Just a Crush

Madison is madly in love with Harry Styles ;) or is it just a crush???


1. Just a crush??

Madison's P.OV

there's this guy I had a crush on for a while...his name is Harry, Harry Edward Styles, we were best friends right before he auditioned for the X-Factor and that was the end of our friend-ship. I'm very sure he forgot about me being in his Fabulous life, no calls, no texts, no nothing. He promised he'd keep in touch if he became famous, Liar isn't he? too busy to talk or to do anything with his Best Friend. I was in my bed listening to music and was on my Laptop. "Honey! Time for dinner!!", I hear my mom yell. I sighed and took off my earphones and walked downstairs. I sat down, "Your friend...what's his name?", my mom said as she put my plate on the table in front of me. "Harry", I said with my mouth stuffed with food. "yes, Harry, I invited him to dinner with us tomorrow", my mom said. I choked on my food and quickly took my glass of water and drank it then finally calmed down. "How'd you get his number?", I asked. "Are you stupid? His mom lives across the street, Hint Hint.", My younger brother Matthew said sarcastically. "Don't get smart with me", I scowled. "enough", My dad said. I finished and went back to my room checking my phone for calls or anything from Harry....Nothing. What's the point?? He's never gonna keep in touch or anything, even though I'm happy he's coming over with his band-mates doesn't mean I'm going to say ' I missed you so much' or 'congrats on your new album' and shit. All I'm going to say after dinner is explain to him why he hasn't kept in touch and I bet what he's going to say: 'I've been busy, I'm sorry Madi'. Busy doing what!?! all he's doing is singing for the album, meets and greets at the mall, Go to premiers and red carpets at night when they aren't doing concerts and finally concerts at night which means there is a LOT of time in the evening and he didn't have the chance to call, text, or video chat!?! what a great friend I have! "Honey!, Look who's here to see you!" My mom yelled. I rolled my eyes and walked down stairs seeing Harry Standing there with 4 others then my mom left us all alone. "Hi Madi, how are you?" He asked coming closer. I took a step back not responding as a tear slipped and ran down my cheek. "what's wrong Madi?", He asked wiping the tear away. "you said we'd keep in touch harry! you promised we'd keep in touch!", I said as more tears fell. "I've been busy, I'm sorry Madi", he said. "that's exactly what I'd thought you'll say", I said running back to my room and slamming the door.

Harry's P.O.V

She ran up to her room and slammed the door"Damn Hazza, thought you said she was a cool girl!", Louis said. "But you were right that she was hot!" Zayn said licking his lips. "She's off limits", I said. "why Hazza? you have a crush on her?" Niall said winking. Maybe I do like her....Maybe I don't. What is wrong with you harry?? I looked at Niall "Maybe, Maybe not", I said walking outside. Many memories came through my mind as i looked at the back-yard


"Best Friends Forever?", She said. I smiled, "Best Friends Forever" , I repeated. We hugged for about 10 seconds. She ran to the Tree House as I ran after her. "I Love you Harry, as a friend" She said. I could feel my heart break into millions of pieces by the word...'Friend'. "I Love You Too Madi, as a...Friend", I said forcing on a smile. She smiled and kissed my cheek.

~End of Memory/Flashback~

Maybe I do like her.... But that was the past, we were 9 and10 then, Now we are 18 and 19. A tear slipped down my cheek as I felt a hand on my shoulder. "It's alright Haz" Louis said. I quickly wiped my tear away and turned around to see him smiling. "I-I'll be okay", I said walking back inside. "Poor Haz", Louis said. I ignored the comment.

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