We Are SO Meant To Be! (Second book to Are We Meant To Be)

Sequel to are we meant to be


5. Step 2:

Lizzy's P.O.V:

I texted Harry to tell him to drop off the flowers at the door step 'Harry it's time NOW!' I texted 'k thx again sis' he replayed 'slightly knock when u'r here to leave them k?' 'K' I sat down a cupple seconds later I heard a slight knock 'ok I heard u' I texted him just to make sure 'k' o opened  the door and to my suprise there where 2 bunches of flowers one with Daisies Lillies and roses wich are oviously for Ivy and one with all light blue roses which where my favorite "IVY COME DOWN SAIRS THERE'S A SUPRIZE FOR YOU!!" I yelled she came and saw the bunches she lifted up hers and I lifted up the other ones "th these are from h... Harry" she said as she looked at me "well read the note" I said "

Once apon a time something happend to me.  

It was the sweetest thing that ever could be... 

A fantasy,

A dream come true!

It was the day I met you.

I love you, always have, always will.



aw that's so sweet who is that one for?" She asked me pointing at the blue roses in my arms "I'm not sure oh it has a note...it's for me..." I say "well what are you waiting for? Open it!!!" She told me I opened it "well don't just stand there read it!" "Roses are red and some are blue you don't have a clue of how much I love you ~Liam~" awe that's so romantic "aw hey Lizzy can I ask you a question?" She said "yeah sure what about?" I asked "well you've been kinda weird lately like throwing up and like fainting you want a lot of snacks and sometimes you get mad at nothing and the thing I wanted to ask you is you know that day when you and Nath did it?" She asked "yeah?" "Well did you use protection?" I started getting pale "n-no we didn't oh no Ivy get your keys you driving me to the pharmacy" we drove to the pharmacy and back l am scared

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