Pinky Promises

"Well tell me something. Tell me a lie." I asked him. He thought to himself for a moment and then smiled. "I hate you." He wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed my forehead. I turned to face him. "Now tell me something true." I whispered. "I love you. I could never hurt you and I never will." He finally spoke. I giggled to myself. "Promise?" I stuck my pinky up at him. He intertwined his pinky with mine and leaned in next to my ear. "Promise."


47. Little Things

Ugh Hating Movelas right now )): As soon as  was getting done with this chapter, it totally refreshed. It always does this but now it's really getting annoying. So Sorry If this is sloppy, I'm really not good at writing when it's late at night.



After Kaylie and I arrived home that night in the hallway, I heard a faint sigh from behind me. I turned away from the door and towards her attention. She looked a bit tired but sad as well. I held her hands in mine, I've seen this look before.

"Babe..." I started.

"I'm sorry. I don't understand why I keep thinking like this. Lately I've been feeling fat and gross. I just don't understand why you're even with me." she stopped, looking in my eyes.

"Babe, you're beautiful." I started, but was a bit interrupted after a slight pause.

"Celebrities are beautiful too." she mumbled. I looked at her lips, hoping that I would lean in and kiss her. But, there was something telling me that I had to let her know that she needs to remember how beautiful she is and how different she is to everyone else.

"You know what celebrities don't have that you do? They don't have the power to make me feel the way you do. Those eyes, I always get lost in them. That smile, it's contagious. And that beautiful voice send chills down my neck. You need to realize that they aren't you. Don't compare them to you because that's like comparing a diamond to a rock." I told her, shifting my eyes to hers. She blushed, looking at my face. She had been memorizing it now. She leaned in and kissed my lips, slowly moving them with the rhythm. Her smile grew against mine, her mouth slowly opening as the kiss got stronger. As soon as I was about to enter with tongue, I heard the door swing open form behind us, causing us to pull away quickly. I turned to see Niall and Louis looking at us, laughing away.

"Guys, not in the hallway. We have rooms." Louis joked, walking over to the living rom. Niall let us in, walking back to the others. Yes, Liam, Louis, Niall, Zayn, Perrie, Olivia, Eleanor, and Danielle were all here as well.

"Hun, I might just go rest. I'll see you in the morning?" she kissed my cheek.

"Well I have to get up early so we can do an interview. I'll you some time tomorrow." I told her, watching her walk to the door. She waved goodnight to the others and went to the bedroom. As I sat on the couch, the other girls got up and smiled.

"We'll be watching some movies in Louis and Eleanor's suite. We'll be seeing you all tomorrow." Danielle announced, walking out with the other girls. It was just me and the boys. I smiled to myself as my mind slowly drifted onto Kaylie. She was amazing and everything I told her was true. I couldn't even describe what I felt for her. I couldn't even explain what she meant to me. My thoughts were slowly drifted away when I noticed Liam waving his arms around my face.

"Earth to Harry..." I heard Zayn mumble. I shook my head and looked over at the boys.


"What's on your mind?" I heard Niall ask.

"Kaylie's so insecure."

"Don't know what for..." Louis whispered, dancing in his chair. I rolled my eyes.

"Well maybe show her that she shouldn't be?" Zayn offered.

"I've done that." I sighed, sinking down in the couch.

"Maybe show her in a different way..."


Kaylie's POV: I woke up the next morning feeling in a good mood for some odd reason. I didn't mind at all, instead I hopped into the shower, used the toilet, washed my hands and face, and brushed my teeth. After that, I changed into this light pink sleeveless see through shirt with a white tank top and white shorts to match with it. As I was walked out into the living room, I noticed everyone was gone. Right, Harry and Niall were in an interview. I dialed up Olivia and waited for a reply.

"Hey Olivia, where are you?" I asked her.

"Over at Eleanor's. Come over." and with that, she hung up. I quickly grabbed my white flats and walked across the hall to the other girls. As I walked in, I noticed Eleanor and Danielle quickly fixing their hair in the mirror. Perrie was eating a salad from room service and Olivia wasn't anywhere in the living room. Eleanor noticed me and smiled.

"Oh good. You haven't done your make up." she smirked, rushing over to me.

"What are you all doing?" I asked her.

"We're just looking nice. We were going to go out to eat if you want to join us." Perrie smiled, winking at Danielle.

"You should let me do your eye makeup on. I am in love with your long lashes." she begged, putting on her puupy eyes. I nodded and followed her into the bathroom. There was make up scattered all over the sink and the floor, along with Olivia standing in front of the mirror with more make up in her hands.

"Look who I found." Eleanor smirked, sitting me down on the toilet seat. She pulled a chair over to me and looked at Olivia.

"Good, now we have everyone." she smirked. Eleanor then sat down with some make up in her hand, placing her free hand on my face.

"Close your eyes." she whispered, and I did. I then began to feel the brush against my lashes.

"Has anyone ever told you how amazing your eyes are?" she asked. I could tell she used her iPhone to put Pandora on.

"Harry has once. Why do you ask?" I replied. I could hear her faint breathe becoming distant, and then closer every few seconds.

"I guess I'm just making convo." She went from my left eye to my right eye.

"So where are we going tonight?" I asked her.

"Just a restaurant." is all she said. "If you don't mind, I'd love to make your eyes have a shadowy look. Maybe a darker shad of makeup on the lower lid and then a faded light pink as it grows? Such as a Demi Lovato or Taylor swift look. I bet you it will look beautiful, expecially when I'm doing you're make up." she explained, as I opened my eyes.

"I'd love that, thank you." I told her. She began putting liner on when I heard Olivia gasp.

"My phone's ringing, this call is important. I'll be back." she walked out of the room, slowly answering her phone.

"What was that about?" I mumbled, trying not to move.

"I guess she's been wanting this job interview on fashion designing once she gets off tour with us. She had to schedule it in Harrisburg, right after Pennsylvania." she told me. I then closed my eyes as she began to apply the cold shadowing on my lower and up lid of both eyes. As soon as she was done, she had told me to open my eyes. Her face then became surprised, yet thrilled of the results.

"Girl, you look beautiful." she smiled, helping me off the toilet. "Now for your hair." she picked up some bobby-pins and pony tail holders and walked over to the mirror.

"Do you want a messy bun look or a fishtail braid?" she asked me.

"Maybe a fishtail braid." I replied.

"Good! I know how to make one look like Vanessa Huggins." she smirked, turning me to face her. She began picking pieces of hair from on pile to the next and twisting them to form a fishtail braid.

"How are you and Louis?" I asked, making it seem a little less awkward.

"He and I are great. We're suppose to have a movie night with each other real soon. He's been busy with the other's though. He's got a strong heart." she started, pinning some stranded hairs in place.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Well you didn't here this from me, but Danielle and Louis had a little problem lately. I really don't know what it was, but Louis was telling me that they got into this fight about jealousy, of course, and he's been fixing it up. He's amazing like that." she smirked, looking from my hair to my eyes. "I did a really good job."

"I believe you did." I mumbled, hoping that my breathe didn't smell bad. Am I feeling more insecure. Of course I am. I shook the thoughts away when Eleanor smiled.

"All done." I quickly turned and looked into the mirror. For the first time, I felt even more beautiful. And not Pregnant. I totally forgot that I had a baby coming. I mean, I can still fit into some clothes that I have. Eleanor grabbed my arm and walked me out of the bathroom. We slowly walk into the living room, flaunting me in front of the other girls.

"What do you think?" I heard Eleanor ask the other girls.

"She looks amazing. You know how to work your magic." Perrie smiled, giving her a girly high five. A few hours had passed , Harry still hadn't texted me or came home. I know that he couldn't still be at the interview. Maybe he had a busy last minute night plan to hang with the boys. Finally, we had  gotten into the car.

"So where is this place at?" I asked again.

"We want to surprise you." Danielle smiled, giving me a piece of cloth.

"What is this?" I asked them.

"It's a bandana. We want you to cover your eyes until we get there." Olivia said, putting it over my face gently so my makeup wouldn't get ruined. I nodded when it got as tight as it could, signaling her to stop pulling so hard.

"We'll be there soon." I heard Eleanor smile. As the car drive got longer, I could heard the music become less interesting as I was wondering more about the location of our destination. Yes, Maybe it was too expensive to handle. As I felt the car slower down, I felt more anxious. A hand wrapped on my arm, quickly rushing me out of the car. It seemed a bit louder than other restaurants, but I didn't mind. We rushed into this room that had isolated all of the noise from outside.

"We're almost there." I smiled after hearing Olivia say that. I was getting a bit confused. Why was I still wearing a bandana? That's when I began to hear more crowds. Were we just arriving near the paparazzi? We were still standing in a small boxed area, still around the loud shouts and cheering when I felt a warm and soft hand on mine. It felt so familiar against my skin.


Harry's POV: The crowd cheering as we just finished singing 'They Don't Know About Us.' I was getting anxious now. This was it. I looked over at the boys as they nodded to me. I then looked off stage and over to the curtains where Olivia and Eleanor had been standing. They had Kaylie with them, and she was blind folded. I quickly walked over to them and smiled. I grabbed her hand, feeling a warm connection. I could tell by how she moved her hand, that she knew who was with her. I rushed her on stage, still blindfolded, as the crowd cheered. Facing her, I slowly unfolded the bandana from her face, reveling those beautiful eyes. Even with the make up, she looked beautiful. Her face went into shock when she noticed me, the rest of one direction, and the thousands of fans behind us. I raised my microphone to my lips and smiled.

"I want to dedicate a song to all those fans who feel unbeautiful when they truly are. Just because you don't look like a model, doesn't mean that you're not beautiful. I also want to dedicate this song to a special girl. Whenever she feels insecure and does not like how she looks, it makes me sad. She really doesn't know how beautiful she is." I said into the microphone as the music began. Kaylie's face began to tighten up, her face had been too surprised that there was a tear in her eye. She wouldn't let it escape though. I pulled her over to a stool to sit on while we sang. After awhile, it was my solo.

"I know you've never loved the sound of your voice on tap.

You never want to know how much you weight.

You still have to squeeze into your jeans but

Your perfect to me." I sang, looking into her eyes. She knows what I truly meant. She knew that just because she was gaining the baby weight, doesn't mean I don't think she's beautiful. I knew she knew from the way she smiled at the words.

"And I've just let these little things slip out of my mouth

cause it's you, oh it's you

It's you they add up to

I'm in love with you and all these little things" and in that moment, I could feel a tear form in my eye as well. Instead of continuing on the song with the others, I let go of Kaylie's hand and wrapped my arms around her, burying my face into her shoulder. She buried her face into my chest, slowly letting all of it out. I did the same. I didn't care if I was in front of a lot of people. To me, it felt as if it was only Kaylie and I. As I heard the music end, I lifted my face from her. Our faces were both red and puffy and she couldn't stop smiling.

"I love you so much." I whispered, not realizing that the crowd could faintly hear it from the microphone. I didn't care. I wrapped my arms around her again and kissed her forehead.

"I love you too." she giggled in between the words, trying not to cry anymore. I rubbed my thumb slowly on her cheek, wiping away the smeared make up and tears. I then pecked her and watched as she slowly walked back to Olivia and Eleanor.

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