5 Seconds Of Summer.

Its about a girl name Aubrey. She goes to a one direction concert but what she doesn't know is that their opening act is 5 seconds of summer. What happens when all of them falls for her. She meets new people. One direction, Eleanor Calder , Danielle Peazer, and Little Mix. Their would be sad moments , happy moments , and fun moments , but secrets that would be revealed. What would Aubrey do? Who will she pick?


2. The concert

Aubrey Pov: The screaming girls fill the stadium waiting for the 5 boys to come out. Why did my sisters have to bring me into this! Hi my name is Aubrey Puckett I'm 17 years old and I have 2 sisters and 1 little brother. Ellie one of my sister loves One Direction she's 14 years old. My older sister Anna is 18 years old she loves One Direction too , but theirs one band that I don't know is 5 seconds of summer. She said that they aren't a boy band they are a band because they play there own music. Anna says that they are going to be here , but I don't really know. My parents made me come with them because they had another extra ticket. I love one direction , but im not like my sisters. My little brother Markcus is at home sleeping he's 4 years old and very cute. Markcus is my favorite out of the whole family.

    Suddenly the lights go out which makes everybody scream. Finally I see 4 figures. Its not one direction though. The 4 boys pick up their gutairs , bass , and drum sticks. Anna screams loudly to me " OH MAH GERD ITS 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER!!!" " Jesus Anna don't need to scream into my ears!" I say very harshly at her. We were in the front row , so we can see clearly and better. " Hello guys were 5 seconds of summer!" Still girls scream even though they aren't one direction. The boy with black hair and with green highlights says " I'm Michael!"  Michael wave and looked at the boy with black hair. " Hi i'm Calum!" Calum looked at the boy who's playing the drums. " Hello i'm Ashton!" and finally the last boy with blonde hair said " Hi my name is Luke!" I can tell that they are Australian by the way they are talking. I'm from Australia too , which is on my mom's side she's a aussie. My dad is British which my two sister are on his side so yeah. Its just me and my brother that's all. Luke. He's standing in front of me. He looked at me and I stared to blush a little. He's very cute. All of them are! Just then when they stop singing and had to go Luke wrote something and gave it to me. He wink and went off the stage. " Omg Aubrey Luke likes you!!!!" Anna says pushing me. I look at the paper and it said" Hi I would like to get to know you heres my number 864-776-592. After the concert i'll be waiting back stage come see me and we will go get a drink or something XXX- Luke" I started to smile and that's when one direction came. I cant wait after this concert!

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