My First Love and my last

This Fanfic is with the sexy Ed Sheeran ;)


1. Description of the Characters



My First Love and my last


  Skylar Devine: A 17 years old girl who is about to finish her senior year in high school. She has hazel eyes and light brown hair. SHE LOVES ONE DIRECTION. At the beginning she hated them but since she is Josh's sister they many times went to her house so she started liking them.   Josh Devine: Yes, he is the hot drummer from the band One Direction. He is Skylar's brother. He is 19 years old.   1D: You guys know them, they are all the same age as in real life   Ed Sheeran: Skylar's best friend and her crush since 5th grade. You guys know him. He is 18 years old and he is in senior year just like Skylar.   Hope you like my fanfic, whenever you guys are ready i will upload the first episode :)


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