Life with Harry Styles

A girl as been abused by dad after Mom dies so one day she gets sick of it and leave she is found on the street by harry styles and invited in the house but harry seems intrested in her too intrested.


8. Emily's pov

I woke up and jump on Harry

"Harry wake up you said well go to starbucks"

Okay morning love and okay I'll be up in five mins he kissed my cheek . I blushed .aww your blushing .

"Shut up Harry " I hit his chest . I'm going get breakfast bye .

Bye em .

I went down stairs and bumped into someone "oh sorry " no it's my fault said a Irish accent . OMG he so fucking hot . Um it's okay . It was awkward because my lips are touching he's and are body's are pressing against each other . Your Emily right Harry's friend ? Um yea I am and u are ?

I'm Harry's friend / band member

We'll you sexy band member .

And ur one hit friend .

Well it's was nice meeting you .

You to I said .

We'll that was awkward

Authors note sorry this is a crappy chapter and I haven't written in a while because I've been on vacation you know it spring break so yea love u my peeps .

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