Pinky Promises

"Well tell me something. Tell me a lie." I asked him. He thought to himself for a moment and then smiled. "I hate you." He wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed my forehead. I turned to face him. "Now tell me something true." I whispered. "I love you. I could never hurt you and I never will." He finally spoke. I giggled to myself. "Promise?" I stuck my pinky up at him. He intertwined his pinky with mine and leaned in next to my ear. "Promise."


1. Day One

Tonight is going  to be the night that I would regret for the rest of my life. My best friend, Olivia, told me she was going on a trip out of this country for her birthday and she wanted me to go with her. I obviously agreed to go because, well, it was England! As we were on the plane, she told me she had two tickets to see a band. "Oh cool, what band?" I asked as I buckled myself in. We were on the plane and already starting the flight. She gave me a big smile and showed me the tickets. They read 'One Direction' on each. "...tell me these are fake." I looked deep in her eyes for at least a bit of joking. Sadly, I didn't see any. "Please do this for me! It's for my birthday!" She whined. I rolled my eyes, sitting back in the chair. Now here I am, getting ready for the concert an hour before.


"Which should I wear?" I heard Olivia ask, holding out a white shirt that said 'One Direction Infection' and then another that said 'Niall and the Potatoes.' I made a face and shook my head. "Neither." I said, putting on a flowery ruffle shirt. "Why am I asking you? You don't even like One Direction." She huffed, walking into the bathroom again. "Can you tell me exactly why you thought to bring me?" I sarcastically asked her. She came out and smiled. "Because I love you." She answered, running back into the bathroom. As she got ready, I got my phone and called Ryan. Ryan was my boyfriend, he always loved talking to me and I loved talking to him. "Hey babe." I heard him say. I bit my lip, trying not to smile. "Hey, I miss you." I said and looked out the window. I really did miss him. Thinking of all the memories we had made me miss him even more. "I miss you too babe. When will you be home? You know, so I can pick the place up." he asked. "Well actually, Olivia's staying the whole summer so I don't really know what my plans are." I explained. "Okay well I got to get going to work so I'll chat with you later." He said. I went to say I love you but he hung up quickly. I put the phone down  and fixed my makeup. Olivia came out and spun in a mini circle. "You like?" she flaunted herself. I nodded. "Very Delish." I answered, sarcastically. She was covered in One Direction merchandise such as the shirt, shorts, shoes, hat, etc.


We left the hotel room, rode the elevator, and walked out of the crazy hotel that was full of screaming fans. I guess a lot of fans rent a room of this hotel as well. We drove to the concert and squished through the crazy fans that blocked the entrance. We walked to our seats and sat down. We weren't first row, thankfully, but we were very close. More like the fourth row. "Hey, can I confess something?" she asked me. "This is all a dream and we can go home?" I sarcastically asked, memorizing her face for the truth. She shook her head and once again, handed me something that made the night even worst; One Direction VIP tickets backstage. "" I closed my eyes, then opened them. "We're going to meet ONE DIRECTION!" she shouted. I rolled my eyes once more. "Only because it's your birthday." I said.

The concert was starting and everyone screamed. The five boys all started singing, which was not fun for me. The only reason I didn't like them as much is because of how much they use their fans! I looked at each boy. The blonde one was singing his solo, the one with the brown buzz cut was dancing with the guy with the brown updo hair, the guy with the black hair was sitting on the ground looking up at the blonde kid, and the last guy with the curly brown locks was looking over at the crowd. His eyes searched and stopped over at my section. I think he noticed Olivia's outfit because he chuckled to himself. They all finished singing the rest of their album. "Now we will be calling for the VIP backstage fans to meet over by the door." The guy with black hair said into the microphone. Olivia grabbed my hand and rushed us over to the door where a big guy was standing there. Olivia grave me my pass  and we walked through. The hallway had a lot of electrical chords laying around from the stage. Finally, we walked over with the rest of the group of VIP backstage fans to the door. it read "One Direction." on it. Great...


Niall's POV: As we got off stage, we high fived each other and got into our dressing room. We set up some chairs and put out some drinks for our VIP backstage fans to join. As we finished, the screaming girls all came in. There were at least seven girls here. The one that caught my eye the most was the dirty blonde one that had One Direction merchandise all over her from head to toe. "Wow, you must be our biggest fan." I heard Zayn say. "Oh yes, that's me." she shyly answered. She seemed very insecure but I don't see why. She was beautiful. The girls asked us some questions, got our autographs, and we got to know them. Well, all except the brunette in the back. Five of the girls left because it was time for them to leave, so it was just the blonde and her friend. "I'm Olivia Huggins and this is my best friend, Kaylie Sitter." She informed me. Olivia. A beautiful name. Harry smiled, the look on his face made me very curious. "How old?" Zayn asked them. "Yes, how old are you lovely ladies?" Louis asked. Liam nodded very curious as well. "Kaylie's Nineteen and I'm twenty today." Olivia answered back. "Happy Birthday!" Liam shouted. "Yes, Happy birthday." I joined. Kaylie walked over to the snacks and took a cookie. "What's wrong with your friend?" Harry asked. He walked over to her and sat down on the stool next to her.


Kaylie POV: I got a cookie from the snack table. SO far, the only thing I've enjoyed is the food. "Kaylie...?" I heard a deep and raspy voice call from behind. I looked behind me and saw the curly hair kid showing me his famous curious smile. "How come you aren't talking?" he asked me, sitting on the stool next to me. "I don't really want to be here." she answered. "Do you not like us?" he asked. I nodded, being truthful. "All you guys are is self-obsessed. You guys only like the fame." I explained. He seemed hurt now. I felt bad a little bit but it was the truth. "I bet you I can prove you wrong. If I show you that I don't care about the fame, you and I got out on a date. Just one." He said. Me, go on a date with a popstar? Puh-lease! "I don't even think you can prove me wrong." I said. "Then what are you afraid of?" he was clever. "Fine, if I win this... bet, you have to buy me something expensive!" I smiled at him. He shook his head in regret, I bet he knew I was gonna win. "Deal." I formed a fist and stuck my pinky out. "Promise?" he smiled and intertwined his pinky with mine. "Promise."

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