Falling for the wrong

I'm Hanna Blueford, i'm 19, my best friend is Perrie Edwards, my perfect boyfriend is Zayn Malik. My life is random. But awesome at the same time.
Hearts are broken. relationships are re posting. thing are hard and things are easy.



Zayn's POV.....

I still feel bad for leaving Perrie but I had to, to save the most important girl in my life, so I texted Perrie.

Zayn: Sry Perrie I forgot today was my 4th anervsierie with Hannah.xx

Pezze: It's okay I took a taxi home.xxxx

Zayn: Did u get home safe?

Pezze: Yes I did and i'm with Leigh-ann and her boyfriend:( i'm really jelly of her:(no one likes me

Zayn: I like u,

Pezze: Yeah as friends,

Zayn:Pezz i g2g c ya soonxx bye lovexx

Pezze: Bye ZaynieXX


I was walking home with Hannah in my hands and we talk about stuff until we get to my flat and I open the door seeing Niall here and he walks to the kitchen saying,

"Hannah Banana your here,"

And he hugged me and said,

"How was the date,"

Then I pused for a sec and Hannah said,

"It was...uh, fun and romantic,"

I looked down at Hannah and mouthed 'Thank You' and said,

"Niall you wanna see a movie?"


Niall said while going to get snacks and I said,

"I'm gonna go upstairs and change into my PJ's,"

"Okay i'll get nemo ready and the snacks while your up there get blankets and some pillows,"

Niall said,

"Okay Niall, Babe you wanna join and change to,"

"Yeah i'm coming,"

And we both went up stairs and I opened up to my room and Hannah went to my walk in dresser and took out her sweat pants that said 'PINK' that where pink and her black tank top and then she went into the bathroom so I put on my sweats and no shirt. Then Hannah came out without her make up looking beautiful as always with her hair in a pony tail and I started to stare at her and give a little smirk and she looked at me and said,

"You like what you see?"

And I blushed and looked down and she said,

"Just take a picture it last longer."

And I came up to her and picked her put bridle style and kissed her and walked down stairs and sat on the couch and put her on my lap and we watched the movie.


Hannah's POV....

Zayn went to sleep with me on his lap and Niall went to sleep with cheese puffs on him, I love that fool. The movie was over to I turned the T.v off and then turned it back on for the news on the weather and tomorrow was gonna be 90 and then it went to TMZ and it said 'Caught Zerrie Together kissing Is Zanna Over?'

After I saw that tears where coming down my face and then Zayns phone lit up so I saw who it was and it was Perrie,

Pezze: Zayn I luv u good night c ya tomorrow xx

OMFG. I was sobbing after that and I went upstairs and packed my bags I can't believe he would do that, i thought I trusted him but I trusted the wrong person. When I was done I went on Twitter and text in,

@hannah_Blueford@TMZ Yes it's true Zanna is over. Zayn Loves someone else or he wouldn't do it behind my back. Goodnight everyone. 

And I pressed send and I stopped crying and fell asleep. 

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