Spotlight shining

My names Avery Jane O'Riley. I'm the girl you see sitting in the back of the classroom, who's quiet,and really keeps to her self. But that's only what you see from school. My style is a bad ass hipsters . You mess with once shame on me, mess with me twice shame on you, cause I'll beat your ass. Cause i take boxing and kick boxing. I sing, write songs, do covers, and I'm basically a busker. Read to find out more but let's just say I get some unusual listeners one day and end up with my dream job at eighteen.



Once we were off the bus Jake and I went our separate ways. I headed toward my locker with DJ.

"So how was the bus ride" DJ asked me 

"good, me being me fell on top of the new kid, he's really cute

once I got to my locker my old bully chase ,Miley's boyfriend, came up to me 

i was slammed against the lockers

"hey bitch I heard what you said about ,my girl!" Oh wonderful here we go 

"oh the FACT that she DOES get fucked by basiclly every guy in this school and lost her virginity as a freshman!"

i was slammed again into the lockers again 

" yes,and I didn't like it "

"I care why."

"cause now I'm gonna make your life a living hell,

"Really cause your to late your bitch already has!"

after I said that it sounded like he said oh your gonna get it now mofo!

he threw a punch I ducked kneed him in his manhood

he fell to his knees in the fetal position 

then one of his goons tried to kick me I grabbed his foot twisted he flipped 


oh shit I'm fucking screwed

"yes? mrs. Andrews"( as in Julie Andrews)

did I mention that I go to a performing arts school where famous people are our teachers 

"Follow me!"

"Yes ma'am"

oh crap I'm going to the principles and that ain't good




In principles office 

I walk in with mrs Andrews and guess who's sitting there in the other chairs he wicked bitch of the west miley 

"Hello mrs. Parks I caught Av -"

"I prefer AJ "

"Avery beating up chase and Daniels in the hall way this morning"

"mrs O'Riley I never thought I would see you in here for this reason!"

"Mrs parks you've got it wrong please just check the cameras!"

"Alright we will deal with that later but what's this about you harassing mrs Sanchez on the bus this morning ?"

"Pardon my langue but what the fuck is she talking about she was the one harassing jake, all I did was stand up for him and it isn't considered harassing if what I was saying was true cause all of It was!"

"She has had sex with almost every guy in school, including jake, and the only one she hasn't is the new kid Justin !

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