The Better Half

Roseline Bailey has been best friends with Harry and Jason Styles ever since they were born. Her eyes have been set on Harry ever since she can remember but now that he's back from tour this summer is going to change everything. Jason and Harry may be identical twin brothers but are different in so many ways, and she never thought she would have to choose between both. Which will she choose?


14. Congratulations


The second the sentence registered in my head I bolted out of the bed and hung up, I could feel the tears stinging my eyes at the thought of Jason being hurt in anyway. "What's wrong?" Harry said frantically as I grabbed my bra off the floor and threw Harry his shirt and jeans. "Jason's at the hospital, he's been in an accident" I cried not being able to hold in my tears anymore. "Shit!" Harry cursed throwing on his clothes and pulling me into a hug to try and calm me down. "He's probably fine please calm down Rosie" He said in a soothing voice, but the more I  thought about how I wasn't there by Jason's side the more the tears flowed down my cheeks.


"We have got to get there now" I said as I rushed to Harry's dresser and pulled out a V-neck black shirt and some sweatpants. While I changed Harry did the same thing, and once we were finished we bolted downstairs ignoring the questioning glances of our friends who had no idea of what was going on. I was in the passenger seat trying to control myself from having a heart attack while Harry pulled out his phone to probably ring one of the boys to let them know what was happening. "The boys are literally right behind us. They said Jason ran out once we left and he was upset or something" Harry said as we pulled onto the expressway. "What was he upset about?" I asked trying to rake my mind of things that would cause him to be angry. Was it something I had done? Was I to harsh with him? Oh god what if this was my fault!? The more and more I thought about it, the more and more the guilt washed over me, I was being a complete bitch to him and now he was in the hospital.


I held my head in my hands trying to control my sobs but nothing was helping, not even Harry rubbing my back and saying reassuring words. When we pulled up at the hospital I jumped out before Harry even parked the car and was already making my way towards the information counter. "Hi I'm looking for my best friend Jason Styles? He was in a car accident and was brought in probably like 15 minutes ago?" I said in a rush barely understanding myself as the words fell out of mouth. "Oh yes, he is in room 413. Just take the elevator to the 4th floor" she said kindly as she pushed up her glasses higher on her nose. I grabbed Harry's hand, yanking him over to the elevator and slamming the 4 button repeatedly for it to close the door. "Rosie, seriously calm down you are going to break the elevator" he said lightly trying to ease the situation. "Harry! Jason is in the freaking hospital! Why are you so freaking calm? Your brother could be in a coma for all we know!" I shouted throwing my hands in the air as Harry's face fell in realization that this could be a very serious situation.


No one had told us anything besides Jason was in the hospital and he had been in a car accident. "I'm sorry" he said as he tucked his hands into his pocket. "No, I'm sorry I just I don't know what I would do if something happened to him" I said softly trying to focus on the elevator music. "You really care about him don't you?" He asked as I tucked my hair behind my ear. "Of Course I do, I care about both of you, even when we were kids and my mom said one of you had broken a bone I would be over in a second to make sure you were okay" I said honestly letting out a sigh of relief as the elevator doors finally opened. We faced about 3 or 4 police officers down the hall holding a man in handcuffs and chatting to him softly. "Excuse me? Are either of you the one that called me from Jason's phone? I'm Rosie" I said stepping forwards and waiting for someone to reply. "Yes that would be me, I am officer Doug Williams. I'm sure your wondering what happened" he said as I eyed the man with his head down in shame.


"Honestly I just want to know if Jason is okay, can I see him please?" I asked. The officer nodded and smiled "He's not in very good shape. He's sleeping at the moment from the medicine the doctor's gave him to help with the pain, but he's been calling for you" he said as he pointed to room 413. I thanked him and slowly crept towards the room wondering how bad it would be. I pushed the door open softly and poked my head in to spot Jason laid out peacefully on a hospital bed. For a second it looked like he was dead because of how quiet everything was, but then his faint voice whispered my name...almost as if he knew I was in the room. I rushed over to him and clutched his hand "I am right here Jase. I'm not going anywhere" I said whipping the tears from my eyes because everything had become so blurry. He looked so pale, and he had a few stitches lining his neck. He tried to move only for a groan to fall from his lips "stop moving Jase. Don't be stupid!" I said as I pushed his curls away from his forehead.


I hadn't noticed that I was clutching his hand so tight and that my tears from seeing him in this state where falling onto it. "Don't cry Rose..." he said gently surprising me with how soft and delicate his voice was at the moment. He opened his eyes a tiny bit revealing his sky blue eyes, they looked sad and tired. He slowly reached his unoccupied hand and wiped my tears from my cheeks. "What happened??" I asked trying to control my sobs, he seemed to think as if he wanted to tell me what had actually happened but once he was about to open his mouth the police, and nurse, and Harry walked in. "Hello Jason, I see your awake. We just wanted to confirm some things with you" the police officer said as the nurse got to work changing some of his tubes and checking his vitals and what not. Jason just responded with a slight nod as he closed his eyes again, probably to block the bright ass lights that were shinning in his face.


"So you know you were in an accident correct?" the police officer said causing me to roll my eyes, why were they questioning him now? He needed to rest not think! "Yes" Jason whispered almost causing me to break out in sobs again because of how much pain he was in. "Okay. Were you aware that the other driver ran a stop light?" the officer asked again. "I just- I just know someone hit me" Jason said simply as the officer nodded. "Well the driver who hit you was also heavily intoxicated, He is being brought up under driving under the influence but we wanted to know do if you wanted to press charges" the man asked. Jason quickly shook his head causing another moan to escape his lips. I reached out to place my free hand gently on his neck to shh's him and whisper soothing words to him. "What? Dude this guy has you in the hospital for drinking and driving. You should definitely press charges against him!" Harry said angrily as he pulled up a chair beside Jason. "It's my decision, not yours" Jason said coldly finally opening his eyes and giving Harry the scariest death glare I had ever seen in my life. It even caused Harry to quiver back and hold his tongue.


"Oh okay, well I wish you a speedy recovery and we have also rung your mum and she should be here soon" the officer said with a nod before exiting the room. The nurse told us that Jason could leave in a day or two and that he had bruising on his ribs, a few stitches on his neck and a minor concussion, but overall he would be okay. Thank God. Once the nurse and police officers left I looked at Jason who just closed his eyes in thought and I knew that right now was not the time to interrogate him like I had wanted, he needed to rest. "Harry and I should go, you need to sleep and get better" I said softly trying to pull my hand away only for Jason's to tighten around mine. "No, Rosie stay. Harry can you wait for mum to get her because I already know she's going to come in here flipping out. Just tell her I'm okay" he said in a strained voice. Harry looked between Jason and I and then nodded.


But, what surprised me the most was as Harry was walking out of the door he walked over to me a placed a gentle kiss to my lips. "Hopefully we can finish what we started later" he added with a wink as I felt my face heat up. Once he disappeared I stared at the door completely confused as to what just happened. "What so are you two like a couple now?" Jason said in an angry voice causing me to snap out of my confused thoughts. "Umm I'm not sure" I said honestly. "Well I guess that's what you've always wanted right? To get Harry to like you. Congrats" he said sadly as he pulled his hand away from mine and began to roll himself over onto his side so that his back was facing me. I bit my lip thinking over what he had just said, that is what I had always wanted...for Harry to want me the way I wanted him and before the call about Jason I was so happy.


But, now with Jason in front of me I couldn't help but forget all about Harry and what had happened between us. "I can't do this anymore" I heard him mumble and then all of a sudden I heard him start to cry. "Jase? Jason what's wrong??" I asked as I crawled into the free space of his bed and wrapped my arms around him. "What can't you do anymore?" I asked as I felt him push me away. "Just go away please...I need some time alone" he said through sobs. "No, I am not leaving you like this Jason! I am your best friend and you know you can tell me anything tell me what's wrong!?" I said again as I held him tighter. He still continued to cry, I wanted to wipe his tears away but he was hiding himself from me which only hurt me more. "Jason just let me be here for you. Please" I whispered to him almost on the verge of tears because I had a feeling that whatever caused this whole thing was something that I had done. He was silent for a moment until he sighed and rolled back over to look at me.


His eyes were wet and his eyes were so light blue they looked like icicles. One of my hands instantly reached up to wipe his tear stained face and the other rested easily on his stitched up neck. His eyes fluttered closed at my contact and a soft smile appeared on my face from him submitting to me instead of shutting me out. "We will talk later okay? Just um sleep with me?" he said softly as he encircled my waist with his strong arms. "Anything you want" I said as I kissed his cheek. Something was seriously going on with Jason and a part of me was upset that he wasn't telling me and the other part was sad that he didn't trust me enough to come to me with his problems. I listened to the sound of his heartbeat as I felt myself slowly allowing sleep to overcome me because of the fact Jason was safe and going to be okay. "I'm happy your okay Jason...I love you" I whispered honestly as darkness enveloped me.


But, I could have sworn before I was completely gone I heard Jason whisper back "I love you too Rosie...I' love with you" 

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