The Better Half

Roseline Bailey has been best friends with Harry and Jason Styles ever since they were born. Her eyes have been set on Harry ever since she can remember but now that he's back from tour this summer is going to change everything. Jason and Harry may be identical twin brothers but are different in so many ways, and she never thought she would have to choose between both. Which will she choose?


9. Clubbing


As we drove towards central London I couldn’t help but feel extremely excited. I wasn’t usually the kind of girl to go out to parties and stuff but I was always open to doing new things. Especially if it was with Harry. After arguing with Louis on what station the radio would be on I finally got my way and The Ramones came blasting through the speakers. I noticed how Harry’s eyes kept drifting to my revealed legs and just seeing the want in his eyes made me feel accomplished. Step one of my plan was to make Harry see me as more than just a best friend and it was now in full swing. “How come you boys didn’t bring any dates or something?” I asked causally as I looked back at the four good looking boys who sat in the back.


“Oh love we arrive alone but leave with people” Zayn said sending me a wink which caused a blush to appear on my face. These boys were probably experts at picking up the ladies. “Do any of you have girlfriends? Just so I can know who to keep an eye on so they don’t make any mistakes” I said causing the boys to laugh. “Me and Louis have girlfriends. And I don’t drink so it is definitely Louis who you need to watch out for” Liam said rubbing Louis cheek as he groaned. “Why can’t you drink?” I asked curiously. “Liam is so lying! He can totally drink! He just uses having one liver as an excuse!” Niall said as Liam rolled his eyes and laugh. “Who is the designated driver for tonight? Because it sure as hell isn’t going to be me” I smiled seductively at Harry who just winked back at me and placed his hand on my knee. God talk about sparks, I felt like my knew was going to explode from his heated touch. “Since when did you start drinking Rose?” Harry asked curiously. Well honestly I don’t drink but hey tonight was a celebration of Harry finally being home so I might as well. “Shh don’t tell my mom and dad” I smiled watching as the boys laughed and called me a ‘bad girl’ and what not.


We soon pulled up in front of a huge club were you could hear the music blasting and the colored lights flashing from the doorway. There was already a line of people waiting to get in, and I also noticed the many people with cameras waiting outside. “Jeez I swear the paparazzi have a tracking device on our car or something” Zayn mumbled as Harry pulled up outside the door and made sure it was safe for us all to get out. A Valet guy came over to the driver’s seat and harry tossed him the keys as he got out. “OHMYGOSH ITS ONE DIRECTION!” some girl screamed at the top of her lungs as Harry ran around to my side and held the door open for me. I was instantly blinded by white lights and was bombarded with questions about who I was. I was a little overwhelmed until I felt Harry wrap his arm around my waist in a protective manner and usher me forward without a reply to the people. The other boys also surrounded me as if trying to protect me the most from the girls that were screaming things. Niall and Liam stopped for a few girls and took pictures but Harry picked up his pace until we were soon concealed by the dancing crowd and alcohol filled club.


It wasn’t a scene I was used to but I found it fun to be in a new atmosphere, the boys were given a private VIP couch at the back of the club and were basically treated like royalty or something. I don’t know what exact drinks the waitresses brought to us but they looked fruity. “Cheers?” Niall said raising his glass in the air. “To what?” Harry asked smiling towards me. “To our new sexy best friend Rosey!” Louis yelled in the air causing me to burst out laughing as we tapped our drinks together. Hanging out with the boys was so much fun and after throwing back a few shots I felt so loose and free. Zayn had disappeared on the dance floor with some blonde girl and Niall was busy up on stage dancing his ass of and screaming the lyrics of the song out to the crowd. Harry and I had been flirting all night long and the alcohol honestly made me feel like a vixen of some sorts because Harry couldn’t keep his eyes off of me. I made sure to lean in close and whisper funny remarks to him and listen to everything he said when he talked. Harry had definitely grown up in the year we had been apart. I wonder if I had changed at all?


“I am so happy your back Harry! This summer is going to be fucking amazing” I said smiling a soft smile at his gorgeous face. “Glad to be back. Ya know I never knew that you partied like this. I like it, it’s sexy” Harry said revealing his deep dimples to me. “I’m just full of surprises aren’t I?” I said winking at him and lacing my fingers through his big hand. “Come on Styles, dance with me” I whispered hotly into his ear. I slowly got up making sure that I wouldn’t fall and pulled Harry up with me laughing as the boys hooted and hollered at him as we made our way to the dance floor. At the moment I was so thankful for the alcohol running through my veins because otherwise there was no way in hell I would be acting this brave. The beat of the music had slowed down and I felt Harry grab me by my hips and pull me into him. His hot breath was on my neck as we slowly grinded to the music and GOD was my mind jumbled. I didn’t know what to focus on, the fact that his heavenly lips were pressing delicate kisses over my hot skin, or the way his massive hands crept up and down my sides as my hips swung back and forth.


Everything seemed like a dream. The colored lights blended in with the dancing bodies and the vibrations on the floor made my whole body shake with excitement. My head lazily rolled back on Harry’s shoulder smiling happily as he peppered the exposed area with small kisses. At that moment I couldn’t have felt more special with all the attention Harry was finally giving me. He leaned in to whisper in my ear “You look so hot” causing goosebumps to appear on my skin. All I wanted right now was to turn around and finally kiss him like I had dreamed of so many times. I maneuvered my body so now I was facing him and gazing up into his sparkling green orbs. I ran my fingers through his curly brown hair and smiled at him. Even in my heels I had to look up to him as he slowly moved his face towards mine, right as our lips were about to touch some stupid drunk girl grabbed me and pulled me backwards. “What the fuck?” I said whipping around to see who had ruined Harry and I’s perfect moment. “What are you Harry’s new slut for the night?!” she shouted at me causing everyone’s eyes to drift over to us. I was taken aback by her question instantly feeling sick to my stomach.


That’s exactly what I probably looked like. I was insanely drunk, dancing sexually with a guy who was extremely famous. Jason was right this is so not who I was. Also the fact that Harry just stood there watching the girl yell at me made me feel even worse. Why wasn’t he defending me and telling this girl to shut the hell up. I noticed the other boys had now come over and were doing what Harry should have been by telling the girl to back off and leave us alone. I looked over at Harry extremely confused at his stand offish attitude and then looked to Liam and said “I want to go home. Take me home” I mumbled stumbling my way out of the club and pushing myself out of the front door which was a big mistake.


Those flashing lights appeared blocking my pathway to the car which caused me to stumble over my feet and fall to the ground. I was quickly helped up by Zayn and Niall who were trying to make the paparazzi go away but eventually I just got pissed off by the whole situation and that when my lovely middle fingers flew up at the cameras. “WILL YOU GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY FACE SO I CAN GO HOME! STOP WASTING YOUR FILM ON ME WHEN IM NOBODY IMPORTANT!” I shouted as the valet pulled up and opened the door for me to quickly jump in. I don’t know who was driving but all I knew is that Harry was not in the car and I didn’t care at all. He would probably just find some other girl to be with after I had left. “Rose are you okay?” Liam asked who I looked over to see driving the car. “Im Fine” I said trying to cover up the sadness in my voice.


How did such a fun night turn into one of the worst in a matter of seconds. I don’t understand, Harry seemed so into me at the club and even then he was my best friend how could he have let that girl say that about me? If Jason were there he would have defended me! But that’s not relevant cause he wasn’t there. “Harry likes to play games with girls. He loves the attention and he doesn’t settle down. You deserve better than that” Niall said as if reading my mind. Damn was it that obvious I was into Harry? Even though everything was super blurry I turned to look behind my seat at Niall “Thanks” I said softly. I also noticed that Louis wasn’t in the car which meant that he probably stayed behind with Harry. Was I sure all of this was worth it? Chasing after a guy who would probably never return my feelings? Who would probably hurt me? And play with my heart?


A part of me believed that he wasn’t the way everyone thought he was but after tonight I saw a little glimpse. I thought he cared but tonight that was not shown. It was like all he wanted to do was sleep with me and I wanted more than that. But, then again maybe I was being too sensitive and I needed to toughen up. I couldn’t just give up after one slip up. I knew Harry was a hand fill, I’ve known that since he was born. But Harry was a challenge and I liked that.

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