It's dark inside

This is a life of that girl that no one talks to. The girl always sitting alone. No one to care about her. That one girl you mean to say something to but are to afraid someone might see you. Destiny is that girl. Brooke and her friends make fun of her for having bruises and scars from "falling" down all the time, but that is not the case at all. Will this book change you mind about what you think and see of others? Will you be the one to save a life?


3. Brooke

"MOM WHERE WERE YOU I WAS WAITING FOR 2 WHOLE MINUTES I HATE YOU" I yelled annoyed. GOD why is my mom so annoying! MY LIFE SUCKS! "I am sorry sweetie I was out buying you a dress to the dance" "THANKS MOM!" I opened to reveal a beautiful blue dress; that was knee length. The chest part was tight and sparkly and the bottom flowed. This is going to be the best dance ever! Me and my girlfriends all have dates to the dance, me having the cutest and popularest one. Oh look at me, I am so happy I am making up words. Of course I am going to win dance queen as always. "How much was my dress" I ask to break the akward silence between me and my mom.

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