We Are SO Meant To Be! (Second book to Are We Meant To Be)

Sequel to are we meant to be


3. Shhhhhhh!

Lizzy's POV: I ran to the bathroom and barfed I washed my hands and face dryer them and went to the living room shocked of what was happening then Ivy ran up stairs "Harry I don't know what to say I'm I'm sorry" I ran and gave him a hug and a kiss if you want to we can go in my room and talk about it" I asked he nodded "ok hold on hey boys sorry for not saying hi" I said I have them each a hug "let's go" I told Harry we soon got to my room and we sat down on my bed "so if you want you can tell me what's going on" I said "well I miss Ivy I missed her from the second we broke up I haven't dated anyone else and that's weird for me I can't live without her what should I do?" He asked me "win her heart" "what do you mean?" "Do little yet romantic things like buy her flowers each day write her poems little by little you'll start winning her heart I know she loves you and one day I promise you will take over her heart" I said "thanks sis" he told me with a smile "there's that smile and no problem when ever you need my call me up I'll go to your house or you can come here remember that I'm always here for you and I have an idea for tonight come let's go down stairs" he followed me down stairs "Sammy Ally Ellie can you go to your rooms please the boys and I need to talk" I said "ok mommy kiss" said Allie and they went up stairs to their rooms "so what did you want to talk about with us Lizzy?" Asked Niall "well Harry here as you all know can't live without Ivy so my plan for getting them to tether is a very simple but yet long step by step  so whoever here is good at poems is gonna help Harry and Harry every day you will put the poem in a note buy a bunch of flowers and leave them here in the front door and tonight all five of you are going to help him Niall bring your guitar and all you guys are going to sing 'Nobody Compers' because that is her favorite One Direction song got it guys?" I said "got it" they all said I hope this all goes good

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