It's dark inside

This is a life of that girl that no one talks to. The girl always sitting alone. No one to care about her. That one girl you mean to say something to but are to afraid someone might see you. Destiny is that girl. Brooke and her friends make fun of her for having bruises and scars from "falling" down all the time, but that is not the case at all. Will this book change you mind about what you think and see of others? Will you be the one to save a life?


2. Destiny


Destiny's POV:

Beep, beep, beep, beep, the phone clicked as the buttons were pushed; 255 2678. "Thank you for calling teens help phone, before going any further if this is a prank please hang up because some kids really need help while you may waste the operator's time. Thank you and please hold for an operator"

1.......2..........3 "Hello before we get started my name is Kristen, I am a teen therapist and I am here to help, you can trust me with your problem but if it is very serious in some cases, suicide, abuse murder, cutting, self-harm etc., it will be sent to the pol-" "'s destiny" I whispered softy so no one could hear her but Kristen. "DESTINY! How are you your-d-dad home" She said soothingly. "I-d-d-don't know" I stuttered holding back tears. "Destiny, please, I won’t you to lock the door." "I- I can't he t-took off the door" I looked towards the doorway everything was blurry from the tears swelling in my eyes. The door laying on the floor where he ripped it off. "What? Why-how-when did he take off your doors." "R-remember when I c-called you this morn-ning, he g-got mad and t-took of the door" I closed my eyes trying to keep the memory out of my head. "Sweetie I have got child services on your case they still have to approve it, can you tell me what happened?" My breathing got heavy as a tear fell out of my eye.


"I TOLD YOU NOT TO TELL ANYONE" He yelled as the disgusting smell of bear drifted from his mouth. "I-I'm sorry" I whispered breaking. "HANG UP THE GOD DAM PHONE" He smashed his beer bottle just above my head on the wall as pieced of sharp glad fell around my head. "NOW LOOK WHAT YOU DID-" "YOU DID THAT, YOU SMASHED THE BOTTLE" I then realized what I had done. I am in for it now. YOU’VE DONE IT NOW" He yelled He grabbed my arm dragging my down the stairs and smashing my head each step. He threw me outside and I landed on my leg. "YOU CAN SLEEP OUT HERE TONIGHT" he yelled as the front door shut and locked.

I woke up slightly damp from the morning dew. I lightly opened my eyes; the dark clouds covered the sun from shining and warming me. I carefully got up on my left leg because my right leg hurt. I looked down to see my leg was facing the wrong way. I just about fainted but controlled the pain and tears I limped to the door and crawled up the stairs pacing my dad sound asleep next to some woman I have never seen before. This normally happens every day. A woman will come over for the night and leave and never return. I got towards my room to notice the door off its hinges and woods splintered on the floor. I continued to limp into my room to a total and utter mess. Everything but my bed destroyed.

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