Falling for the wrong

I'm Hanna Blueford, i'm 19, my best friend is Perrie Edwards, my perfect boyfriend is Zayn Malik. My life is random. But awesome at the same time.
Hearts are broken. relationships are re posting. thing are hard and things are easy.


13. Party Time!!!

Hannah's POV.....

"So what ya gonna do when we come back?"

I say smirking at Zayn,


And he kisses me deeply and I wrap my arms around his neck and he starts kissing my neck making me moan then the door knocks.


Niall yells.


Zayn yells pissed at him.

"It's okay we can finish after the club."

And I smirk and go into our closet and find some clothes and Slip off my sun flower skirt and my strapless black crop top and left in my bra and panties and I put on this.


After we put our party clothes on we go downstairs and I say,



Everyone says,

"Well let's go!"

And we walk outta the house walking to the club. We go inside and we all went to the VIP upstairs and sat down and Miley said,

"I'm gonna go get a few drinks and party."

"Me to. I'm coming."

I say and Zayn follows. We go downstairs and go to the bar.

"Can I have three vodkas."


Zayn says,

"What? What's wrong with it? A little hang over wouldn't hurt."

Miley said as shes jugging down her drink.

"Okay. But if I wake up with a massive headache I'm blaming you both."

And I laugh and drink down the small glass and the vodka burned my throat.

-3 hrs later-

Everything is blurry and I'm completely drunk I think? I mean I'm dancing with anyone and everyone not caring. I guess I'm drunk if I'm doing that. It feels like it's only been a minute that the vodka kicked in but I don't know and I don't care hell I'm finally 20 baby!!!!! HELL YEAH!!!

As I was still dancing with Zayn I pull him with me in a hall and he starts kissing my neck. Then he puts me against a wall and picks me up and starts to suck on my neck making me moan then he kisses my lips and we slip each other's tongue In our mouths and let me repeat to you that we are both drunk. His hand finds it way up my ass and he squeezes it then I pushed him off and threw up in the hall way I wiped my lips really good cause I wanted to continue what we started then Zayn leads me outta the bar and we take a taxi home and he whispers in my ear.

"I'm not finished yet."

And he continues to kiss my neck making more hickeys. We make it home and he carries me in the house and up the stairs in our bedroom and I wouldn't regret this day.

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