The Wanted vs. One Direction

This crap needs to stop. Just remember hun, your favorite boys aren’t always angels.


1. I.

Okay, this crap needs to stop.

We need to talk about some srs bsnss (Okay, sorry that just lowered the whole tone of this).

I’ve been on the internet just scrolling along, and I always stumble upon someone trashing on The Wanted. This has been going on since the beginning, and I’ve had enough.

I personally love One Direction. Trust me I have their posters in my room. For God’s sake just look at the right, I even write some fan fictions about them!

Even though I like One Direction, unlike most people, I like The Wanted too. I think The Wanted has great music, personalities, performances, and they work so hard. The Wanted and One Direction work equally hard, okay.

My friend and I just saw The Wanted at an outside concert where we live a couple of days ago, and they were amazing. We got up really close and really enjoyed their performance. Siva pointed and smiled at me, and also they were splashing the water from their water bottles and we got splashed on. Generally, it was just the best experience I’ve had, and you could tell they were having tons of fun on stage. 

They have the same passion for what they do as One Direction. I bet they could be even more popular if they just came at a different time. The Wanted just came at the wrong time. They were and still are competing with One Direction for the spotlight. 

Back to my first point, what’s with people hating on The Wanted? Yeah yeah, the shitstorms and twitter fights, but that isn’t such a big deal.

The Wanted and One Direction were just having an argument on twitter about differences and that’s really it, but then everyone got over dramatic. I really think that both groups need to grow up and just ignore it.

Like seriously, Nathan tweeted about saying he was excited about something and then Louis (I’m not sure) was bitching about everything. Louis, calm down. It wasn’t any of your business, so just stop acting like it is. Again, GROW UP.

Twitter fights are the main reason for all of this. More and more people got involved and then a massive shitstorm happened. This is just unneeded drama. I’m not going to really talk about this anymore because I will probably get pissed off, and all of you probably know the whole story.

People are saying how The Wanted were being really nasty and harsh to One Direction, but hello? Have you seen One Direction’s tweets? They are equally as mean to them, but the media sides with One Direction.

Since the media apparently loves One Direction and hates The Wanted, The Wanted are coming off as the bad guys when they actually aren’t. The Wanted and One Direction are equally guilty. All of the hormonal tween girls start saying The Wanted brought this on themselves and making bad edits hating on The Wanted. Just remember hun, your favorite boys aren’t always angels.

So by now all of the directioners are like: “WTF. I hate this girl. How can she be supporting The Wanted and hating on my babies? Also, the One Direction have more album sales. So in your face Brianna!”

1.) Well, I’m not hating on anyone. 

2.) Oh, the album sales. First off, the directioners don’t really care about their music. Being a fan of One Direction now, you have to know literally everything about them. It is no longer about liking their music. You have to basically worship/stalk them or else people think you are a worthless human scumbag that shouldn’t be able to walk on this planet.

Seriously, it’s no longer about their music. It’s all about how hot and sexy they looks, what they do on twitter, who they are dating, what their hair looks like, what they even eat for breakfast, what boxers they wear, when they use the toilet, etc. One Direction could be popular without their music. C’mon, people just buy One Direction’s album well because it’s One Direction.

The whole point of this rant was that The Wanted and One Direction are equal. They are both equally guilty of throwing shade at each other, but they equally work very hard. Like I said before, I’m not hating on anyone.  

Trust me, I know where I’m coming from. I’m in the One Direction fandom, and I’ve had to know every single fact about them just to be called a directioner. So if any of you are going to call me a fake directioner then hit me with your best shot. I know my facts… I dare you.

Oh, also for the directioners who are pissed off at me now and might give me some hate: Haha, this is my opinion, and you chose to read this so...

Thank you for reading my rant. Also, sorry that I don’t have the best grammar skills, but I tried.

Wow, what am I doing with my life?



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