Pinky Promises

"Well tell me something. Tell me a lie." I asked him. He thought to himself for a moment and then smiled. "I hate you." He wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed my forehead. I turned to face him. "Now tell me something true." I whispered. "I love you. I could never hurt you and I never will." He finally spoke. I giggled to myself. "Promise?" I stuck my pinky up at him. He intertwined his pinky with mine and leaned in next to my ear. "Promise."


49. Can This Get Any Worst?

Let me take this time to like fangirl because my friends went to a one direction concert last night and they aren't texting me!! They need to spread some deats because rumor has it Louis said 'You can't go to bed without a cup of cocoa puffs." and we all know One Direction, you know that band that we love to death, THEY'RE KILLING ME! I'm fangirling and I wasn't even there what?! sorry for this little part of fangirling and enjoy this chapter(:


Harry's POV: I felt a slight poke of my cheek, just the way Kaylie does it. I smiled, I loved her so much.

"Good morning babe." I greeted, opening my eyes. Except, it wasn't Kaylie. Liam smirked to himself as he watched me sit up in my bed.

"Good morning smuggle wuggles. Did you forget that we had an interview in less than an hour?" I then widened my eyes and looked at the clock. Shit! I sprung out of bed and rushed to the shower to wash my hair and self. Then I hopped out, clothed my self and brushed my teeth. Lastly, I tossed my hair and smiled.

"Perfect." I whispered, walking out of the bathroom. "I'm ready." We then all walked our way to the hotel and greeted some fans as we entered the big car and left for the interview.

"Jennifer seemed nice." Zayn smiled, looking at Liam.

"She was, but she really had an annoying laugh." Liam replied.

"I actually thought that laugh was rather dashing. It was the voice that sounded annoying." said Niall. Louis chuckled to himself.

"I thought everything about her was annoying. I mean, she looked all manly and stuff." said Louis

"Maybe she's a body builder?" I encountered, hoping they wouldn't think it was me.

"Speaking last night, where were you?" asked Niall. Shit.

"I told you, I was running some arraigns. It was to set up some things for Kaylie. You know, a doctor's appointment. I'm too busy with concerts and interviews that I really can't leave." I lied, even though it was partly true.

"Maybe she just had a lot of food before coming out, or she was bloated." Louis smiled, changing the topic back to this body building he/she. They all nodded as we got to the interview. We hopped out and made our way backstage, waiting to be introduced onto stage by our interviewer.

"Now the moment you guys have been dying for. ONE DIRECTION." The man announced, smiling away at us. We walked onto the stage and shook his hand. Once I got to him, I noticed a familiar face. I've seen him before. Wait, I saw him whenever Kaylie got into that car crash.

"Hello boys, I'm Derek Sitter." he introduced himself. Louis looked over at me.

"Isn't your bird's name Sitter?" he asked, obviously knowing the answer to that question. I nodded my head, feeling a bit awkward.

"Harry, how you been?" Derek asked, ignoring the other boys.

"Great actually. And you?"

"Top Notch to here great news from my parents about you two." he mumbled with a wink and looked at the camera.

"I'm here with One Direction about they're tour. Now, before I start, may I just ask where Harry was after the Concert last night?" Derek smiled at me.

"I was running some arraigns before heading home." I told him. He smirked at me.

"Who was this lovely woman here?" he asked, showing 'Jennifer' on the big screen behind him. Liam smirked.

"That's Jennifer. The girls met her last night." he explained.

"Yeah, she's really nice and seems like a great friend." Zayn smiled.

"...and she single to all those gents out there." Louis winked, smiling at the crowd.

"Louis, we don't officially know that she's single." Liam mumbled. Derek cleared his throat and smiled.

"So Harry? What are your thoughts of Jennifer?" he asked me, glaring into my eyes. Is it getting hot in her, or is it just me?

"I haven't really met her. I left before the girls came to the room."

"Harry, you left to go find her, what happened to that?" Niall asked. I gulped.

"I found her, then left. I've told you this." I explained.

"Really?" I heard Derek smirk.

"Well... yeah." I hope I wasn't a bad liar. I gulped again and watched as Derek switched from 'Jennifer' pictures to a picture of me singing my solo of Little Things, causing the crowd to go into awe.

"Remember this?" he asked me.

"I feel like this is a gang up on me." I mumbled.

"Do you..?"


"Do you see Jennifer again?" he asked, flipping pictures.


"Do you see both?" he asked, flipping both pictures next to each other." I could now see Louis' face perk up and over to me.


"It's funny how when this character leaves..." he points at my picture. "...this character comes out."

"It was a coincidence."

"Was it?" he winked at me and faced the 'Jennifer' picture. "It's funny how this so called 'Jennifer' has harry legs."

"Maybe she forgot to shave?" I could tell that I was sweating now. He turned to me.

"...and wearing the same white Converse with that little pen dot on the right shoe next to the AllStars logo from when you were at signings and dropped the pen onto your newly white shoes?" shit. All the boys looked at me with a shocked expression. The fans and crowds were even freaked out into shock or laughter

"You were a lady?" Louis gasped.

"What we you doing in a woman's costume?" Liam asked. I looked over at Derek, who was loving every moment of this.

"I can answer that." he smirked.

"Of course you can." I muttered, putting my head down in my hands. "...and Harry I hope you know that none of this pictures are mine. I was just informed that I had to share these on the interview." I felt as if my life was over.

"I see." is all I could say out of all the embarrassment. Derek pulled up a photo that was taken from when I left the ladies room. "Oh god." I could hear laughter from every side of me. This was so embarrassing.

"What were you doing in the ladies' room, mate?" Liam asked.

"He probably forgot his tampons!" Louis joked.

"Had to do your makeup, chap?" Niall joked.

"No! Kaylie was in there with the girls. Eleanor, your girlfriend, dressed me like that to sneak me out of the lou!" I explained, standing up. "I didn't plan that."

"Oh Harry, we're just kidding around." Derek smirked, looking at me.

"I know. Can we just get back to the interview?" I asked them.

"This is the interview." Derek laughed. I sat down and looked at him with an angry glare. "Alright, we'll get back to the tour." he smirked, looking at Louis to ask questions. Even though we had dropped the subject, I knew that everyone was still laughing. A half hour had passed and we were now leaving.

"That was One Direction everyone!" Derek smiled, giving the boys hugs. As he got to me, he whispered something in my ear.

"Meet me backstage after the show." I nodded to him and walked off and backstage while the other boys headed for the door.

"You coming? Or are you waiting for the make up artists to redo that eyebrow work?" Louis joked.

"Derek asked me to stay behind. Stop with the girl jokes, they're really hurtful." I told them. Liam nodded, grabbing Louis' arm/

"He's right. We don't want to mess with him when he's about to be on his period." Liam joked, but cleared his throat when he realized that he wasn't funny. "Sorry."

"It's fine. Is it out of your system?" I asked them.

"Yeah." they all answered.

"See you Harry." Niall waved goodbye and they all left the building with Paul. I sat in the stool and waited for him to come out. When he did, he smiled at me.

"Sorry about that. I know you probably hate your brother in law." he punched my arm.

"Nahh not really. The jokes will eventually die out." I smiled.

"So hey! Kaylie's situation! Want to explain that to me." he put on an older brother look and sat in the stool across from me.

"How did the parents take it?"

"They still think you're Zayn."

"Wait,  Harry is Zayn and her boyfriend or they think Zayn is Zayn and also her boyfriend?"

"What do you mean?" he was getting all mixed up with the names.

"I'm Zayn or Zayn is Zayn?"

"Oh, Zayn is Zayn/"

"Oh damn it." I sighed and looked up in a quick breather.

"You're alright, Harry. They barely even know that she's pregnant either"

"That's no better. 'Hello Mr. and Mrs. Sitter, I'm the actually fiancé of your daughter and she's carrying my baby." I rolled my eyes, rubbing the top of my thighs quickly with my hands. I was getting nervous.

"Whoa, Harry. Take it easy. It's okay. Her dad's not as scary as you think. It's the mom you have to worry about." Great, even worse.

"Well what do I do to get on her good side?"

"Well that's easy. I mean, she only knows up to the part to when you guys broke up the second time, though." he scratched the back of his neck, giving me a shy smile.

"So she knows that I've been an awful boyfriend and she thinks she's dating Zayn?" I asked. He shrugged.

"You haven't been a bad boyfriend. Maybe a complicated one at the highest." Derek smiled. I nodded. Great...

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