Spotlight shining

My names Avery Jane O'Riley. I'm the girl you see sitting in the back of the classroom, who's quiet,and really keeps to her self. But that's only what you see from school. My style is a bad ass hipsters . You mess with once shame on me, mess with me twice shame on you, cause I'll beat your ass. Cause i take boxing and kick boxing. I sing, write songs, do covers, and I'm basically a busker. Read to find out more but let's just say I get some unusual listeners one day and end up with my dream job at eighteen.


2. Bitch please

Avery's pov😁

              I woke up to my little brother poking me with a stick,I don't startle very well, 

"hey Brandon?.!" I said half asleep 

 "sup "

 "breedfest" Brandon's only four so in his mind its breakfast.

"yeah sure just  let me get up"

 I got up out if bed to see I was just in a extra large tee shirt  and a pair of boy shorts. So I walk over to my dresser and grabbed a pair of soffe shorts. I got to the stairs, picked up Brandon and went down To the kitchen. When we got there I placed Brandon on the chair and turned in the tv. The tella tubbies were on.UGH!! Brandon LOVES this show, but those little gay ass fucktards creep me out. So I put on Barney instead. "Pancakes ok B?" He lives on 'em. "Yay!". He's just  so cute. Once I finished B and I ate the pancakes. I went to  change while Brandon was watching Barney in my bed. I wore this for my first day of school             

      ........................... Skip morning routine............,,....

      After doing what I do, I dropped Brandon off at day care and met jake at the bus stop. "Heyd, hey, hey, hey" i said to 

"hey girl hey"oh did I mention jakes bi, he's like my savior. He mows what's going on in a girls

mind cause he's have gay and then he is just like your best guy friend so I can come to him with anythin


"so u ready to enter the hell hole once again" he asked "oh what JOY," ( please note  SARCASM) 

once we got on we started to head towards our seats. Me being me the bus started to move and I triped and fell on the new kid and my glasses fell off UUGGHH! 

" " damn now. Feel mean .

"Justin" oh nice accent "can I sit?" 

"Yeah sure" Justin said and smiled omg his smsmilie say down and texted jake telling him meet the new kid and sat with him.

Soon after I sent it the queen bitch Miley decided to harass jake

"hey sup fag like your make up!" omg , no I should've expected it, she went there 

"leave me alone Miley !"jake tried to defend himself . he's just to nice to be mean to any one.

After he said that he gave me a pleading look

"pardon me Justin"  got up and faced her 

" what'd ya just say bitch".  "I said sup fag like your make up"   " bitch please, you shouldn't be talkin. You wear twenty pounds of the sephora shit you call make up on just your eyes don't get me started on your face," 

 There was a chorus of "oooohhhh  and burned !!!!" 

"Your just jealous cause I get all the guys and you get none" shouldn't of said that 

" NNOOO, you get FUCKED by all the guys and I don't get fucked, cause I like my virginity and don't want to be gettin a call from MTV any time soon!" 

"So I suggest up shut up and sit down sweet-cheeks!" 

She opened her mouth and closed it again, walked away and sat down 

i walked over to jake and sat down 

"you okay!"  "Yeah I'm fine, what a nice way to start off the year!......And thanks that was awesome!" 

No probs but I was picked on all year last year it ain't gonna happen again.





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