Falling for the wrong

I'm Hanna Blueford, i'm 19, my best friend is Perrie Edwards, my perfect boyfriend is Zayn Malik. My life is random. But awesome at the same time.
Hearts are broken. relationships are re posting. thing are hard and things are easy.


11. I'm pregnant!

-Twos Days later-

I wake up running to the bathroom throwing up loads,

"Perrie babe are you okay?"

Liam says with his sexy morning voice.

"-Vomit noises- I'm just -Vomit Noises- fine. -Vomit noises-"

Then soon as the know it Liam is right their patting my back.

"Did you go out last night to a party?"

He ask,

"No! I was with you the whole day remember?"

"Oh yeah."

And I giggle and wash my mouth off brushing my teeth and then I kiss him. Cause I didn't want a stinky vomit breath to be kissing him. Then again more vomit comes up and I turn and throw up. Then my phone rings.

"Babe stay here I'll get it."

And I put my thumb up and I here,

"Hello?.... Hey Hannah! How have you and Zayn been?.... That's good.... Engagement party?.... I would love to but Perrie is sick. Sorry.... We will try.... Okay.... I'll tell her that.... Haha love you to Hannah! Bye!"

And then I say while still throwing up,

"What...-vomit- did she want? -vomit-...."

"She wanted to invite us to her engagement party that she's having today, but I told her we will try due to your stomach ache."

I finally flush the stinky toilet and say,

"We need a doctor. I feel horrible."

"M'k go get changed."

I changed into some high waisted jeans and a white crop top and then I put some white Vans on and I out my hair in a pony tail. (Like at the This Is Us premier her hair like that imagine it)

I felt so dizzy.

"Liam could you help me down the stairs. I feel a bit dizzy. And I don't wanna fall."

"Sure babe."

He grabbed the keys and we went out the house with Liam holding my waist and my hand helping me to the car.

I locked the door behind him and we got into our Rang Rover and he helped me in and ran over to his side worried about me. I starts the car and zooms to the hospital then we make a red light and he's beeping and going insane.

"Liam claim down. Going fast is making it worst."


"But look I'll be fine if you just claim down and drive easily. Just breathe I know you care a lot about me but honey please slow down."

And he breaths and we got their faster when I told him to claim down if I didn't we would of been in a car accident or I could've vomited again. But none of those things happened.

"I need a doctor please!"

And one came straight to me and the doctor said,

"What he problem?"

"I feel... Real...dizzy and...and I've been vomiting ever since I woke up....this morning."

"Okay come with me."

And we followed the doctor to a pretty small room it had only two chairs and a bed. Liam set me down an was right next to me.

"So... Has their been any pain? In your belly the pass few days? Like first it was stomach pain for the first two days then throwing up and dizziness?"


"Well okay then you won't die theirs nothing wrong with you it's just that your pregnant."


I yell and I look over and he doctor says,

"I'll be right back to get my tools."

I look at Liam and he is shocked and he puts his hands in his head and goes threw his hair messing it up and a bend down to him crying my eyes out and I say,

"Liam... Please don't leave me... Please.... I love you so much. You made me feel so special and loved and you cared so much. I've never had a guy like you in my life make me this happy. But please ill do anything. We can give the baby up for adoption.... Just please... Please don't leave me."

And I hugged him crying in his chest when I felt to big arms rapped around my body and I see he has tears of joy and he's smiling,

"Love don't cry, this is amazing. I'm soooo happy to be a father of our child and it's from you! Why would you say that? I wanna and I'm gonna spend the rest of my life with you."

"I said it cause I got pregnant before and the father left outta the hospital and I gave her up for adoption. Worst mistake of my life."

And I started to cry.

"That guy does not know what he is missing out on cause you where amazing that one night. An you are the most gorges person I've ever laid eyes on."

And I blushed and he wiped my tears away kissing my lips and my belly saying,

"And I can't wait to see you in nine months."

And I giggled. Then the doctor came in with a machine and Liam was next to me holding my hand and the doctor pulled my shirt up, but not all the way up. And the but some cream on it and said,

"This is to sense where the baby is."

And he put the machine stick thingy around my belly and saw a small baby in me.

"It's a girl congrats you two."

And me and Liam both smiled widely.


We got pictures of it and we started to think of names like Olivia or Roselynna aka Rosie or Lily or Addyln or even Perrie jr.

Then Liam had the best name ever,


And I said,

" That's a perfect name. Kennedy Riley Edwards-Payne."

"There we go. A perfect name now we just need to spread the good news to the others."

"How about we do I tomorrow I'm kinda tried. And Hannah just texted me saying she put her engagement party for tomorrow."

Soon as we got back a both went upstairs and took a deep nap. And I was smiling thinkin about the good things happening right now....

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