Falling for the wrong

I'm Hanna Blueford, i'm 19, my best friend is Perrie Edwards, my perfect boyfriend is Zayn Malik. My life is random. But awesome at the same time.
Hearts are broken. relationships are re posting. thing are hard and things are easy.


2. Forgot

Hanna's POV...

Today was gonna be a grate day cause it's me and Zayn's 4th Aniversie. I got up from taking a nap and Zayn wasn't here maybe he must be getting ready , it was 6:00 already and he was gonna pick me up at 7:00 pm, so i gotta get ready.

I went to the shower and washed up and stayed inside for 10 minutes, and got out with a towel rapped around my body and went to me and Zayn's room and looked for my perfect dresses and remembered what Perrie gave me yesturday at the mall, and I picked it out and threw it on my bed and it was, (www.tumblr.com/tagged/prom%20dress) , a white and black dress on the top part was black and the bottom one was white it was just above my knees and for my shoes it was gold and pretty tall heels and my purse was all white with six gold gems on it and I was nearly done but I had my hair and make up and others.

I went inside of my bathroom and went for my red lipstick and put it on and my eyeliner and mascara cat style, then for my hair... I wanted to do something different maybe dye the inside and the top of my hair light light blue as it goes up that would be cute, and I did it soon as I was done I got my neckalace Zayn got me that is a heart and says 'I Will Never Break Your Heart' it was very cute and I put on my bow ring and went down stairs and sat on the couch excited for Zayn to come cause it was 6:47 so he should be here nay second now.


Zayn's POV....

"Hahaha, Zayn your so funny,"

That was Perrie laughing at my joke and yes it's fine if we hang out as long as anything isn't happening. Perrie looked worried and said,

"Zayn, are you sure it's fine for me to have dinner with you here, I thought-"

And I cut her off saying,

"Yes it's fine me and Hannah don't have ANYTHING to do today,"

"Okay, cool"

And me and Perrie just kept on talking and laughing. I really like Perrie shes very sweet and I like her rose cheeks and her beautiful blue eyes and everything about her shes a pretty funny person who can have a laugh with me, I can't believe she doesn't have a boyfriend well she should cause that guy would be lucky to have her in his life, but i'm taken. 

"Zayn, Hannah is lucky to have you as a boyfriend, hopefully i'lll fine someone like you,"

"I know she is, and you will have someone like me maybe better than me, someone like you needs someone like me cause your perfect,"

And she started to blush making her rose cheeks even redder than they are right now,

"Aw, thanks Zayn i'll me that someone someday."

And she bent in so did I was we kissed me cupping her cheeks and then we saw a flash and pulled back and I was shocked cause what if Hannah saw it I would be dead meat,

"I'm sorry Zayn,"

"It's fine i'll deal with it,"

"But what is Hannah gonna thi-"

And I kissed her again and said,

"It's fine,"

And then I let go and we went back to laughing and talking about stuff then I see someone walking and crying and OH MY GOSH IT'S HANNAH!

"Uh Perrie I need to go bye,"

"But Zayn,"
And I left running after Hannah.


Hannah's POV.....

I can't believe what I just saw he forgot about today! I was on my heels walking and I heard someone yelling my name while running,


Ugh it was Zayn, he finally caught up to me and grabbed my arm and said,

"Hannah i'm sorry, what did I do?"


"Oh my gosh, i'm soo sorry,"

"No this is the fucking second time Zayn SECOND!"
"Please forgive me, one last time,"

"Leave Me ALone!"

And I walked and he ran infront of me and said,

"Please, i'm begging you I wanna stay the rest of my life with you, and if we can I wanna have kids with you without you is like Niall without food,"

I laughing a little cause Niall really likes food,

"See I got a laugh out of you, babe could we just forget this and move on there is other things in the future that I need to spend with you and today is gonna be the past sooner or later, we could go home a watch films,"

And he took my hand and we walked away and while we where walking I said,

"Yes cupcake,"

"Is my butt to big in this dress?"

And he laughed and said,

"Of coures not, Your ass looks good in it, you look breath taking in this dress I love it as much as I love you,"

And I blushed and smiled,

"Thanks Zaynie,"


I'm a pretty trustful person but this is the last time if he does it again i'm leaving him for good. 

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