Life with Harry Styles

A girl as been abused by dad after Mom dies so one day she gets sick of it and leave she is found on the street by harry styles and invited in the house but harry seems intrested in her too intrested.


10. Emily's pov

I got thrown in this car wtf "HARRY"I tried to scream but the words could come out omg he druged me what does he want from me I bet this is the same guy that was following us fuck this dumb ass is kidnapping me not knowing the word escaped my mouth . Oh shit he heard me . WHAT DID YOU SAY BITCH ?!?!?!?! Ummmmmmm nothing . He slapped me I felt a burning on my cheek . You jackass your just like my fucking "father" . I'm unique you who're . Your boring . How am I boring I'm kidnapping you the highlight of my week you boring whore .i wanted to leave so bad so I thought wait I have my phone I can text Harry so I put my phone half undermy thigh  and  started texting Harry 

me Harry help I've been kidnapped ! 

harry omg okay what's the plate I'm calling the cops 

me I don't know Harry 

Harry okay look at yours soroundings what do you see ? 

Me umm I'm on Murphy st 

harry kk On my way! 

*30 mins later 

i jumped up in my set 

what is that i asked my kidnapper 

I don't know 

I jumped again i turned around there was a car bumping into us it was harry he texted me put your seat belt on .kk. As I was done putting on my seatbelt I turned around I  gave harry a thumbs up and harry bumped into the car one more time this time it made the whole car skied on the road and flip .

ahhhhh I had a major headache as I told off my seat beat and looked at the driver I took off hid mask . 

I screamed this kidnapper is my dad . 

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