Falling for the wrong

I'm Hanna Blueford, i'm 19, my best friend is Perrie Edwards, my perfect boyfriend is Zayn Malik. My life is random. But awesome at the same time.
Hearts are broken. relationships are re posting. thing are hard and things are easy.


10. The Concert

Hannah's POV.....

I wake up to Perrie shaking me.

"HANNAH TODAY IS THE CONCERT! Plus I got backstage passes!"

"Okay okay! You know I'm not a morning person Perrie!"

"Oh right! Well who cares your up anyways! And I made breakfast."

I go upstairs and brush my teeth and go back downstairs putting my hair in a pony tail and and give me a plate full and I say,

"Perrie...I- I'm on a diet."

"Hannah! You need to stop being on a diet your gorges! You look like a model stop starving yourself."

"But I don't eat. I'm...fat."

"Who told you that?!?"

"One Direction Fans."

And Perrie hugged me saying,

"Hannah BlueFord! You are the most stunning human being I've ever seen! I would LOVE to be you! All those Directioners can shut the hell up excuse my potty mouth but it's true. They are just jealous of your perfection! Hell I know I am. Don't let fans take you down cause you have some of your own and they stick up for you and they love you."

And I smiled and hugged Perrie and said,

"Your the bests friend I've ever had Perrie. I love you"

"That's what Best friends are for. People knock you down us best friends can pick you back up. And I love you to."

Then I started to eat and it was amazing! I've missed out on SO much!

"You really know how to cook!"

"Learned it from me mum and my best friend in the world."

I giggled and we started to talk about how fun the concert is gonna be and how excited we where.

We where talking and watching TV for three hours and it was 5:55 already!

"Perrie the time. We gotta get ready the concert doesn't start in about an hour."

We ran upstairs and started to go threw stuff. And I said,

"I thought the concert was on Monday?"

"Well I went online and it was changed."

"Oh okay."

"Plus Fridays are always a great day to be going to concerts."

"Yeah. Your right."

And we try things on at Perrie's house when we found the right one.


"I can't believe I still had come clothes over at your house."

"Yeah. Just incase you slept over then you would have clothes."

We both went into her big bathroom and did out makeup. Then finished and I took one of her hats and her black boots heels and she put her socks on and her shoes and I was taller than her. But I'm 5ft8 and a half and she is 5ft3 so yeah and these heels makes me about 5ft11 and her shoes still make her, her hight so yeah I get the tallness from my mom and dad. My dad is 6ft6 and my mom is 5ft11 yeah I have a tall family and I'm not done with growing. But anyways, we looked at each other and she was smiling widely,

"Why are you so happy?"

"Huh? Oh nothing just happy is have my best friend back. Let's go."

And she grabbed my arm and we left her house and we took a taxi and she was on her phone so it was quite and the car stopped and she was still texting and I said,

"Perrie, Perrie, PERRIE! We are here."

"Huh wha-"

"I said we are here."

We both got out and payed the person and she said,

"Hannah, would you go to a One Direction concert with me?"

"Um as long as I don't have to face my ex then yes."

"Well that's where we are."

And I stopped dead in my tracks,


And she pulled my arm and next thing you know I'm in the front seat. Ugh!

"You'll have fun."

"Why isn't anyone here?"

"Because we are early."

And then music started and the boys came out... Oh gosh.

Zayns POV....

We went out on stage and two girls where here and it was Perrie and... Hannah. And Story Of My Life started and Harry started to sing. Hannah wasn't paying any attention. This song is for her she looks so gorges. And then it was my part and I sung,

"And I've been waiting all this time to come around. But baby running after you is like chasing the clouds ."

And she ran out.


And I ran after her.

Hannah's POV....

I couldn't take it anymore. So I ran out and started to cry. Then I heard Zayn yell my name and he grabbed my arm and stopped me.

"Hannah please stop I love you please don't leave."

And I tried to push him off of me and hit his chest but I was to weak.

"Please hannah just listen... I've been trying to look for you and I'm tried of being alone. I love you so much it hurts okay. And I can't stand one day being without you. All of that was for you. I didn't mean what I said. I'm so sorry. Just please take me back and I swear to you that I won't hurt you again. Please Hannah...p-please. The only way I can keep you in my life if I marry you. So please make me the happiest man alive and marry me. Please... Your my everything and I will give up my singing for you I'll do anything just please I want you in my arms again not Liam's but me. And only with me."

I didn't know what to say. I was so heart broken that nothing came out of my mouth but I only had one word,

"Y-yes! I'll marry you!"

And he hugged me while picking me up and swung me around. And then I felt it the kiss. The kiss I've always missed his lips on mine is magic. I've missed this so much I can't even explain. He wiped my tears off and I wiped his and he said,

"Hannah promise me that even if we fight that you will always love me."

"I promise."

And he put the ring on my finger it was gorges.

"This is beautiful."

I say and I kiss him again.

"Please stay in my life forever Hannah."

"I will. And Zayn promise me that you won't hurt me again. Cause I love you and I'm to scared to be alone. And with you in my life is all I need. I just want you to love me and care for me that's all you could be the ugliest man slid I wouldn't care as long as you loved me and cared."

"I promise I swear I won't hurt her ever again. Thank you so much Hannah for taking me back and now I'm happy to wake up next to Mrs. Malik."

And I giggled and then we heard,

"Yay! Their back together!"

I turn my head and it was Perrie and the rest of the lads and Perrie hugged me and said,

"Let me see your ring."

And the lads congrats Zayn and saw my ring and Niall said,

"I swear I just looked in a million dollars!"

And we laughed and Zayn kissed my cheek and Perrie said,

"Me and Liam are dating!"

And I said,

"How long? That's great news."

"For about four months."

Liam says kissing her,

"Aw! That's adorable. Liam your very lucky. Perrie is a wonderful person."

And Perrie blushed. Then Louis said,

"I gotta get going to Eleanor she's lonely. Bye guys! See you later and congrats Zannah."

"Thanks bye Louis!"

I say an we all say bye and go our septet ways and Zayn takes me to his house.

Perrie's POV....

Me and Liam go back to my house and then we go upstairs and I say,

"Liam babe I'm going to take a shower."

"Okay, love."

And I go inside and strip down and hop inside the shower singing little Mix's new song move.

"Whoa you know that I've been waiting on you don't leave me standing all by myself. Cause I ain't looking at no one else. Aye get your back off the walk don't you get conferrable looking so hot I think that I might fall, feeling like it's my birthday, like Christmas Day came early just what I want so when we move you move."

And I get out the shower then I feel a pair of hands on my back and it's Liam and he whispers in my ear,

"You sing beautifully."

And he starts kissing my neck and I turn around and kiss him and then we make it to the bed and magic happened.

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