We Are SO Meant To Be! (Second book to Are We Meant To Be)

Sequel to are we meant to be


6. Oh NOOOO!!

Lizzy's POV

Ivy was write w ahh I am sceared as HELL! Ok I took the test and left them for five min then flipped one over positive... Next one negitive... Last one POSITVE? IVY!!! I yelled she came running I stared crying she looked at the test "oh Lizzy it's ok" the rest of the girls came down they all looked confused Ivy showed them the tests and they'll truer comforting me "pass me my phone please" is all I managed to say Ally grabbed it and gave it to me I dialed Harry's number "Hello?" He answers by now I was sobbing "Hazz please come I need you" I said "ok I'll be ther as soon as I can!" He said and I hung up after five min I hear a knock at the door Ellie opens it and Lou was there right beside Harry "come in" she said I was still sobbing even harder then ever I couldn't stop Harry ran to me and hugged me and so did the other boys "what happend?" Harry asked "I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm pregnant" "your what?" All the boys yelled I sobbed even harder I couldn't talk I  just barried my face into Harry's cheats "it's ok Lizzy let it out let it out" he comforted me till I stopped crying  he always knows how to calm me down 

Ellies POV

I felt really bad for Lizzy I can't believe what happend to her I felt a hand on my arm pulling me twords the couch it was Lou "I've missed you" he said looking at my eyes I couldn't resist and I just kissed him "sorry I just miss you too and your kisses" I said "look Ellie we've been away for too long I want no I need for everything to go back how it was between us Ellie will you be my Girlfriend?" He Asked I just kissed him again "I'm guessing that's a yes?" He asked I just nodded

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