Life with Harry Styles

A girl as been abused by dad after Mom dies so one day she gets sick of it and leave she is found on the street by harry styles and invited in the house but harry seems intrested in her too intrested.


5. Harry pov

She fell asleep and Niall and the other boy came home I told them what happened and they were surprised I told Niall that she is in his room sleeping and I'll wake her and move her to my room so I went to nails room * knock * *knock * " you awake ? " she just groaned and said yea . " um I'm sorry but I need to move you to a different room my friends are back , sorry what's your name "? my name is Emily . " okay so you mind sleeping in my room ?" No problem .she got up and I lead her down the hall into my room . She came in and she asked me if I had any white shirts . I gave her one and  she took of her shirt to revile her bra . " wow" 

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