Falling for the wrong

I'm Hanna Blueford, i'm 19, my best friend is Perrie Edwards, my perfect boyfriend is Zayn Malik. My life is random. But awesome at the same time.
Hearts are broken. relationships are re posting. thing are hard and things are easy.


9. Album

Hannah'a POV....

It's been two weeks i'm on tour with my single out and my album Wings out and everything is going great i'm in Paris with Nicki Minaji. I forgot to tell you we did a single together called The Boys (Really with Cassie and Nicki) Yep she did a featuring with me. So many people like Ne-Yo Mack Miller just a lot of people. My album reached number one and so did my single Heart Attack I love my Dreamers that's what I call my fans, really much they helped me get the fame so  I could be noticed and without them I wouldn't be noticed and non of this would happen to me. I started packing getting ready to leave to go to L.A can't wait! Oh and let me tell you what's on my album.

(1)Heart Attack 

(2)Last Goodbye 

(3)Come & Get It

(4)Last Call


(6)Better Left Unsaid



(9)City Lights   

(10)Neon Lights

(11)Never Been Hurt 

(12)Something That We're Not

(13)Dancing With Tears In My Eyes 


(15)Really Don't Care

(16) Turn Your Face

(17)Star Dance

I know there's 17 but it was fine to Simon. I was done getting packed and it was 4:00 am in the morning I was sooo fucking tried it's like I didn't get ANY sleep cause my concert ended at 10:30 pm and I had to do meet and greet backstage which took two hours cause my meet and greets are 20 minutes and there where a lot of people I would say 20 people. After that I had to get back to my hotel which took an half an hour and now it's like 11:30 I get in change but first I have to sign 1,000 copies of my album and my Deluxe album which took two and a half hours cause i'm one person so then it was 2:00 am and I after I was done I took a show for 15 minutes and then it's 2:15 and I only had about 40 minutes of sleep which isn't enough. I can't sleep on the plane cause I have to go threw the stuff i'm gonna do when I get there which first is right to singing for the today show at 8:00 am in the morning then interview then signings which is 

gonna take until 5:40 pm then get ready for concert which takes a LONG time cause you gotta get the stage ready and your outfits ready to change into I will be changing only four times, but then you have to rehurse it and meet and greet ready and just lots of stuff good thing tomorrow I get a break after my interview. I throw on some sweats that are black and my Geek black and

white shirt with my hair in a messy bun with a grey thick headband and my ray-bands on for reading and my TOMS I got from Louis. Man I miss them i've been really thinking of Zayn he's been on my mind for some what, I heard there song called Best Song Ever i've herd it, and I really like it. I wish I could see them tho. 

"Hey Han's, time to go catch the jet. It's not a privet on sorry," That's Puala my manger shes only 36 with one baby girl her name is Charlie and shes only 2 and a half shes like my back up and they look alike, like you could tell that she is her child, 

"Oh no it's fine. Sometimes I wish I was normal."

"Great..Bye Nicki thanks for letting her join you,"

She said hugging her,

"Of course darling."

"Bye. Nicki thanks a lot I loved every bit of it,"

She smiled and hugged me tight, she is so small lolz.

"Anything for my little British sister. You'll do great on your own I promise that. With a strong voice like that anything can happen,"


I hugged her one last time and left with my I phone 5 and my I pad in my hands and my bangs on the other hand I started to walk out with my fans talking pictures of me getting in the van and I just smiled and waved and walked. I got in and when I did someone threw a bra at the window and it scared me to death cause one minute i'm looking out the window waving to my fans next something comes to the window what the hell! I'm not Justin Bieber nor One Direction or Cody Simpson or any of those boys but whatever I still love my Dreamers. 


-Past Plane Ride- 


i got off wearing something different.


Yeah I dyed my hair dark red. I was running out cause the papzs they kept asking me questions like 'If i'm back with Zayn' or if 'I was dating anyone else' and some directioners where saying they hated me for what i did to Zayn and that I hurt his feelings and that I suck and that i should go kill myself and all that mean stuff. It does hurt me they say those things, the first time they started hating I was crying then I stopped cause there was no more to cry out. I go into my black van and my driver takes me to the good morning america show. 

We arrived and I get out signing some papers for my dreamers and me and my crew head inside being greeted by some people. 

"Your on in five."

A man says to me. I get prepared and the person puts a mic on my dress to talk in the it was show time.

"I told you once get out my life I don't need ya I'll be alright but something's a better left unsaid. So tell the truth hit me twice a broken heart is all I have now but some things a better left unsaid. And I swore that I will never say I missed you more every day but something's are better left unsaid, are better left unsaid, said, said. Oh-ooh-whoa-ooh-oh I'm gonna say things like shut up and kiss me. Oh-ooh-whoa-ooh-oh tonight I'm gonna do something's don't play me just kiss me babe."

I was doing good when I felt eyes on the side of me so I turned and saw... Zayn. He had red eyes tears stains then he started to cry again. I ignored it and kept singing, even tho I wanted to stop run to him and kiss him. But it wasn't worth it. He'll hurt me again.

When I finished I walked off and started taking off my ear piece when someone grabbed my arm turned me around and kissed me. I pushed him back and saw it was Zayn. I slapped it gave and said.

"Don't ever do that again."

He held his cheek and cried and I turned around when Louis started to hug him and cheer him up.

Zayns POV.....

She's so gorges. I'm missing out on a lot. What have I've done. I can't remember my lyrics and I freeze on stage and the only thing that's on my mind is her, her smile, her laugh, the good times we had together. It's all gone....

Hannah's POV.....

When I left I saw Perrie.

"Hannah! Hannah!"

I rolled my eyes and she caught up to me.

"Please stop. I've been looking for you."

"Leave me alone."

"Look. I know what I did was wrong but I just got lonely I'm so sorry. I need my best friend back. Please. I kept telling Zayn what about you and no but he kept going. So I wanted you to find out. Look the only thing that matters to me is our friendship please. I need my BestFriend back."

She says crying.

"I- I forgive you Perrie."

And she hugs me tightly.

"Thank you so much Hannah. I promise I'll watch out."

"Perrie.... I.....can't....breath!"

And she lets go.


And I laugh and hug her.

"I missed my best friend."

I say smiling.

"Me to. Now I'm gonna get you and Zayn back together. Starting tomorrow. Also I got to tickets to a Avril Lavigne concert. You wanna come?"

"About Zayn he kissed me I slapped him. And sure!"


And I cover her mouth.

"Shh... Perrie?!?"

I whisper yell.

"Sorry. But are your serious!!"

"Yes. I am. I was doing my song better left unsaid on the good morning America show and he was their with his band mates. He was watching me I turned and saw him and he was a mess. His hair was everywhere nose was red tear stains and still crying. And was pale and super skinny."

"Girl he has been smoking again. And he got more tattoos he has a heart and half of your body on his arm and your name is on his chest. He's been to the hospital about nine times and he has Anorexia"

"Oh my gosh."

I say shocked at what I've done to the kid.

"You have to forgive him. He needs you badly."

"Well it's his loss. We've gotten into fights so many times. And I got SO damn tried of yelling. That I thought it was best for us to break up. Cause we had an unhealthy relationship."


She says.

We make it to her house and I say.

"When's the concert?"

"In a week, which tomorrow is Friday so on Monday."


I say.

Perrie's POV.....

I'm SO happy I got my best friend back. I just need to get Zannah back together. That's why I got One Direction tickets instead of Avril Lavigne. So I tricked her. Yes! Score for Perrie Louise Edwards!! All night was fun we watched movies talked about celebrities and had a fun girls night. Hopefully Hannah will still go though.

*Authors Note*

I'm SOOOOOO sorry I was late for updating! I had lots of collage work to do plus my twin sister is pregnant. And my boyfriend got back from the army. And you know when school gets back that means lots of homework going on a grades and test and just... ASDFGHJKL! Ugh! But I'm happy That Kaylup (My eight year Boyfriend) is safe at home. Love my baby!!!

But yeah hope you like it


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