Pinky Promises

"Well tell me something. Tell me a lie." I asked him. He thought to himself for a moment and then smiled. "I hate you." He wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed my forehead. I turned to face him. "Now tell me something true." I whispered. "I love you. I could never hurt you and I never will." He finally spoke. I giggled to myself. "Promise?" I stuck my pinky up at him. He intertwined his pinky with mine and leaned in next to my ear. "Promise."


38. A Day At The Carnival

I woke up in my bed to a silent sound of the wind breezing in from the window. I smiled, wrapping myself into Harry's chest. It suddenly felt a bit more lumpy than expected, but I smiled and opened my eyes, facing away from him.

"Good morning, babe." I roll over to face him, but it wasn't him. I see the same blonde girl who I remember inviting over last night after leaving her hotel room. I let out a little and frightened scream and roll out of bed onto the floor, alarmed at what just happened. She chuckled to herself, looking into my eyes.

"Good morning to you, too, babe. I must alarm you, though. I'm still with Nialler." she smiled. "...but you will always be my number one favorite."

"Sorry, I forgot we had a sleep over." I mumbled, rubbing my aching back that I must have hit hard against the lamp table that sat aside form the bed. I got up and wrapped a robe around me. I stepped my way out of the bedroom and into the living room to see Harry and Niall. They both are playing what seems to look like one of Niall's games on the xbox that he must have brought over. I rolled my eyes at them and walked towards the kitchen. I must of caught Niall's eye because he followed in with me.

"Olivia, is she here?" he asked me. I nodded, frowning at him.

"She's asleep still." I mumbled, pouring a cup of coffee into a mug that didn't look familiar. The label on the mug had said 'I<3MyBaby' on it. I guess Olivia must have bought it for me. Niall sighed at me and looked into my eyes. He had very blue eyes, how come I have never noticed them. I chuckled at my thought, but not aloud.

"Is she still mad?" he asked me. I shrugged.

"She was only mad for the first half hour last night, then she started to cool off. Besides, I think you need to cool off, as well." I explained to him. He nodded, grabbing a mug.

"I know, I know. I have cooled off and I know I shouldn't be mad over something stupid. I don't really know why I did." he tells me. I nod and smile.

"You ran out of the 'cup-cake' faze. That's when the lovey-dovey moments are over and the little bickers appear. After that, it's a regular relationship from there." Another sip of my coffee and we walked back into the living room. Harry pecked my forehead and put the game controller down.

"Good morning, babe." he says. I chuckle.

"If only I heard that when I woke up." I smiled. Niall took a sip of his coffee and looked at us.

"How come you guys aren't in either faze?" Niall asked me.

"Well, Niall, we've already fought a lot. I mean, you two probably won't fight as bad but we're passed all of that." I smirked, looking down at my hands. He noticed me, and had his jaw drop.

"Whoa, how come I didn't notice that piece of jewelry?" Niall asked, sitting on the coffee table. I lent him my hand as he admired the ring. He smirked at Harry, giving him a week.

"Bachelor party!" he cheered, letting out a few manly 'woot woot's' out there. Harry gave me another kiss and smiled.

"Yeah, but before that, we're having a baby shower." he whispered, giving me another kiss. I kissed him back and drank the last of my coffee. Niall had puppy eyes and an awe expression on his face.

"Isn't that so cute!" he whispers, letting out a fake cry. That's when the bedroom door opened, reveling a half-asleep Olivia in the entrance way. Even when she only had her robe and slippers on, she always had a way of keeping her hair and face perfect and untouched. Niall looked at her and back at his hands. He seemed a bit uneasy and nervous when she comes out. Suddenly, he's not so talkative this morning. Olivia walks to one of the couches and picks the opposite one from all of us. Niall looks at her and lets out a shy smile. "Good morning."

"Good morning." she replies, turning on the telly for some films. Niall walks over and sits with her.

"How did you sleep?" he asked, acting as if nothing happened. She gave him a glare and looked back at the telly. She made a 'it was fine.' face and a little shrug. Niall sighed and looked at her.

"Hey, I'm sorry about our fight. I was stupid and I don't care if any guy gives you a compliment, I know that you're fine and I shouldn't be freaking out like Harry over there." Niall explains, giggling like a little girl. harry rolls his eyes and cuddles with me on the couch.

"No, I shouldn't let guys flirt with me. Next time I'll say something. Okay?" and with that, Olivia kisses Niall and forgiving kiss and they go back to being the PDAsters. Gross..

"What do you want to do today?" Harry asks me. I then plug my nose, smelling the morning breathe in my face.

"I think we should get you a shower and tooth brush, stat." I joke, pulling him into the bathroom. I start his shower for him and begin to fix my hair and make up. I was alarmed by him unclothing. I smirk at the mirror, noticing that he was wearing some kind of CareBear underwear. "Babe, you're rockin' those underpants." I joke. He smirks at me and walks over from behind me.

"You're cute." he mumbles, wrapping his arms around me. He sighs and looks in the mirror.

"I'm glad I can see this everyday, knowing that nothing will ever break us apart now." I tell him, putting my hands on his. He kisses my neck.

"I am too, babe. I love you." he mumbles, backing away. He then undressing altogether and hops into the shower. I put some mascara, liner, and a bit of blush, along with my teeth brushed and other bathroom needs. Then, I walk over to my dresser outside the room and dress into my today clothes. I put on a white sleeveless shirt with the little lacing on the back and a cross on the front, black leather shorts, and brownish-khaki studded heals. For accessories, I have a dark brown purse with the soft feeling to it, a golden bracelet, and white feather earrings . The strings of the purse naturally flew down in place. Yes, it was a bit hisper-looking, but it was new. besides, the small bump didn't really appear as in the shirt yet. Apparently my baby is the size of a little orange. I guess those online sites are helpful. I removed my baby thoughts and walked back into the bathroom to see Harry getting ready for the day. I smiled and handed him his tooth brush. He rolled his eyes and put the paste on the brush.

"So what are our plans?" I asked him. He gave me a shrugged look and kept brushing.

"We an oh oh eh arvil" he mumbled with the brush in his mouth as he bushed. I gave him a glare, grabbing his brush, He spat and smiled at me again.

"We can go to the carnival." he smiled, grabbing his phone. "I saw it on my phone last night as you and Olivia were talking about Niall. Maybe we can go?" he suggested, grabbing his brush again to brush. I nodded, giving him a kiss on the cheek.

"That'd be lovely! We should definitely do so. I walked him out of the room and into the living room area to see Olivia and Niall already making out on the couch.

"Ew! Come on. In our living room?" I rolled my eyes, walking to the door. They giggled and stopped to walk us open the door. "We're going to the carnival. We'll be home late. I expect you to be feed, take care of the house, and no telly after nine." I joked, grabbing Harry's hand. They laugh and wave goodbyes. We walked back out and into the parking lot to see a lot of fans and paparazzi flooding around.

"Damn, they're everywhere." he mumbles, blocking my face form the cameras. I went to grab his hand, but i felt his pink wrap around mine, making me smile. He helped me through the crowd and over to his car. That's when the day began to go a bit down hill.

"Harry, we've seen you walk into the hospital with Kaylie. Is everything alright" one fan asked, being a bit nice.

"Kaylie, are you pregnant or are you just getting fat?" another asked, hurting me a bit.

"There's a rumor that the reason you're marrying here is because she's carrying your baby." another said.

"I'm marrying her because I love her. Please leave us alone." I heard Harry growl in a quiet tone.

"Harry, what ever happened with you and Tracy?" I heard a female ask.

"Or better yet, why aren't you with her?" another asked. These questions were a bit hurtful. We finally got to the car as he helps me open the door. He closes my door quickly, walking over to his side of the car and entering. We drive off quickly down the road and on our way to the carnival. It was silent until he began to speak up.

"I'm really sorry." he mumbles.

"It's alright." is all I say. It was quiet for a few more minutes until he shakes his head at a stoplight.

"No it's not." he pauses, looking at me. "You know I'm crazy in love with you, right? I married you because I love you, I'm in love with you, and I couldn't stand not being with you, right?" he pauses again, taking in a deep breathe. "Yes, we are having a child together, but that is not the reason our relationship is working. It's because I love you." he stops again, hoping I'd answer. I give him a shy smile.

"I know, babe. I love you too. It's just... your fans don't want me to be with you I guess." I mumble as he begins to drive again.

"That's not true. You saw at that concert how the fans were screaming when Eleanor and the girls said our ship name." he chuckles at the thought of that. I do too.

"I know. I'm just worried about their opinions." I tell him. He rolls his eyes.

"Their opinions? They don't matter to me. Our opinion on us is only for us. Not for the fans." he tells me, kissing my hand that had rested peacefully on my lap. I mouth him the words 'I love you' as we park into the parking lot of the carnival. He helps me out and down the path to the ticket booth. We by a lot of tickets and begin walking around. There are many carnival games to try out and some rides that were put up. He intertwined his fingers with mine, our hands closing the gap between the palms. "What first?"

"Maybe we should play some games. I want to see if you can win me a big stuffed bear." I tell him, putting my hands on his arm. We walk over to the cups and give the guy three tickets for five balls.  He then throws two of the balls and hits the first two stack of cups.

"Oh my god, Harry!" I shout in shock. I never knew he could be so good.

"You said you wanted the big stuffed bear, I'm going to get you the biggest one." he smirks, knocking over the next to stacks.

"Babe, just one more stack!" I shout, very excited. He turns to the next stack and stares at it. His eyes on the ball, then the stack. He slowly takes a deep breathe and as he aims for the stack, he smiles. He then throws the ball, missing the last stack.

"Darn it!" he shouts, slamming his fist on the table.

"Awe babe. It's alright. You got most of them. Maybe we can get the next option." I say with a big smile on my face. The man behind the counter gives us a smile and another ball.

"You can get another shot on the house." the man says with a smirk and a trustful smile on his face. Harry then aims at the stack, smiles, and throws the ball, hitting them all down. I shoot my arms in the air, letting out a 'woot' in excitement.

"Harry, you won!!" I cheer, kissing his lips. He kisses back, smiling at me.

"You may pick from the top shelf." the man says, waiting for Harry to reply. Harry gives me a questionable look as I think of what to pick.

"The pink one." I mumble, only for him to here.

"My girl would like the pink one." Harry tells the man. The man carefully reaches for the bear and brings it down to the counter where Harry can now pick it up. The bear is almost the same size as me.

"Awe Harry, Thank you." I whisper, picking it up. "It's perfect."

"It's no perfection compared to you." he whispers back, kissing my forehead. We head one to the other games, winning more prizes such as big glasses, stuffed snakes, Abe Lincoln hats, etc. We had now just got two tickets left and it was beginning to get dark.

"We should go on the Ferris wheel." I tell him, grabbing his free hand. He and I walk up to the Ferris wheel, giving the ticket collector the two tickets and we pick out seats. The seats were rounded, so Harry sat across from me and I sat across from him. Luckily, we were the only ones on the Ferris wheel tonight. We slowly begin to rise up, spinning in a complete circle.

"I have had the best day today." I tell him. He smiles, but it quickly fades.

"I have too, but soon I'm going to have a lot more concerts once we get to Pitty'sburg." he tells me, giving Pittsburg a nickname.

"Oh, right. We Whenever you come home, I'll be here." I whisper in his ear, kissing his cheek. He nods, but looks at me with a serious face. I give him a serious face as well. "I'm going to miss you."

"I'm going to miss you more." he tells me. When we spun around for the tenth time, we finally stopped at the top of the Ferris wheel slowly. Harry looks at me with that smile of his and leans closer to me.

"I love you." he tells me as I look him in the eyes.

"I love you more." I tell him as he looks me in the eyes as well.

"I love you most." he whispers.

"I love you always." I whisper back, leaning forward and kissing his luscious lips. They are so soft and plumped. Also, his lips are red and perfect. He kisses back and puts his hand on the seat behind me closing the gap between us. He backed away as the wheel began to circle us back down to the ground.

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