Pinky Promises

"Well tell me something. Tell me a lie." I asked him. He thought to himself for a moment and then smiled. "I hate you." He wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed my forehead. I turned to face him. "Now tell me something true." I whispered. "I love you. I could never hurt you and I never will." He finally spoke. I giggled to myself. "Promise?" I stuck my pinky up at him. He intertwined his pinky with mine and leaned in next to my ear. "Promise."


48. Makeup Maham

Harry's POV: After the concert ended, all the boys and I rushed off and into the dressing room to relax. When I entered, the first thing on my mind was to grab out my phone. I looked through and noticed Eleanor had texted. 'Harry, you broke your girl. She won't stop crying.' I chuckled at that text. "Where are you girls at?' I sent, looking at the boys.

"Nice little show you put up there." Louis smirked, looking at Niall.

"I think I started crying a bit." Liam joked, patting Louis on the back. I smiled and looked back onto my phone. 'We're closer than you think' Eleanor texted. I smiled and tiptoed to the door, carefully leaning against it. I mouthed the words 'I'll be back' and slowly opened the door just a crack, looking through to see no one in sight, but I could hear voices. I smiled and as soon as they were very close, I swung the door opened and hopped out, noticing two fans that were fangirling at my presence.

"Oh my god!!! It's H-ha-haaa"

"HARRY!" They screamed, one of the falling to the ground. I gave them my usual smirk and looked at both of them.

"Hello." I greeted with a smile.

"Can we go meet the other boys?" one asked. I could tell from her accent that she was from New Jersey. The other one just had a regular American accent.

"Well unless Paul sees your pass and escorts you his self, I don't think you can come back here." I told them.

"Okay. But can I just say something?" the American accent one asked.

"Well, we both want to say that we literally cried when you sang 'Little things' to your girlfriend. That was so cute!!!" the New Jersey accent one replied.

"Thank you." is all I said, I was too distracted by Kaylie. Where was she and where were the other girls?"

"Can we have your autographs?" they both asked in unison, which sounds a bit different.

"Sure." I replied, grabbing out a pen that was in one of their hands. I quickly signed my name on their shirts and other items. That's when I noticed Paul, and he seemed angry.

"Hey! What are you doing?" he semi-shouted to the girls, causing them to run away. He caught up to me, but not to them.

"What's going on?" I asked him.

"Those two girls snuck into here. I've been trying to find them but now they're lost again." he smirked, looking over at path they took.

"Where's Kaylie?" I asked him.

"I thought I saw her walk into the bathroom with Eleanor. Gee, I don't think it was a smart move being all cute and serenading your little girlfriend. Don't you think Management is going to say something?" he asked me, guilting me into answering.

"Shit, I didn't realize. I can't deal with that now. I need to find Kaylie." and with that, I looked around backstage until I found the only girls' bathroom. I knew I was going to regret this, but I slowly opened the door and climbed in, trying not to make it noticeable, and locking the door behind me. As I made my way through, I could hear voices, and this time, they were familiar voices.

"You need to stop crying sometime." I heard Olivia joke. Kaylie laughed, still crying into her hands.

"I think it's the mood swings or something because I shouldn't be this emotional." I heard her say in between tears. I chuckled, making my way through. When I reveled myself, I noticed Kaylie still in her hands, Olivia smiled because she noticed me, Eleanor was in one of the stalls, and Danielle had smirked in the mirror as she saw my reflection.

"Well maybe go talk to Harry, he might help you stop crying." Danielle suggested, winking at me.

"Maybe you're right." she slowly got up. "Maybe I just need-" she stopped, noticing me next to the sinks. "Harry!"

"Hey, Love." I greeted as she smashed her body into mine, embracing me into a huge hug. Her face was in my chest, crying a lot harder this time.

"That didn't work." Danielle mumbled jokingly. Eleanor came in and frowned.

"This is a girls' bathroom. If I want to pee, I don't want men coming in and listening." She joked in a serious tone. I rolled my eyes at her and rubbed Kaylie's back so she would calm herself just a little better. Kaylie's face rose and she smiled at me.

"I love you so much, you know that?" She mumbled, smashing her lips onto mine. I kissed back, moving our lips in rhythm. Her hands began to explore my hair while I rubbed mine all over her back and a little further downwards. She slowly and gently pulled away, still looking at my lips. I looked into her eyes and watched as her eyes looked into mine, having us feel that arm connection between us.

"Are you guys just going to stand there and look at each other or are we going to figure out a way to sneak Harry out of here without getting caught?" Olivia asked, looking at Danielle.

"Maybe we can leave the bathroom, look for a costume, and sneak it in." Eleanor suggested.

"I like that idea." Danielle smiled.

"Good. I will go get one while you two stay here with the PDA lovers." Eleanor smiled, getting up and leaving the room. Danielle followed and locked the door, coming back over. She grabbed my face tightly, looking at each bone structure.

"Yep, we're going to work pretty hard for this one." she smirked, walking me to the sink. I hopped up and gave her a confused look.

"What do you mean?" I asked her.

"We're putting make up on you." Olivia told me, obviously thrilled of the news.

"Whoa, I'll pass." I told them.

"What do you mean no?" Danielle asked.

"I rather be caught in the ladies room then wear make up." I told them. Kaylie giggled, facing me.

"But if you get caught, it can be bad for your career and if we make you disguisable, than no one will even know it's you." she smirked, placing her hands on my legs.

"Fine." I rolled my eyes.  That's when Eleanor came back with a green and blue nighttime long dress with long sleeves and a V-neck that was, thankfully, not too far down, in one hand and a dirty blonde, straightened haired wig in the other. My eyes widened at the sight. "Oh god..." I mumbled.

"He agreed to it, but let's hurry because he's getting a little in denial now." Olivia smiled, walking over to me. Kaylie was sitting over on the other side of the sink while these three girls did their magic. I closed my eyes and felt a little powder come onto my face.

"What are you doing?" I asked, very stiffly.

"Just changing the skin tone." I heard Danielle say. They moved from powdering my face to brushing something onto my eye lids, and from that to sweeping my eyelashes.

"This is going to be spectacular." I heard Eleanor say as they began marking my face with this pencil-like structure. "You can open your eyes." and when I did, I regretted it all. I had pale blush on with blue and green eye shadow, a lot of mascara, and some liner to make my eyes pointy.

"His lashes are so beautifully long!" Olivia joked.

"Shut up." I muttered under my breath.

"Maybe some lipstick would work better." Danielle suggested, giving Eleanor her dark red lip stick.

"Can this day get any worse?" I muttered, watching as Eleanor started to Line my lips with the lipsticks. When she finished, she handed me the gown.

" We'll be staring over at the door. You need to get changed. Kaylie, you should probably help him get it on." Olivia explained, walking her and the other two to the door. Kaylie got over to me and smiled.

"You look beautiful." she mumbled, looking into my eyes. I rolled mine and looked at the dress. I slowly took off my shirt and pants and looked at her.

"Oh you definitely owe me when I'm done with this." I mumbled in her ear, slowly stepping into the dress. She kissed my lips, quickly pulling away. "Whoa, hun! Is my lipstick smeared now?"

"Wow, I am actually questioning some things." Kaylie joked.

"That isn't funny." I joked, pulling the dress up to my waist. "It's too tight." I whispered.

"Can you maybe like... move your junk so it isn't noticeable?" she asked very awkwardly. I rolled my eyes and moved it, pulling the dress up a little bit more.

"It's hard to put on a dress when you're a man." I told her.

"Obviously." she smirked, helping me put my arms through the sleeves. As soon as they were both in, she began to zip it up in the back, but it was barley working.

"Maybe if you just suck in your man stomach, we can finally go." I heard Danielle complain.

"You know what, you try putting on a dress while having guy figures. Call me when you suffer through it." I told her, sucking in my chest. The zipper finally went up and all I needed now was my wig.

"Okay, Danielle, come over here and help him with his hair." Kaylie giggled, walking back to the sink and mirror to check her hair and make up. Danielle came over with the wig and smiled.

"I need you to flatten all your hair to the top of your head so I can put the wig on." she explained, opening the wig so she could plop it onto my head in a few minutes. Oh god, why did this have to happen. I held my hair in place while she plopped the wig on. After it was secure and stable, I grabbed a brush and brushed it so it was so messy.

"Wow, you look great." Danielle smirked.

"Very pretty tonight, Jennifer." Olivia joked, helping me over to the door.

"I'll put your clothes in my purse, I'll be out in a minute." Eleanor smiled, grabbing my clothes. Olivia, Kaylie, and Danielle all walked me out and into the hallway, walking me over to the dressing room doors. Thankfully, not a lot of people were around, but I think one of the pap had snapped a picture. As we entered, the four boys and Perrie all looked over at us and were confused.

"There you girls are. Where's Harry?" Louis asked with a smile.

"He just texted me saying he was going to meet us all at home, he needs to go run a few arraigns." Kaylie lied, smiled over at Eleanor.

"Who's your lady friend?" Liam asked, a bit confused.

"This is Jennifer. Jen, say hi to Louis, Liam, Perrie, Niall, and Zayn." Danielle smirked, looking over at me. I gave her the death glare, but smiled at the boys. I cleared my throat.

"Hello." I greeted in a whiny voice. The boys all gave me fake smiles and got up.

"We have to go now." Niall stated, grabbing Olivia's hand. We all made our way out of the doors to see pap all over the place taking photos and asking a lot of questions that we could not understand. We finally got to the car and hopped in. Zayn looked over and smiled.

"So tell us about you, Jennifer." Zayn asked me, catching everyone's attention. I cleared my throat and smiled.

"Well I love to act, it's my favorite thing in the world..." I started, lying about everything I was going to say. I really hated acting, I guess if you saw the iCarly video, you could tell. "...I work down at Blummingdales, I'm also into fashion..." I stopped, clearing my throat again.

"Sounds like you got a bit of a cold." Niall stated in his rich accent.

"Yeah, I guess I do. Anywho, I have this amazing partner who I love dearly. They are my everything and I wouldn't know who I'd be if they never crossed into my life." I smiled, glancing over at Kaylie. She was smiling too, trying not to look over at me. "...what else is there?"

"What about how you came into our lives?" Eleanor asked, very confused on what I was doing.

"Oh yes. You see, I met Kaylie and Olivia when I use to live in... Pennsylvania. We went to school together." I smiled, letting out an annoying laugh to let the boys buy it. "We use to be best friends forever. BFFLTD!" I smirked, letting out another fake laugh. I could tell that Liam was getting irritated by my annoying voice. I didn't care, though. I was trying to act this way. As we got to the hotel, I quickly rushed out and smiled. When the others started walking up the stairs, Kaylie and I walked over to the bathroom and quickly grabbed out some make up removers and all sorts of other stuff. This night was going to end up long.

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