Falling for the wrong

I'm Hanna Blueford, i'm 19, my best friend is Perrie Edwards, my perfect boyfriend is Zayn Malik. My life is random. But awesome at the same time.
Hearts are broken. relationships are re posting. thing are hard and things are easy.


8. Help me

Harry's POV...

I just herd about Hannah being a singer I thought it was great but then she called me,

"Hello Harry?"

"Ya babe,"

"I need your help."

"With what?"

"With my album name...Well I need help with my whole album."

"Come over babe, i'll help you,"

"Thanks coming right away."

I walked out of my room saying to the boys,

"Hannah is coming over,"

"For what Harry?"

Zayn asked,

"She needs help for her album so I told her to come over so I can help her. Claim down Zayn,"

"Harry shes my ex,"



He got cut off by a knock on the door I smiled and went to go get it. I opened it and it was Hannah with nerd glasses on with her bangs out and her hair to the side in a pony tail she looked beautiful. 

"Hey Harry. Hi guys,"


The boys said hugging her but Zayn he just looked at her,

"Let's go up to my room shall we?"

I said grabbing soda and Monster energy drinks,

"We shall."

We where about to go upstairs when Niall said,

"Can I come,"

"Sure Ni."

She said smiling and us three headed upstairs and went in our room Niall sat at my computer desk chair and she sat on the floor and I sat on the end on my bed then Niall said,

"What's the first thing?"

"My album name comes first. Any ideas,"

She said opening a can of Monster Energy,

"Let me see your songs,"

I said taking it from her. She had Heart Attack (Really by Demi Lovato) Gold (Really by Britt Nicole)

City Lights (Really by Bridgit Mendler) Hurricane (Really By Bridgit Mendler) Neon Lights (Really by Demi Lovato) Forgot To Laugh (Really by Bridgit Mendler) Come and Get It (Really by Selena Gomez) Never Been Hurt (Really by Demi Lovato) Really Don't Care (Really By Demi Lovato ft Cher Lloyd but she is coming up soon) Something That we're Not (Really By Demi Lovato)

Last Goodbye (Really by Ke$ha) Only wanna Dance with you (Really by Ke$ha) Fire Starter (Really by Demi Lovato) Warrior (Really by Ke$ha) Last Call (Really by The Saturdays) Wings (Really by Little Mix) Cannonball (Really by Little Mix) Dancing With Tears In My Eyes (Really by Ke$ha) Red Planet (Really by Little Mix ft T-Boz she will come in)

"You have great songs on here but you can only have about 15."

"Thanks i've been really working on them and I know,"

"Let me see."

Niall said.

"I think it should be called Wings,"

"Me too. I love it Hannah."

"Thanks and could I stay over i'm very tried to move and it will be called this after I ask the others,"

"Sure you can stay over,"

Me and Niall said at the same time. 


Hannah's POV...

I smiled and went downstairs and all the boys where on the couch and I said,

"I need all your guys help. Here are my songs four of them are gonna be off, but what should my Album name be? Niall and Harry said Wings."

I handed it first to Liam he looked at it and said,

"It should be called Warrior."

And he handed it to Zayn he looked surpirsed and he said nervously,

"Uh great songs. I think W-wings a-also."

Then he passed it to Louis,


Zayn's POV...

Great going Zayn you just sounded like an idiot in front of her. I passed it to Louis and Liam went to his ear and said,

"Say Warrior or i'll kill your bird,"

"uhhhhh...... Warrior!"

"Good job Louis,"

She started to giggle god I miss that then she said with her pretty thick British accent,

"Wings it is."

And she sat on Harry which made me glare at him and get mad. Man I need her back in my arms.


Hannah's POV,

"Lets watch a movie, Yeah?"

"Sure Toy Story!"

Liam said,

"NO!! Let's see The Conjuring,"

Louis said,

"But Hannah will get scared!"

"I'm not Afraid of scary movies,"

I said the Harry sung,

"Shes not Afraid of scary movies."

Lolz that made me giggle and laugh then Niall said,

"Let's get started then."

And Louis put in the movie and it started. I got off of Harry and went to the floor with Louis and Niall and we where right in front of the T.V not scared at all. 

It's been half of the movie Harry is asleep Louis and Niall are a sleep on my lap and it's just me  Zayn and Liam awake, Liam has been making these weird screams so I slowly got up and made Niall and Louis cuddle each other it made me giggle. I walked over to Liam and sat on his lap and he smiled and stopped doing those little screams but kept hiding under me it was really cute but Zayn was staring and looked pretty mad but I didn't care it was his loss. And I looked at Liam he was a sleep he looked cute a sleep so I fell on his shoulder and fell asleep also he must be a softy cause he is soft with his hands around me and I loved how his hair was just growing from the buzz cut. Liam is just adorable and super sweet and caring that what I love about him.


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