We Are SO Meant To Be! (Second book to Are We Meant To Be)

Sequel to are we meant to be


4. Step:1


Harry's P.O.V

I called up Lizzy, I have no idea what Ivy's favorite roses are! I took out my phone and dialed her number.....Still ringing. "Hello?", she answered. "Its Harry, one question what is her favorite kind of flowers?". "Daisies, Lilies and Roses", She whispered. "thanks", I whispered back hanging up. I breathed 'Hope this works', I thought. I walked downstairs seeing Louis work on the poem. He knows how to write poems because he had like many crushes in the 5th grade. "thanks again Lou", I said smiling. He nodded and smiled back.


Ivy's P.O.V

"Dress pretty", Lizzy said. I put on a puzzled face the shrugged. "what are they up to", I mumbled. I went to my closet but then Lizzy dropped bags. "Check in these bags what dress you'll like", she smiled. "What is going on Lizzy?", I asked crossing my arms. She shrugged, "nothing, can't we just go out??", she said biting her lip. I raised an eyebrow then rolled my eyes. "Fine", I said looking in the bags. I pulled out a short strapless beautiful dress. It was Aqua color with little fake diamonds on the waist. Then pulled out white Heels. "Good choice, now let's do your make-up and hair", she said. I sat down in a chair as she started getting me ready after I was done I looked in the mirror and my hair was straightened Lizzy used aqua and white eyeshadow on mascara blush and yeah well lets see where Lizzy is taking me... 

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