We Are SO Meant To Be! (Second book to Are We Meant To Be)

Sequel to are we meant to be


1. DAMN IT!!!

Lizzy's pov: me and Nath (yeah I'm changing it to Nath cuz Nathy sounds girly) got back from the after party all drunk and then Nath started kissing me and you probably can tell what happend from there 😉 ~the next morning~ I woke up and took a shower after I took the shower I felt something in my stomach I ran to the toilet and barfed I thought it was normal cuz of last night that I drank so much (and btw it's not normal for me to drink that much I'm not like my bro) I got dressed and barfed again I went and woke up Nath "NATH WAKE UP!! Wake up so we can get breakfast" "what time is it?" He asked in his morning sexy voice "12:30 now wake your lazy ass up" "ok ok I'm going" he said as he got up and still hade no clothes on. he put some clothes on and we went down stairs. my head hurt like crazy and I was felling dizzy, "he guys did you sleep well last night?" Asked Sammy sarcastically "oh i think they did more than just sleep" said Ally raising her eyebrows "whatever" I said rolling my eyes then I instantly ran to the bathroom and barfed, yet again then the door rang.

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