Life with Harry Styles

A girl as been abused by dad after Mom dies so one day she gets sick of it and leave she is found on the street by harry styles and invited in the house but harry seems intrested in her too intrested.


1. Leaving Home-

As I come home on October night as I came home there was my father waiting for me in my room i'm mean it was creepy he approached by her dad " where were you ? "  I think about what to say " I was at Britney's house."  Suddenly I felt a burning tingle on my cheek and I soon figured out he had slap me. He said " I KNOW I TOLD YOU TO BE HERE THERE HOURS AGO YOUR WORTHLESS JUST LIKE YOUR MOM! "   I feel my cheek getting hot and my eyes watering I felt a tear come out .  "  LEAVE ME ALONE! " I said loud enough so my dad got the idea that I was pissed.  He hit me again and this time I ran, and ran my dad yelled after me and didn't stop until I was in a neighborhood  I didn't even recognize . Then came a boy I couldn't see his face because it was 11 but he seemed concerned and took me inside his house.







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