is it so hard for you to own up to the stupid stuff you do. Rose is not a little kid anymore you can’t just leave her places like you did when we were younger! She’s a woman now and bad things can happen to her when she’s alone!” Jason said with a frustrated sigh. “I GET THAT! FINE I FUCKED UP! I just..don’t know what happened okay!” Harry shouted followed by the slamming of a door.


I felt the bed indent beside me and then the pillow was nudged off of my head to reveal Jason’s icy blue eyes. Frustration and anger was evident in his eyes but when I attempted to smile at him his eyes instantly softened. “How are you feeling?” he asked softly. “Like shit. My head hurts” I said rubbing my eyes and letting them adjust to the lights in his room. “Here take this” he said handing me 2 small pills and a glass of water. I took it happily hoping the little pills would ease the throbbing of my head. “You missed school” he said as he watched me gulp down my water. I didn’t really care but I knew my parents would. “Why didn’t you wake me up?” I asked curiously as I set the glass down on his night stand beside the bed. “Because hangover’s are a bitch” he said simply causing me to laugh and run my fingers through my tangled hair.


I noticed I was wearing some boxers and a v-neck shirt, complimentary of Jason Styles. “Did you change my clothes?” I asked watching his face turn as red as a tomatoe “No…you changed yourself” he said biting his lip again as if he was hiding something but I was not in the mood to interrogate him. “Uhm…why were you flipping off the paparazzi?” he asked changing the subject. All the events from last night suddenly filled my mind, I would have to talk to Harry sooner or later about what happened. I thought about lying to Jason since I didn’t want to tell him what really happened cause I knew he would just get angrier at Harry but I couldn’t lie to him. So I decided to leave the Harry part out. “I was drunk and just wanted to go home but they were blocking my way and shouting questions at me like I was someone important or something” I said rolling my eyes laying my head back on Jason’s pillows.


“Well you showed them didn’t you?” Jason said playfully causing me to laugh and stick my tongue out at him. “I’m so happy my parents are against technology because if they would have saw the stunt I pulled I would be in so much shit. Speaking of parents where is Anne?” I asked remembering her not being their last night when I arrived, which is good, and now. “She went to stay at one of her friends how for a couple days. So that only gives you a few more days to be a rebel before you get in trouble” he smiled to me as he flipped his hair out of his face. “Hey! Im never a rebel! Last night was just…one time I actually let loose. Ive got restrain all of this craziness” I said gesturing to myself as I wiggled around. Jason rolled his eyes and asked why he was friends with me.


“I’ve got to get ready for my date” he said as he got up and left a gentle kiss to my forehead. Shit! I totally forgot about his little date. Jason was looking at me as if trying to figure out the emotion that was creeping over me…but I didn’t want him to know that I was a little jealous. “You know I am so mad at you for not telling me sooner! I didn’t even know you liked Rebecca “ I said honestly tilting my head at him as he shrugged. “Uh it just happened. She’s nice” he said almost as if trying to convince himself. I took a deep breath and collected myself “Well have fun! If she hurts you I’ll kill her” I said seriously as he laughed at me. “Im going to take a shower love so if you need anything just knock or something” he said as he grabbed his towel that was hanging over his desk chair. “Or I could just bust in and tackle you while your naked” I said laughing instantly as Jason’s face brightened with embarrassment. “I still can’t believe you did that” he said instantly remembering the time when we were younger and Harry had given me the dare. “hahaha such good times” I winked causing him to laugh and quickly hurry into the door that lead to his bathroom. It was so fun embarrassing Jason, he was so sensitive about everything.


As much as I wanted to stay in Jason’s bed, I really need to talk to Harry about why he acted the way he did last night. I gulped down the rest of the water feeling my foggy aching mind beginning to fade. I pushed the covers away and slowly lifted myself out of bed allowing my bare feet to connect to the cold wood floor. I made my way out of the room throwing my hair up into a bun as I made my way to Harry’s room. I was so nervous about what I was even going to say because I mean we almost kissed…but then everything went downhill from there. I could hear talking from the other side of the door aware that all the boys had stayed the night. Because I’m nosey as hell I pressed my ear against the wall hoping to hear some of the conversation. “Guys I don’t know what’s wrong with me” Harry said with a sigh.


“That was a pretty dick move, first you didn’t defend her at all when that girl was attacking her, then you didn’t even follow her when she left” Niall said back. “This may have been my drunk eyes seeing this, but you too were pretty hot and heavy on the dance floor” Louis said with a satisfied sound as the other boys agreed. “But that’s the thing she’s JUST my best friend. I’ve known her my whole life but last night was different…it was a side of her I hadn’t seen before and I really liked it. I’m glad that girl stopped us from kissing cause that would have been bad” harry said. Why would that have been bad?! Liam took the words right out of my mouth and asked Harry. “Because she’s not one of those one night stand girls, she’s my best friend and she means so much to me. I could never do that to her and last night all I could think about was taking her home to have my way with her but after that girl said what she did it was like a reality check. I didn’t want people seeing Rose as some slut because she’s not. We all know if I would have jumped to her rescue it would have been everywhere that I defended a girl at the club who I was really into which would cause everyone to flip. I just want to avoid all the drama and Rose is so excited for our summer together I don’t want to ruin it” Harry said causing my heart to literally clench and almost made me want to cry. So his dick move was actually an act of kindness?? He was trying to protect me from what people would say about me.


“Wow…that’s some deep stuff Styles” Zayn said as if he was thinking over everything he had admitted. “I think you like her” Louis said matter-of-factly causing Harry to laugh. “I mean I love her as a best friend…but after seeing her last night, hell I might!” he said causing the boys to howl with laughter and caused me to fist pump in the air. WOOP! My plan had worked, I could totally get him to fall for me now! I knocked on the door trying to calm myself and erase everything I had just heard from my brain. “Come in Rose” Harry said as I pushed the door open with my hand and smiled widely at Harry’s messy room. “I have the biggest hangover ever” I stated as I took in the 5 boys lazily lying around Harry’s room….all shirtless might I add. Hey, if I couldn’t get Harry I would happily go for one of the other boys haha just kidding! “I’m not surprised you drank enough for all 5 of us” Zayn said with a laugh as my eyes instantly connected with Harry and his previous words flowed into my head.


I couldn’t talk to him about what I was going to before, I had to play it cool now and brush it off like it wasn’t that big of a deal. “Do you guys want to go eat I am starved!” I said as I rubbed my tummy and watched Niall jump from his place on the floor and rush over to me. “I love this woman! She speaks my language! NANDOS!!!” he shouted pulling me into a tight hug and then running off down the hallway. “WE ARE NOT GOING TO NANDOS!” Louis shouted running after him causing me to laugh at their immaturity. Once all the boys had walked passed me I began to follow them until I felt a hand slip into mine and pull me back. I turn to face Harry’s stormy green eyes and could see the sorrow all over his face. “Rose, I am so sorry about last night I really am. I just-“ he began to stumble over his words trying to figure out what he was going to say but I shushed him and smiled softly. “You’re forgiven” I said poking his chest and smiling as he looked down only for me to flick his nose as he laughed. “You’re the best” he said leaning in and pressing a kiss to my cheek. “I know!” I smiled feeling my cheek tingle from the contact of his pink soft lips. He allowed me to hop on his back as he lead me downstairs to were the boys were shoving through their bags grabbing shirts and throwing them on over the bottoms. I had to remember to thank Liam, Niall, and Zayn for bringing me home last night but I wanted to do something special for them because who knows what could have happened.

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