Falling for the wrong

I'm Hanna Blueford, i'm 19, my best friend is Perrie Edwards, my perfect boyfriend is Zayn Malik. My life is random. But awesome at the same time.
Hearts are broken. relationships are re posting. thing are hard and things are easy.


6. interveiw

Liam's POV...

The kiss was great but I just noticed that it was time to go so I said,

"Oh I got to go to an interview,"

"Aw, can I come?"

She said in a begging way,


And she went to get ready.


Hannah's POV.....

I went upstairs and first I hurried and dyed my hair black and I put on a white tank top with short shorts and a red and white varsity jacket and I got my ray-bands sun glasses and put on my make up eyes cat style and red lipstick and my red converse and I ran down stairs and Liam looked at me shocked and I said,

"Like what you see pretty boy?"

And he blushed and we went to his car and he opened my door and went to his door and got in and he started the car and he drove and he said,

"Hannah, is Zayn try's to say sorry and anything just ignore him, he's no good and he isn't worth it,"

"Okay Li."

And he kept driving. We arrived and he opened my door and took my hand and we walked in hand in hand and then Liam said,

"Come with me to my dressing room I need you,"


And I went in and he said,

"Okay what should I wear?"

I picked it out and he changed and he got out and he forgot his shirt and I started to stare until he said,

"You Like what you see Blueford?"

And I blushed and looked down. And he put on his shirt and I grabbed his hand and we walked to the rest of the boys to get there hair done and they all said Hi and Niall gave me a big Horan hug. And I was waiting with Lux and I played with her and I could feel someone looking at me I turned to see who is was and it was Perrie ugh. I picked up Lux and started playing with her and Perrie said,

"Shes a charmer isn't she,"


"Look Hannah, i'm really sorry I didn't kno-"

"Just please stop I don't want to hear you."

And I walked to my chair and waited and the boys came out and Zayn looked at me shocked and I rolled my eyes and Liam came up and me and did a spin which made me laugh and he said,

"I look good, thanks to you,"

"haha, yup you do."

And they had 5 minutes and Liam gave me a kiss on the for head which is reminded me of Zayn and I almost cried when he said,

"You okay babe?"

"Y-yeah I need to go to the bathroom i'll be back."

And I ran to the bathroom crying with tears in my eyes and soon as I got in I locked the door and I wiped my tears and did my make-up all over again and went back out and went to my chair and watched from backstage and the insterveiw started,

"Okay today we have a five special guest, they are the most famous UK boy band, give it up for One Direction!"

And they all went out smiling and waving to everyone. They where talking about there album and how far they've gone and other stuff and then someone tapped me it was Perrie I rolled my eyes and she said with tears about to fall out of her eyes,

"I'm so so so so sorry. Please Hannah I miss being your best friend, I didn't know please give me and Zayn a chance to talk to you please,"

"Perrie what do you mean you didn't know, I was his fucking girlfriend. Perrie you took the best thing away from me. How could you?"

"How could I? Hannah your such a bitch why won't you be happy about me and Zayn, I wanna exsplain but your not letting me!"

"And your a boyfriend taker. No wonder a boy never liked you!"

"At lest Zayn does!"

And I walked away to outside with tears in my eyes. I should of never came to the interview. 

It was five minutes later and someone came out and it was Liam. He saw me cry and said,

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah just, Perrie she called me a bitch, and she said that at lest Zayn loves her, so what she was saying was that Zayn never loved me."

And I started crying more likely sobbing in Liam's chest and he was soothing me saying things like your not a bitch you a wonderful person and Zayn was wrong to not pick you over Perrie he is just a jerk. And all the other things and then I calmed down and all the boys came out and Niall wined,

"I'm hungry. I need food. Nando's?"

I rolled my eyes and said,

"Let's go."

And I took Liam's hand and we walked down to Nando's. And I could feel someone staring at me from behind so I looked back and it was Zayn holding Perries hand and he looked away when I looked back. Then we finally arrived and Liam held the door open for everybody and our waitress seated us and I was on the window seat infront of Zayn. Ugh. So I just kept my quite and looked outside until Liam whispered to me,

"You okay Love?"

"Ya, Just don't really wanna talk,"

"Well, you wanna talk to me?"

"Sure at lest it's you."

And we strated talk at anything and laughing like fools and taking photos and it felt like no one was here until Zayn said rudely,

"Can we leave now me and Perrie have stuff to do,"

Then Perrie said,

"Zayn I got to go with the girls. Bye everyone."

And no one said bye but Zayn,

'Shall we go?"

Louis said,

"Ya. i'm tried."

I said and we got out and I grabbed Liam's hand and Liam said,

"I'm gonna walk Hannah to her house."

They shook there heads and Zayn looked jelouse and mad but I don't care his lose. We started walking to my house laughing and talking until I saw a flash and then more and people asking if I was his girlfriend and some of there fans said 

"I ship Lannah!"

It was cute but come on Liam with me? Maybe never gonna happen bet you he doesn't even like me like that he is just making me feel better doing it.

We finally arrived and I turn to Liam and I kiss his cheek and say,

"Thanks Liam I had fun with you,"

"Me to Hannah. See you later?"

"Ya, Text me."

"K. I will. bye"

"Bye Li."

And he walked off I went inside and took off my shoes and my varsity jacket and sat on the couch watched ridiculousness it was really funny.


Zayn's POV...

I can't take it anymore I miss her, I miss her laugh, her smile, her hugs, her silliness, her clumsiness, I just miss her. It's making me really mad seeing her in Liams hands, it's killing me to know that she isn't mine anymore. What have i've done. I was in my room when Niall came in,

"Hey Zayn, what's up why you upset,"

"Niall i've messed up big time,"

"You think....I mean, with what?"

"With Hannah I miss her I need her. And now she hates my guts. I mean Perrie is cool but not as great as Hannah. Hannah was everything I needed and now i-i've lost her."

I said with tears filling up my eyes,

"Zayn it's okay. But what you did was really, really wrong. And sorry isn't gonna help. Shes a trustful person but now it's gonna take a lot and I mean A LOT of guts to say sorry her to her."

"I know Niall. But now that she is getting more and more closer to Liam I don't think I have a chance of being with her anymore. And now all the lads don't like me you guys all yelled at me. I-I don't even know who I am anymore but i'm nothing without Hannah."

And tears where down my face,

"Zayn I yelled cause what you did was wrong."

"I know an...and i'm sorry Niall I was being selfish and a jerk I know you wanna punch me right now but I just wanna say i'm sorry and I hope you can forgive me."

And Niall did a sigh and said,

"Zayn it's true I do wanna punch you and hit you and yell at you more but, I forgive you I know you really care about Hannah and I will try and help for you guys to be together."

"Thanks Niall."

"I got to go all this talking is making me hungry."

And we both laughed and he went out my room. I walked out of my room and wet to Liam's,

"Hey Liam?"

"What Zayn,"

"I'm sorry for being selfish and a jerk. I don't know what got to me. But if you and Hannah date then at lest she gets someone who treats her right."

And I walked out the door until Liam called my name,



"I forgive you even tho I wanna kick you balls and punch you I forgive you and Hannah and I aren't dating I wish tho but we aren't she needs you Zayn she does. But your with Perrie so she doesn't want to mess that up with you two."

"Thanks Liam for forgiving me,"

"Welcome but do it again I will kick you in the balls. Now the part you need to do is break it up with Perrie and get back with Hannah,"

"I know and I need your help."

"Whoa. Zayn give her time she needs time this all happened today and you can't just get back with her tomorrow,"

"Your right. Well time for me to go to bed i'm sleepy good night Liam."

"Night Zayn."

And I left his room going into mine putting on some sweats and shirtless and went in my bed going into a deep sleep but felt empty without Hannah by my side.



Sorry it took so long thanks for waiting 



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