Pinky Promises

"Well tell me something. Tell me a lie." I asked him. He thought to himself for a moment and then smiled. "I hate you." He wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed my forehead. I turned to face him. "Now tell me something true." I whispered. "I love you. I could never hurt you and I never will." He finally spoke. I giggled to myself. "Promise?" I stuck my pinky up at him. He intertwined his pinky with mine and leaned in next to my ear. "Promise."


26. We Got 'Em

After leaving Kaylie's last night, I decided to catch up with the other boys.


"Harry, would you do to make her act like... that?" Niall asked me. I smiled and shrugged.


"Nothing. I woke up, walking into the kitchen and she was all happy and giggly." I stated. They all gave me a weird look but shrugged.


"Let's find some food." Liam suggested.


"Yes! Lets!!" Niall perked up. Oh how he loves his food. As we went down the stairs and out into the road, I looked around at the crowd of paparazzi. They were all smiling, but worried. They kept asking questions like 'What happened?' and 'Why were you running down the street' and just questions similar to those. I shook my head and looked deeper in the crowd. There I saw a familiar face in the background trying to walk away from everything. It was Ryan.


"HEY!" I shouted, rushing over to him. He noticed me running to him, so he started running.


"Get 'em Harry!" I heard Louis shout in support. As we ran down the block, I felt myself getting slowered down, but then I remembered why I was running. Kaylie's eyes, Kaylie's face, Kaylie's voice. Her eyes showed nothing but pain when she looked at me. She was a mess. Her face was absolutely flawless, but those marks he made on her drove me insane. Lastly, her angelic voice. Her voice was so heartbroken and hurt that I could've just punched a wall right there. I got back to realization and sped my speed up until I tackled him to the ground.


"You try to fuck with my girlfriend, you fuck with me." I whispered in his ear. I heard a car park next to us.


"Oh my god, you got him! Liam cheered. They all got out of the car and huddled over so he wouldn't escape.


"I called the police, they'll be here real soon." Zayn told me. I nodded and looked back down at Ryan.


"I don't get what she sees in you. To me, you're nothing but a starlife hippie." Ryan mumbled. I chuckled at him.


"Yeah, save your petty talk." I told him. A few minutes of waiting, the police came and arrested Ryan. "How long will he be in jail?"


"Oh for awhile. He's being charged for attempting rape and assult, yes?" the police noticed.


"Yes." Niall said, looking over at Liam. Liam was looking into the copcar and he smiled.


"So you talk in that walkie talkie?" Liam asked the police. The police nodded and showed him a little bit more of the car. The guys and I chuckled at that boy. Even though he was very fascinated in the little things, he was the most mature out of all of us and we could always go to him for advice. The police left and Liam joined us in the car to find a good Nando's to eat at. As we drove down the street, we found a good one.


"Yes! Nando's!" Niall cheered, rushing out of the car that was still in motion if I might add. He fell flat on his face on the concrete, leaving the rest of us in tears. We couldn't breathe, we were laughing so hard. Niall got back up and brushed himself off.


"Yeah yeah make fun, but none of you will get a nibble." he started walking over to the Nando's until we all jumped out and joined him. He shook his head and smiled at us. We ordered and sat down to eat. I noticed a few giggles in the background, so I looked up from the table and noticed two girls, a blonde and a brunette, glancing at us. When they did, they gave us a blushy smile and quickly looked away. I stood up and walked over to them. They nearly fell out of their seats, their eyes grew.


"Hey Ladies. I noticed you giggling at our table." I winked.


"Oh, sorry. It's just that... You''re.." the blonde one hesitated


"Harry Styles!!"  The brunette screamed.


"Yeah and I'm with 'daddy direction', Tommo, Nialler, and Dj Malik. We were wondering if you would maybe calm the laughter and fangirlling to a minimum volume?" I asked with my cheeky smile. They nodded. I grabbed both of their napkins and signed my name, causing them to scream again. "Remember, low volume." I reminded them, walking to my table.


"Wow, Harry, It looks like you love the fans." Louis smiled.


"Yeah well, I don't want them to think they're loosing us. Anyway, Let's dig in, I'm starving." I told them, grabbing my chicken. I slowly started eating it, noticing Niall's big mouth was already full and half his lunch was eaten. That's when we got a phone call. It was Simon.


"Hey boys, I'm just calling to remind you about the meeting tomorrow. We will be discussing the new album some more, maybe making some songs, and more." Simon said.


"Well that's cool." Louis said.


"Can I bring Kaylie?" I asked.


"Well, there is no problem with that, sure." Simon said with a slight chuckle. "Well boys, I have to go, I'll chat with you boys later." he said.


"Bye Simon." we all said before hanging up. We all finished and smiled at the girls who were now mentally fangirlling inside. I chuckled, waving goodbye at them. I guess it was time to go to Kaylie's to hang. As we made our way out, we noticed an even bigger crowd than earlier.


"Harry, we have footage of you tackling a guy with a grey hoodie."


"Harry, who was that guy you tackled?"


"What did he do to get arrest." we were overwhelmed with the questions, but as instructed by management, we weren't allowed to ask all of them. We decided to get into the car and relax before driving away.


"Wow, Harry, you're a hero." Louis cheered.


"Yeah, hero." Zayn mumbled, looking out the window.


"You okay?" I asked him. I missed being his bud. I really did. I can't believe a girl is ruining our friendship. He nodded.


"Yeah, sorry."


"Do you want to talk about it?"


"Nah, it's all good." he told me. I nodded and Niall began driving down the street.

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