5 Seconds Of Summer.

Its about a girl name Aubrey. She goes to a one direction concert but what she doesn't know is that their opening act is 5 seconds of summer. What happens when all of them falls for her. She meets new people. One direction, Eleanor Calder , Danielle Peazer, and Little Mix. Their would be sad moments , happy moments , and fun moments , but secrets that would be revealed. What would Aubrey do? Who will she pick?


3. Meeting the boys.

Luke's Pov: Ever since I saw that girl in front of me just made me feel lucky. I don't know why , but weird right! I've found out the other 3 boys notice her all at the same time when the lights came on. I know we haven't met her yet , but im kind of feeling nervous. Mostly when im around girls I felt fine , but her I get all nervous and awkward. Hopefully she'll fall for me not the others.

     Aubrey's Pov: After the concert Paul came to me. Weird. What had I've done!? "Are you the girl that Luke wink at you or gave you a note?" "Uhh yes." I say nervous what Paul is going to do to me. " Come with me." " Hold on give me a second!"  Paul nod his head and waited. " You guys go home okay. Tell mom and dad that I went somewhere to eat with Tasha okay!"" Okay we got ya , but Aubrey who's going to take you home?" Fuck I forgot about that. " Tasha will okay just go!" " Aubrey don't have too much fun!" Anna giggled. I roll my eyes and started following Paul. All eyes were looking at me like I killed someone. Finally I we reach to a door that says 5SOS. " What's your name?" Paul asked. " Uhh Aubrey. Aubrey Puckett." " Nice to meet you if you need anything come get me okay." He said knocking on the door. " Yes sir." Really Aubrey yes sir.

     Calum's Pov: Ashton and Michael were playing around while Luke. He looks nervous he said that girl that we all notice is coming. Man she was too perfect! *knock* " I'll get it mates!" I yell. They didn't even hear me the music is too loud. I open the door to find the girl that we all notice. Wow up close near her she's just too flawless! " Uhh hi im Aubrey Puckett." She's an aussie I notice her voice. " Hi my name is Calum Hood." I winked at her. She looked down and bite her lip. Sexy! " Uhh Luke asked for me , so where is he?" She was really shy. I liked that! " Well we all ask for you. The reason  why luke just ask for you he was in front of you , so yeah. Come in." I held out my hand. Please take it! She grabbed my hand! We both walk into the room to see the boys. The boys notice Me and Aubrey Holding hands. Ashton looked like he wanted to shoot me. Michael looked like he wanted to take her hand away from me. And Luke. Luke just looked like he wanted to kill me and shoot me and kick me all at the same time. She let go of my hand and introduce herself. " Hi i'm Aubrey. Aubrey Puckett." They all came up to her and hug her. She seem like she was going to faint , but she doesn't. " Hi my name is Ashton Irwin." " Hi Ashton!" Aubrey say. " Hi my name is Michael Clifford!" " Hello Michael!" Last but not least luke. " Hi m-my n-name is L-luke H-hemmings." He stuttered. Aubrey giggle at Luke and said " Hi Mr.Hemmings!" We all exchange numbers to her. Aubrey put "My sexy best friend" when she put her number in my phone. I laugh at what she put and she smiled. I put " Calum Is a hottie!" when I put my number in hers! This is going to be good!

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