Life with Harry Styles

A girl as been abused by dad after Mom dies so one day she gets sick of it and leave she is found on the street by harry styles and invited in the house but harry seems intrested in her too intrested.


2. Harry's pov

I saw a girl back hair and blueish green eyes she was so cute but she looked lost so I took her inside and ask her why was she walking in dangerous street alone at night but all she told me is that she was abused by her dad and to leave her alone but as you know me ( Harry Styles ) I don't give up so gave her Niall's  room because he was out with the rest of the boys so that she could rest from what she had be through. But as soon as I saw her I don't know why but I cared so much about a girl I just met , I had a desire to get to know her so I gave here everything she needed mabey later when I got to know her I would ask her out but would she say yes? because i'm Harry Styles or Famous or would she say no because she could care less? I only wonder But she looks like she would say yes and no I don't know guess I have to wait and see.

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