Pinky Promises

"Well tell me something. Tell me a lie." I asked him. He thought to himself for a moment and then smiled. "I hate you." He wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed my forehead. I turned to face him. "Now tell me something true." I whispered. "I love you. I could never hurt you and I never will." He finally spoke. I giggled to myself. "Promise?" I stuck my pinky up at him. He intertwined his pinky with mine and leaned in next to my ear. "Promise."


7. Home Sweet Home

Harrys POV: While the other boys had a meeting, I had an interview. It was just a short telly interview. It was for one member of the band and since the boys called me out on it, I was to take the interview. It went well but it ended very late. After the interview, I started getting a call. It was Olivia's number. "Hey, do you know if Kaylie's still awa-" "Harry, where are you?" her voice seemed a bit slurred and shaky, also broken. "What's going on?" I asked her. "Kaylie and I got into a car accident. I called Niall and he's on his way. Harry, she's not waking up." my heart stopped. I couldn't understand anything else that she was telling me. I hung up and rushed over to the hospital, making my way passed the waiting room and down the hallway until I saw Olivia in the hallway, crying.


"Olivia, calm down. Tell me what happened." Olivia was sitting there with a brace on her wrist and a bandage on her elbow. The nurse let the door open. "You may come in." her voice very quiet but hearable. I couldn't believe what I was looking at. My girlfriend's lifeless body was torn. She had her arm wrapped in layers, she had a bandage on her forehead, she looked like she was gone. "Tell me what happened." I demanded, almost shouting a bit. Olivia looked frightened. "Harry, it's all my fault. We went out drinking with the girls and I was a bit buzzed. I didn't think I was going to get into a crash. But, she was a barrier. She saved me, Harry." she then started to cry. "The vehicle that hit us was a big truck. The whole front of my car was practically torn apart. She hit her head off the window and now she won't wake up." she was balling now. I sat next to her and comforted her. "She flew out the window, the ground broke her wrist. Mine was only sprained. It's all my fault." she buried her face into my chest and I tried to calm her down. "It wasn't your fault. You both were drinking. It was an honest mistake." I explained. "I guess we were just at the wrong place at the wrong time." she smiled, trying to wipe the tears away.


The doctor came in and began to excuse us but I stopped her. "Tell me she's going to wake up." I begged, bending down to my knees. "Mr. Styles, we are doing the best we can. She hit her head really hard on the glass. We don't know when she'll wake up." she said, looking towards Kaylie. I started to cry, trying so hard not to. "Kaylie please wake up." I was now crying hard. I curled up onto the couch and closed my eyes, awaking that morning. The nurse came in with a familiar purple hoodie wrapped up in a plastic bag. "Mr. Styles, we have some clothes that she had been wearing last night. We put it in a bag, because when she was lying down on the ground, she had puked. It could of been the alcohol, but it also could have been the usual reaction." she told me, giving me the hoodie. I looked at the front of it. Oh my god. My hoodie. The boys and Olivia all came in and looked at me. "Harry, you need to get some rest. Last night the nurse came in and heard you talking in your sleep." Zayn told me. His voice so raspy and broken as well, he really didn't like seeing any of us in pain. Especially Niall. Even though Olivia was fine, he was still crying about the fact that Kaylie was hurt. He cared about everyone like they were his actually family. He had a kind heart like that. I guess you can say he cared a lot more about us than himself.


"I refuse to leave this building until I can take Kaylie home while she is awake."


In between the days, I sent one of the boys out to get her a vase of flowers. That way, if she had ever woken up when I went to eat lunch in the cafeteria, she would see them first. Olivia got her this massive bear and the boys got her one vase with a 'get-well-soon balloon. They would also send me clothes and the nurses let me shower here, that way I wouldn't stink up the place. The nurses were really nice, but I think it was only because I was famous. Sometimes I just wish I was viewed as a regular person, that way I could of had Kaylie earlier. I guess it is an advantage though, because if I wasn't famous, I don't think I would of met Kaylie.


 It had now been two weeks and I slowly opened my eyes. She looked so amazing when she slept, but I wanted her to wake. I needed her to send me a sign that she was okay. I walked over to the closest chair next to her bed. I turned the telly on and scrolled through the channels, noticing this animal show. It was the only thing that was interesting to me. That's when I heard a voice that changed my mood completely:


"Even when you look overtired, you still look pretty amazing."





Kaylie's POV: After the surgery I had on my arm, I was allowed to go home. Harry was the only one at the hospital. Olivia and Niall were out getting some groceries for the house, Zayn and Liam had to visit Simon, and Louis was at the hotel, cleaning. As we sat in the car, I notice his hand had gone from the steering wheel to my lap. It was warm and I didn't mind it at all. We finally arrived to the hotel where there were people being blocked away from the entrance. A man wearing black pants and a black t-shirt and a leather jacket was making sure no one would enter or exit. "Thanks, Paul." I heard Harry say, helping me in. We rode the elevator to our floor and walked passed the doors to mine. Before I could open it, Harry wrapped his arms around my waist from behind and kissed my cheek. "I missed you." he whispered, reaching my lips. I spun around and my good arm and my cast arm were up to his shoulders. He then entered his tongue and backed me up on the door; he slowly began to open the door. As he twisted the knob, I could hear someone saying shh. I stopped kissing him. "What the hell?" I walked in and had wide eyes. "SURPRISE!" they all shouted. Harry picked me up from behind and rushed me inside. He plopped me down in front of some familiar faces.


"Mom, dad?" I smiled very wide and gave each of them a big hug. "What are you guys doing here... you know... together in the same room?" I asked, mesmerizing each face. There was no other emotion besides happy and loving. "Our little girl just got hurt! Of course we're going to be in the same room. No matter what!" my mother said. "Yeah, just because we can't handle our differences doesn't mean we can't be in the same room." my father said, looking over at Harry. "Oh, Harry. This is my mom and dad. Mom, dad, my boyfriend, Harry Styles." I introduced them. "Nice to meet you, Mr. Styles. I hear a lot of good things about you everywhere I go." my father told him. "It's a pleasure to meet you, too." he smiled, wrapping his arm around my waist. I then began to notice Alex, Derek, and Emma all playing and smiling. I walked over, hugged them all, and chatted for awhile. I also introduced Harry and he and Derek talked a lot of the music career. We had some cake and talked together until it started to get late. "Well it was all fun and all, but we really have to get going." Mom and Dad said. "Well thanks so much for coming!" I gave them their goodbye hugs. "Harry, watch this girl, would you? Treat her well." I heard Derek tell Harry. "Trust me, I will." Harry replied. That sent butterflies everywhere.


When everyone left, it was only Harry and I. Olivia decided to go to Niall's since Harry offered to stay with me. I walked over to him and pressed my lips against his. "Babe, please don't do that to me again." he whispered. "I won't." I told him. "Promise?" he gave me a smirky look and raised his pinky. I wrapped mine around his. "Promise." he chuckled and once again, placed his lips on mine. We sat over on the couch, not at all breaking the kiss, and laid together. He was on the bottom so I wouldn't hurt my arm. That's when the telly turned on, we had laid on the remote. "So, Harry. I see you a lot with this girl." I heard on the telly. I looked over and began to watch. It must have been a rerun. "Yeah, she's amazing. I miss her though." he admitted. Harrys arms wrapped around my waist as he kissed my neck, trying to tease me. "What do you mean?" the reporter asked. "Well she got seriously injured and I don't know when I can see her." he said, trying not to tell the world that I was in a coma. "Well what is her name?" she asked. "Kaylie Sitter." only Harry Styles gives me butterflies when he says my name. "So it's official? You're dating?" she asked. I looked at the Harry that was on the couch beside me. He gave me a wink. "Yes."

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