Spotlight shining

My names Avery Jane O'Riley. I'm the girl you see sitting in the back of the classroom, who's quiet,and really keeps to her self. But that's only what you see from school. My style is a bad ass hipsters . You mess with once shame on me, mess with me twice shame on you, cause I'll beat your ass. Cause i take boxing and kick boxing. I sing, write songs, do covers, and I'm basically a busker. Read to find out more but let's just say I get some unusual listeners one day and end up with my dream job at eighteen.





 "yes mrs. Parks we shall ". We watched the video and it showed every thing  the way it happened. "Ok ave-" "I prefer AJ " when will people get it?! "You won't have detetion but you will be suspended ." 

"Kk can I start now so I don't miss important stuff later on?" Like I cared any way extra summer for moi.

" sure AJ, I'll call your aunt ." " No don't I'll take the bus." Straight to Starbucks 

Mmmhhh coffee

"Mrs. O'Riley you better go straight home and not to the nearest Starbucks!"


"No I don't read minds, you said your thoughts aloud." "Oh."  

"You may go now," "wait I have a question what's her punishment !?" I said pointing to Miley.

"we will discuss this with jake to see if what u said is true."  WAIT WHAT!?!?!?!?!?!

"You don't believe me?"

" No I believe YOU I just want to see what else she has done to jake and others ."

Oh this bitch gonna get it!  I thought in my mind this time"okay fine with me, enjoy your 

punishment you bitch!" I said towards mrs parks first and then towards Miley.

"MRS.PARKS!" "I can't do any thing Miley she's suspend sloshed can't get anymore punishment." Mrs. parks then winked at me. Mrs parks is awesome right now.





fyi I hate authors notes so bare with me. This is just a filler for the exciting part so I'm keeping it short and sweet and yes I know I cuss a lot sorry that's just who I am. And my grammar and that crap may not be the best so just bare with me  

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