We Are SO Meant To Be! (Second book to Are We Meant To Be)

Sequel to are we meant to be


7. His Reaction

Lizzy's POV

Harry and the boys left a cupple min ago and the girls and I where on the couch watching sad movies and eating ice cream out of the container like if we all just got in a HUGE break up then I heard a ring at the door and knew it was Nathan I opens the door and he gave me a kiss he steped in "Nathan I need to talk to you" I said in a serius voice "what's wrong?" "Come let's go to my room" "ok" "or should I say my doom" I mumbled to myself we entered the room and sat down on my bed "look I don't know how to say this but here goes nothing ok well remember after the Brits when we got drunk and you know?" "Yeah" he said "well I took some tests and I'm ....... I'm ......... I'm pregnant" I said "WHAT?! Your PREGNANT?" He yelled "no he's not my kid I'm not taking responsibility for that thing it's NOT MINE" be said I started crying "it is yours Nathan I never cheated on you he YOURS and if YOU don't wanna take him as yours then that's your loss get out of my room get out of my house get out of my LIFE but just remember he's YOURS no one else's just YOURS!" I said sobbing he got his jacket "oh and here are all the crap you bought me BITCH NOW GOT OUT!" I yelled screaming and crying harder then ever he left and I just sat on the couch again with the girls trying to comfort me so then Sammy called Zayn "he babe I know you just left but I think Lizzy needs Harry right now Nathan is saying hes not responsible for the kid" Sammy said through the phone all I heard was Harry saying that he's coming in about ten minutes they were here Harry didn't even knock he just opens the door and comes and hugs me I couldn't stop crying "look Lizzy your the prettiest nicest sweetest girl I've EVER met and if that bitch doesn't recognize it then he's not worth your tears so stop crying" Harry said I just hugged him tight and he spoke again "let's go up to your room so you can rest a bit" so we went upstairs and I fell on my bed and fell asleep

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