Spotlight shining

My names Avery Jane O'Riley. I'm the girl you see sitting in the back of the classroom, who's quiet,and really keeps to her self. But that's only what you see from school. My style is a bad ass hipsters . You mess with once shame on me, mess with me twice shame on you, cause I'll beat your ass. Cause i take boxing and kick boxing. I sing, write songs, do covers, and I'm basically a busker. Read to find out more but let's just say I get some unusual listeners one day and end up with my dream job at eighteen.


1. Meeting the characters

Avery Jane O'Riley 

nickname: AJ 

birthday: April 1st 1993

best friends: jake(bisexual) looks like (from the left five down to right )

,Jojo( real name Joelle) looks like ( from left third down)

, DJ looks like

family: mom; away at work all the time,so she moved in with jake and her aunt.

          4year old brother Brandon basically raised by Aj 

         Dad died when she was seven of cancer


 badass hipster who was bullied in grade 8-11. She has raised her little brother since he was born. Basically lives fairy tale life yet still hates it. She's into rock music a small directioner a total republican ,as in one republic, and he is we. Stunning cobalt eyes. Cousins with jake. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York untill she moved in with jake and her aunt in London. Now goes to  Cambridge high school


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