Falling for the wrong

I'm Hanna Blueford, i'm 19, my best friend is Perrie Edwards, my perfect boyfriend is Zayn Malik. My life is random. But awesome at the same time.
Hearts are broken. relationships are re posting. thing are hard and things are easy.


12. My Birthday!

Hannah's POV....

It's been six months and Perrie is huge. She's due next week and today is my birthday! I'm FINALLY 20! I wake up with my head on Zayns bare chest and I look up at him and he looks down at me and says,

"Happy birthday love."

I smile and say,

"Thank you."

I get up and brush my teeth with him and we both finish and we kiss each other. He watches TV while I pick out a birthday outfit.


Yeah I do have ombré brown hair. Zayn misses my black and light blue hair. But I gotta change sometime soon.

I check myself once more and hear the doorbell go off and I hears the door open and hear Perrie's high pitched perky voice,

"Hi Zayn!"

"Hey Perrie! Hey Liam!"

"Hey buddy. Where's Hannah?"

"I'm here."

I say at the bottom of the stairs smiling.


The boys say. And I blush and Perrie comes waddling to me hugging me tightly with a huge smile on her face,

"Perrie! I've missed you so much! You look gorgeous!"

"I've missed you too! I'm so happy to see ya! How've you been?"

"Happy! You?"


"You should cause you look amazing."

I say holding her hands.

"When is it gonna be my turn?"

Liam says. I let go of Perrie and hug Liam.

"Hey Li!"

"Hi Anna! Happy birthday!"

"Thanks! It's been so long. You look great. And Perrie we gotta catch up on things!"

"Ooo yes! I wanna take you out for breakfast!"


And she pulls my arm to the door.

"No time to waste love we gonna go now!"

And I blow kiss Zayn goodbye and we leave walking.

"Should we take the car?"

I say with my thick British accent.

"No love! I'm fine. A little sun. Wouldn't hurt us. Plus I want Kennedy to be healthy."


"Liam found the perfect name for the baby, it's a girl."

"Oh my gosh. We definitely need to catch up on things?"

I say wrapping my arm around hers. We finally make it to the place and it was the Pancake House! I love that place!

"I love this place! How do you know?"

"Uh duh I'm your best friend and because I had a little chit chat with Zayn and your big brother and big sister."

"Oh. Thanks Perrie."

I say smiling widely. We sat down at a booth and the waiter came and she was shocked it was me and Perrie. And she wished me a happy birthday and asked for me and Perrie's auto and a picture. When we got our drinks, I had a beer and Perrie had water. She hates alcohol.

"So... Perrie what's up with you and Liam?"

"Oh well....we've actually been getting more far away."

I gasp and said,

"Why? You guys are a adorable couple."

"He's been on his phone a lot and he's always out late. And once he got mad at me for going threw his phone."

"Oh my gosh! What did you find?"

"I found his ex girlfriend Sophia."

And she started to cry. And I held her hands and said,

"Have you said anything to him?"



"C-cause I-I don't want him to l-leave me."

"Oh my gosh Perrie! This isn't good. You need to do something about it. Or you'll feel like something is holding you back."

"B-but I don't want him to g-go."

"Perrie Louise Edwards! Your 20 year old damn woman. You can make your choices! But the one your making right now is getting you no where. It's showing that your still this little kid. You need to grow the hell up or still be stuck at being a 5 year old who plays along. I love you to death but I swear to you it's ether do or die. Pick your choice."

I snap. And she says,

"I'm sorry Hannah. I feel like such a baby! And your right. I'm 20 years old. It's time for Perrie to do Perrie. And not be this Barbie doll."

"I feel so proud of you."

I say hugging her.

"Everything is gonna be alright. Shall we go?"

I say finishing my food.

"Yeah. I'll pay."

"No Perrie I got it."

"Hannah Diana BlueFord. It's your birthday for god sakes!"

"I just feel selfish for not paying."

"Same way with me."

"Fine I give up."

And Perrie pays leaving a tip for the waiter who was a fan. And we both leave going back to Zayns house. I knock on the door and Zayn opens it and I kiss him with my arms wrapped around his neck and I say,

"Are you gonna let me in or?"

"Just close your eyes."

"What about Perrie?"

"Just Shh..."

And he pulls his hands off I hear,


And I see Niall, Harry, Liam, Louis, Jade, Jesy, Leigh-Anne, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Taylor Swift, Fifth Harmony, Lorde, Katy Perry, Union J, GRL, 5 Seconds Of Summer, Justin Bieber, Jaden Smith, Acacia Clark, Ke$ha, Brittany Spears, Nikki Williams, Tori Kelly, Ashely Tisdale, Rita Ora, Cher Lloyd, Bridget Mendler, Icona Pop, Karmin, Jessie J, Kat Graham, Rob Derdeck, Jessica Sanchez, Pixie Lott, Cody Simpson, Austin Mahone. My 25 year old sister Vivianne, and my 23 year old brother Frankie.

I put my hand up to my mouth, shocked and happy.


"That's all?"

Miley Says,

"I'm just so speechless. Who put you guys up like this?"

"Zayn did."

Ashton said smiling with full dimples. I hug Zayn tightly and everyone is awing us. And then I kiss him and they start to Oooooo us.

"Thank you guys for coming. And thank you Zayn for being for being the best boyfriend ever."

"Let's party!"

Niall says and everyone spreads apart. And I hug everyone and thank everyone for coming. Then Zayn and Harry come our with a massive cake for me and it's gorges. It looks like this


It said ' Happy 20th Birthday Hannah Diana Alexis BlueFord' and it had a cake person of me on there singing. And pictures of me.

"Wow! It's gorges! Who made it?"

"Zayn and I."

Harry says. And I give Harry a kiss on the cheek and kiss Zayn on the lips.

"Thank you guys so much! No wonder, that's why you where going out at night."

"Yup. Just for you."

"Awe thank you."

Jesy turned the lights off and they started to sing happy birthday. And my cheeks where red. And I was smiling so widely with my dimples out and my teeth showing they get finished and Niall yells out,

"Make a wish and CUT IT!!!"

And I giggle and say,

"I just don't know where to cut it and I'm nervous I might tip it over, and it's so tall."

So I step on a chair and Zayn holds my hand so I could get up on the chair and I close my eyes and blow and everyone claps and Jesy turns the lights on and I cut the top of the cake and give it to Niall cause he was begging for it. And then I give everyone else a piece and myself and I start to eat it.

"Wow it's amazing. You guys did a great job."

I say kissing Zayn.

"Thanks. Worked hard."

Harry says smiling and eating. After everyone gets finished wth there cakes Katy yells out,

"Present Time!!"

And we all go into the living room and there are lots of gifts. Everyone is taking pictures and I'm sitting on Zayns lap and I start to open up presents.

First was Austin's. He got me his CD 'What About Love'

"Oh my gosh Thank you Austin."

And I kiss his cheek. Next is Miley's. She gave me her Album Bangerz.

"Thanks Miley! Luv yah!"

"Welcome Hannah! Luv yah more!"

Then Louis he got me white Vans and suspenders.

"Thank you!!"


And I give him a hug. Then Katy's. And she gave me her movie 'Part Of Me' I never got to see it and now I FINALLY get to.

"Yay!!! Thank soo much!! Finally!"

"Your soo welcome! I'm happy you like it."

"I love it."

And I hug and kiss her on the cheek. Next was Perrie's and Liam's. They gave me the New I Pad. And I hug both of them and thank them. Then 5 Seconds Of Summer the whole group gave me a bracelet that said my name on it.

"Aww it's soo pretty thank you."

And I hug all of them. Then the whole group of GRL gave me black Beats. I thanked them and hugged them. Next was Justin's he gave me his new album ' Journals' and I hug him and kiss him on the cheek and thank him.

Then Fifth Harmony gave me neon pink beats also and a cute panda bear iPhone 4S case. I thanked the girls and hugged them all. Next was Vivianne and Frankie they gave me a locket with my mom our dad, Frankie, and Her. I almost cried. I miss my mom and dad so much. I put my hand over my mouth and tears started to fall. And Vivianne started to cry also and I hugged her so tightly. And I hug Frankie to and said,

"Thank you guys Sooo much. This means so much to me. I love it. I love you guys so much just thank you."

And I sit back down and wipe my tears and put it around my neck. And next was Cody's. He gave me his album and I hugged him and thanked him then Niall he gave me his guitar.

"Aw thanks."

"Welcome. Keep t safe. Cause that was my favorite guitars."

Then Jesy and Leigh-Anne gave me Salute their album and the Little Mix Collection. And Jade gave me a black bow. I thanked the girls and Pixie gave me makeup kit everyone's gifts where perfect but Zayn didn't do his?

And he whispers into my ear,

"Just wait."

And smirks. And I blush cause I know what he's trying to do. Am I even ready for it? Then I say,

"Next is we go to a club who wants to come?"

"I am but I'll go get changed and meet you guys back here."

Miley says leaving. Then Everyone leaves except Louis, Niall, Harry, Leigh-Anne, Jade, Jesy, Taylor, Justin, Vivianne, Frankie, Rita Ora, Icona Pop, the whole GRL group, Lorde, Nikki Williams, and Cher Lloyd. And Miley but she said she would come back.

"Okay then make yourself at home cause I'm gonna go change."

"Me to."

Zayn says. Following me up the stairs.


Perrie's POV......

As Liam drives home and we are in complete silence. And he says,

"So did you have fun?"


"I did to. It was fun seeing her open up gifts. Her reaction was funny."


"Perrie what's wrong."

Then his phone rung and I looked at him like 'Are you gonna answer it?' It might even be Sophia. Maybe he should talk her up and get her pregnant. But he answers it.

"Hello?.....yeah you to....okay....but could we not talk right now I kinda have company. Well a friend.... And I don't wanna be rude.....okay you too bye."

Rude?!? He is rude! Since I'm just a damn friend to him!

"Who was that?"

I say keeping tears back.

"It.. It was a friend."

"So everything is a friend to you?"

And we arrive to the house and he tries to open my door but I say rudely,

"I got it."

And he lets go and I hop out walking to the house with him following me. We then get inside and he says,

"I gotta go. I'll be back promise."

"Are you serious!?!"


"We get back and you say you have to go?!? What happened to being there for me?!? What if my water broke? Then what? Would you still leave me?"

"Babe. I promise you I'll be back early. I promise. Just... Get some sleep."

And e doesn't even hug me or kiss me or say I love you he just leaves.

"I love you too."

I whisper letting tears fall.


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