The Better Half

Roseline Bailey has been best friends with Harry and Jason Styles ever since they were born. Her eyes have been set on Harry ever since she can remember but now that he's back from tour this summer is going to change everything. Jason and Harry may be identical twin brothers but are different in so many ways, and she never thought she would have to choose between both. Which will she choose?


7. Fight

I realized that the school day had ended because no one was around except for a few girls that were waiting around to catch another glimpse of the boys. “Shit” I mumbled to myself because I still couldn’t find him. There was only one other place he could be and that was our tree house behind the school. It had been one of our secret places that we had found as kids. Harry actually went to a separate arts school so he had no idea about it. As I made my way towards the school I could hear my name being called in the distance, instantly recognizing it as Harry’s, but decided to ignore it for now.


One of the things I loved about our school was that right behind it was a huge forest. I was definitely a nature girl. I picked up my pace once I got threw a few trees because I was just worried about Jason. Although he was used to being alone I just hated the thought of him not having anyone to talk to. “Jace?” I called as I approached the tree where I knew the tree house sat. “Jason?” I said again looking up into the branches and seeing the big old tree house above me. I sighed and decided to make my way over to ladder and ascend my way up. When I reached the top I poked my head in only to find Jason with earbuds in his ears standing infront of a painted canvas. I took in his messy appearance, his once grey shirt was now covered in bright paint and there were even a flew splashes on his perfect face.


Out of anger I punched him to get his attention. “Hey!” he shouted holding his shoulder and pulling his ear buds out as he faces me. “What the hell is your problem Jason! You can’t just run off whenever you want” I said seriously crossing my arms over my chest letting him know I was upset with him. “Why do you care? You were with Harry. You didn’t even notice” he said as he went back to focusing on his painting. “Why do I care? Are you serious!? You’re my best friend, something bad could have happened to you” I said hearing my voice rise with frustration. “Whatever” he said softly dabbing more paint onto his brush and beginning to add more to his painting. “Don’t whatever me Jason!” I said louder causing him to loudly sigh and spin towards me.


“Why don’t you just go back to Harry! He’s the one you want anyway so just leave me alone!” he shouted at me causing me to flinch away. Jason had never raised his voice at me let alone yelled at me. I didn’t even know what I did to deserve to be yelled at. My first thought was to slap him straight across his face but I grabbed a bottle of paint and squeezed it, watching the black paint shoot from the bottle and land on his face and shirt. I would have laughed at him but I was just beyond pissed at the way he was acting. He gasped loudly and whipped the paint from his eyes and glared at me with anger. Just as I was about to walk passed him to climb out of the tree house, wet liquid cascaded down the whole front of my body.


I squealed at the feeling of the gooey liquid and on instinct I tackled Jason to the ground lightly slapping him everywhere. He didn’t fight me back of course, just let me straddle him and attack him. After a few minutes I just collapsed on top of him feeling tears form in my eyes, “I thought something happened to you” I whispered honestly as I felt him wrap his arms around my waist. After a few moments of silence he whispered back “I’m sorry I should have told you where I was going” which caused me to lean up so I could see his black painted face. “You were right, I should have noticed you left sooner” I sniffled as he reached up to whip the tears from my pink painted face. “You’ve missed Harry. I have had you all to myself for a whole year I should have been more understanding and not gotten so upset” he confessed keeping his eyes locked to mine. “I’m sorry for throwing paint on you “ I said feeling a smile creep onto my face. “I’m sorry for yelling out you. That was so out of line and I promise it won’t happen again” he said as I spotted those dimples appear.


“You are not sorry you threw paint back at me?” I laughed lightly feeling the anger and tension melt away. “Nope cause pink looks good on you” he said with a smirk. “We look insane. I’m pretty sure that was our first actual fight” I said allowing myself to get off of him and observe the beautiful canvas he had been painting. “You and Harry always fought and I want to keep that just between you and him. I don’t like when we fight” he admitted handing me a few tissues to wipe the paint from my face. “If we were dating I must say the scene would be pretty kinky. A paint fight that ends with crazy angry sex” I laughed loudly as I turned to see him blushing madly.


“I like your painting by the way. I haven’t seen you paint in a while” I said changing the subject so he would be comfortable after my X rated comment. “Mostly because all my paints are here. You stole them for me from the school when we were younger” he said poking my tummy causing me to giggle. “cause your mom wouldn’t buy you any! I had to help you! Plus we got to paint our hands and make hand prints all over the walls” I said pointing towards our little hand prints that decorated the walls of the tree house.  


I grabbed Jason’s hand and led him over to some hand prints and placed both of our hands against the walls. I smiled at how big our hands were now, we had grown up so much. “I can’t believe we have known each other our whole lives” I said softly lifting my eyes to find his bright blue ones staring down at me. I noticed his eyes drift down towards my lips and for a split second I wander what it would be like to kiss Jason. Although I had always imagined kissing Harry, I wouldn’t mind kissing Jason. He moved in closer to me as if to see what I would do and I stayed exactly where I was just in a trance by his beautiful eyes.


“ROSY! ARE YOU OUT HERE!” Harry screamed causing Jason and I to jump apart. I stuck my head out of the window peering down to see Harry and the rest of his band mates calling around; they did not realize a big tree house was above them. “Come on” I smiled feeling the blush on my cheeks from realizing I was just thinking about kissing Jason. He nodded and helped me down the ladder and once I was half way I jumped down and landed beside Louis causing him to shout and jump away from fear. “It’s just me Louis!” I laughed as he took in the sight of me. “You look like a strawberry popsicle!” Niall said as he ran up and licked his lips as he looked over me. “Hey! NO EATING!” I laughed as Jason fell beside me and stood up straight to wave at the guys.


“What the hell happened?”

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